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Jom Beriftar Buffet @ The Wembley

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Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyJom Beriftar @ The Wembley (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar Buffet is the theme of the Ramadan buffet at The Wembley, Penang, this year. It will be held at the hotel's flagship dining outlet, Wembley Café from 31 May until 14 June, offering diners a plethora of items ranging from traditional Malay dishes to Chinese, Japanese and Western favourites.

The Jom Beriftar Buffet is priced at RM120 nett for adults, RM60 nett for children aged 6 to 12 (free for those aged below 60 and RM84 nett for senior citizens aged 55 and above. Early Bird vouchers for adults priced at RM96 nett is available until 15 May.


To make a reservation for this buffet, contact The Wembley, Penang, at +60-4-259 8123.

Jom Beriftar Ramadan Buffet Preview

My wife and I were privileged to enjoy a testing of The Wembley's Jom Beriftar buffet at a preview held on Thursday, 26 April, 2018. We were joined by other members of the local social media community, including quite a number of Malay bloggers whom I have gotten to know.

It was a marvellous spread of food, a metaphotical feast the bridges the cuisine of the East with the West. This being a Ramadan buffet, there was of course a large selection of Malay dishes, including Sup Gearbox, Ayam Percik, Sotong Masak Kunyit, two types of satay and Daging Masak Berlada. There's also the Mantis Prawns in Salted Eggs, which is one of my favourite items whenever I come to The Wembley. I enjoyed the dishes so much, I returned for seconds.

The dishes at Jom Beriftar is not confined to Malay dishes. There is also sushi and sashimi, pizza, spaghetti, a whole range of seafood on ice, at least two types of soup, braised chicken and duck, and various types of cheese.

Once we were done with the savoury items, we continued on to the desserts - and there was so much to enjoy, including various types of cheesecake and red velvet cake, puddings, glutinous rice balls and ice cream.

Now let me show you what we had.

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyBaked Scallop with Chili Mayo (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleySup Gearbox (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleySotong Masak Kunyit (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyAyam Masak Lemak Chili Api (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyDaging Masak Berlada (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyMoney Purse (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyVarious Raya Drinks (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyPickles and Cheese (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyBaby Octopus (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyIngredients for Make-Your-Own Rojak (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyFruits (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleySatay (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyCream Puffs (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyRed Velvet Cake (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyDurian Cheesecake (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyAnother Durian Cheesecake (26 April, 2018)

Jom Beriftar @ The WembleyPizza (26 April, 2018)

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