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Bukit Jambul, PenangBukit Jambul, Penang (10 July, 2015)

Bukit Jambul (GPS: 5.34031, 100.28307) is a place on the east-central part of Penang Island. It is bordered by Sungai Dua, Sungai Nibong Kecil, Bayan Baru, Relau and Bukit Gambir. In fact, parts of what is Sungai Nibong Kecil and Sungai Nibong Besar overlap with Bukit Jambul, which itself is within the district of Bayan Lepas.

Much of Bukit Jambul is hilly. The earliest development was at Hotel Equatorial in 1984, but since then, development of Bukit Jambul has spread to include areas which was previously part of Sungai Nibong Kecil. Bukit Jambul Complex, for example, is located within Sungai Nibong Kecil.

For the past thirty years, the one and only mainstream hotel in Bukit Jambul is the 5-star Hotel Equatorial. It is still the biggest hotel in the area, though there are now smaller mainstream hotels in the vicinity, among them Vistana Hotel and Alora Hotel.

The name Bukit Jambul refers to the hillock on which Hotel Equatorial is located. The hill trek which is often regarded as Bukit Jambul is actually located at Bukit Pasir, but has since been referred to as the Bukit Jambul Hiking Trail. Within the Bukit Jambul area is the Penang Golf Club. Apart from Hotel Equatorial, Vistana Hotel is also located at the foot of Bukit Jambul.

Within Bukit Jambul is a wide spectrum of neighbourhoods ranging from the affluent community of Lebuh Bukit Jambul, to the middle class homes in Solok Bukit Jambul, to the working class village of Kampung Seberang Paya, hemmed in between the Seri Nibung Apartments and the Bukit Jambul Golf Course.

Map of Bukit Jambul

Hotels in the Bukit Jambul area

The hotels in the Bukit Jambul area is ideal for visiting executives to the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, as they are not as far away as those in the city. There are a number of hotels and executive suites in this area.

  1. Alora Hotel (GPS: 5.333710, 100.294285; closed)
  2. Hotel Equatorial (GPS: 5.337897, 100.284578)
  3. Vistana Hotel (GPS: 5.336519, 100.291774)

Sights in Bukit Jambul

  1. BJ Complex Clocktower (GPS: 5.333470, 100.291439)
  2. Bukit Jambul Complex (GPS: 5.33376, 100.29096)
  3. Masjid Al-Ittifaq (GPS: 5.33283, 100.2871)

Commercial Properties in Bukit Jambul

Apartments & Condominiums in Bukit Jambul

Housing Estates in Bukit Jambul

  1. BJ Cove (GPS: 5.343, 100.28183)
  2. Krystal Garden (GPS: 5.33505, 100.29178)

Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Bukit Jambul/Sungai Nibong Kecil

Clinics in Bukit Jambul area

Businesses in Bukit Jambul

Clinics in Bukit Jambul

Streets in Bukit Jambul

Bukit Jambul in 2017Bukit Jambul in 2017 (3 April, 2017)

Bukit Jambul in 2006Bukit Jambul in 2006 (29 August, 2006)

Going to Bukit Jambul

Rapid Penang Bus 301 and 302 pass along Jalan Bukit Gambir, which skirts through the Bukit Jambul area. Buses no. 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307 and 308 all pass through Jalan Tun Dr Awang, which also skirts the Bukit Jambul area.

Bukit Jambul, PenangBukit Jambul, Penang (14 August, 2014)

Bukit Jambul, PenangBukit Jambul, Penang (29 April, 2015)

Bukit Jambul from QueensbayView of the Bukit Jambul area from Queensbay (6 February, 2013)

Taman Bukit JambulTaman Bukit Jambul (8 October, 2012)

Bukit Jambul (15 December 2008)

Another view of the Bukit Jambul area (8 October 2012)

Jalan Tun Dr Awang at Bukit Jambul (8 October, 2012)

Bukit Jambul on Google Maps Street View

Bukit Jambul is on the map of Penang

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