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Sungai Dua, Penang Island

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Sungai Dua, Penang (11 October, 2012)

Sungai Dua is a residential neighbourhood on the east central part of Penang Island. Not to be confused with Sungai Dua on Penang Mainland, the Sungai Dua on Penang Island is bordered by Universiti Sains Malaysia to the north, Sungai Nibong to the east, and Bukit Jambul to the west and south.

The namesake Sungai Dua is a river flowing from east to west. It empties into the South Channel at the Putra Marine Resort Condominium in Queensbay. The river has a tributary emerging from Universiti Sains Malaysia to converge with the main river near the end of Lorong Helang. As with most of the rivers on the eastern shore of Penang Island, Sungai Dua is canalised for much of its route.

Map of Sungai Dua

Hotels in Sungai Dua

  1. U Hotel (GPS: 5.3516, 100.29792)

Apartments & Condominiums in Sungai Dua

  1. Desa Airmas Condominium (GPS: 5.35122, 100.29984)
  2. Desa Permai Indah Apartment (GPS: 5.34858, 100.29796)
  3. Desa Universiti (GPS: 5.35278, 100.29844)
  4. Halaman Kenanga Apartment (GPS: 5.34436, 100.29305)
  5. Kota Nibong Apartment (GPS: 5.33808, 100.29778)
  6. Sri Saujana Apartment (GPS: 5.352, 100.30125)
  7. Taman Bunga Merah Apartment (GPS: 5.34486, 100.29606)
  8. Taman Jubilee Phase 2 (GPS: 5.34181, 100.29517)
  9. Taman Jubilee Phase 3 (GPS: 5.34396, 100.29555)
  10. Taman Jubilee Apartment Phase 5 (GPS: 5.34426, 100.29461)
  11. Taman Lip Sin Apartments (GPS: 5.34217, 100.29326)
  12. Taman Lip Sin Blocks 33 & 35 (GPS: 5.33875, 100.29534)
  13. Taman Lip Sin Block 37 (GPS: 5.33842, 100.29468)
  14. Taman Pekaka Apartment (GPS: 5.35151, 100.29364)
  15. Taman Pekaka Block 33 (GPS: 5.35204, 100.29348)

Eateries in Sungai Dua

Clinics in Sungai Dua

Businesses in Sungai Dua

  1. 7-Eleven (convenience store)
  2. Advance Tyre and Car Care Centre
  3. AirAsia Travel & Service Centre
  4. AmBank
  5. Ann Health Spa
  6. Apex Cuts & Hair Salon
  7. Avon Beauty Store
  8. Baby Farlin (baby products)
  9. Beauty Secrets
  10. Bio Pharmalink Pharmacy
  11. Bismi Books & Stationery
  12. Butik Pengantin Adam Malik Enterprise
  13. CC Advance Enterprise
  14. Cheah Optometrist
  15. Cleopatra Hair Salon
  16. D Stylish
  17. Dance Factory Art Academy
  18. De Vince Optometrist (optician)
  19. DSnet Computer Technology
  20. Duriemas Dynamics (graphic tools & stationery)
  21. Elite Photo
  22. Elizabeth Ballet Academy
  23. Everbest Laundry Centre
  24. Eye-Gen Optometry Centre
  25. Frizzy Hair Spa
  26. Ghee Motor
  27. Gotcha Hair & Beauty Salon
  28. Hapmax Printing & Stationery
  29. Happy Mart (convenience store)
  30. Hitomi Hair Care Centre
  31. Hong Leong Bank
  32. Jasmine Cakes
  33. Lai Photostat & Trading
  34. Lavender Jewels
  35. Lighthouse Solar & Lighting
  36. Makson Computer
  37. Miracle Stationery & Sport Centre (sports/stationery)
  38. Micro Ram Enterprise (computer shop)
  39. Mind Maker (computer shop)
  40. Montage Hair Salon
  41. Montana Dance & Art Centre
  42. My Widget Shop
  43. NC Bon Enterprise
  44. NNG Optics
  45. O'Hair Salon
  46. Pasar Mini Maju Jaya (mini market)
  47. Purple Red Studio (photo studio)
  48. Pusat Buah-Buahan Kim Keat (fruit store)
  49. Pusat Tuisyen Tunas Terunggul
  50. Pustaka Union (book-store)
  51. RHB Bank
  52. SEC Superstore (electrical appliances)
  53. Seong Optometrist
  54. Smart Reader Kids
  55. Sri Saujana Gifts & Stationery Centre
  56. SS Taiwan Doors
  57. TCH Copier Enterprise
  58. TS & ANN Holistic Traditional Medication
  59. TYW & Co (accounting firm)
  60. Uni EyeCare (optician)
  61. Unic Academy (tuition centre)
  62. Uniria Books (bookstore)
  63. University Heights Indian Barber
  64. Vanda Dynamic Enterprise (print shop)
  65. Viva Hair Cut

As late as the mid 1970s Sungai Dua was still a farming neighbourhood with vegetable plots covering much of its landscape. Since then it has developed with residential properties. One of the earliest was Lip Sin Garden in the late 1970s. This was followed by the housing estate at Jalan Merak and then at Taman Pekaka. As with elsewhere in Penang, Sungai Dua began experiencing high-rise development from the early 1980s.

Many of the high rise residential units in Sungai Dua lack adequate parking, forcing the tenants to park along the streets outside their block, creating undue congestion. The two main roads in the area are Jalan Sungai Dua and Lorong Sungai Dua. Both used to be country roads that have now become increasingly urbanised, particularly Jalan Sungai Dua. It is today a busy street serving the surrounding neighbourhood.

The Sungai Dua river, now canalisedThe Sungai Dua river, now canalised, at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (4 June, 2012)

How to go to Sungai Dua

Sungai Dua is served by Rapid Penang Bus No. 301, 303 and 304. The Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal is located at the junction of Jalan Sungai Dua and Jalan Sungai Nibong, providing easy connection to destinations throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Sungai Dua is 9.5 km from Magazine Circus.

Another Sungai Dua river signage (11 October, 2012)

Amenities in Sungai Dua

The nearest school in Sungai Dua is Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Keong Hoe. Other nearby schools include Sekoleh Rendah Kebangsaan Bukit Jambul, in Bukit Jambul; and Kwang Hwa Primary School and Shih Chung (Primary) Branch School in Sungai Nibong. The nearest market in Sungai Dua are the Lip Sin Market and the Super Tanker Market. The nearest shopping mall are the small Pan Palace Plaza, and the huge Queensbay Mall. Tesco Extra is a hypermarket in Sungai Dua. There isn't any hospital in the immediate vicinity, though there are a few clinics. The nearest hospital is Pantai Hospital. There isn't any petrol stations at Sungai Dua itself, but a number within the immediate neighbourhood.

Traffic in Sungai Dua

There is a bottleneck near the Sungai Dua village, due mostly to cars parked along the road. With the removal of the Sungai Dua market and the redevelopment of that area, the traffic congestion is expected to be eradicated. Jalan Pekaka, the main road linking Jalan Sungai Dua and Jalan Bukit Gambier, is usually quite congested. That said, Sungai Dua is strategically located, and is close to shopping premises such as Queensbay Mall and Tesco Extra.

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