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Hotel Equatorial Penang

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Hotel Equatorial PenangHotel Equatorial Penang
© Hotel Equatorial Penang

Hotel Equatorial Penang (GPS: 5.337897, 100.284578) is a 5-star hotel in Bukit Jambul, Penang. With 662 rooms, it is the largest hotel in Penang in terms of total number of guest rooms.

Hotel Equatorial Penang is the first major hotel to be built on the southern part of Penang Island. Although it is now over twenty years old, the hotel has gracefully stood the test of time. Built primarily to serve the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, it is a business hotel on a hill. From Bukit Jambul, guests enjoy a panoramic view of Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas below.

In keeping with its position as the main hotel on the southern part of Penang Island, Hotel Equatorial Penang has a wide range of facilities. This includes a large swimming pool with bubble jet, a gymnasium, with male and female sauna and steamroom. There are four main dining outlets at the hotel, namely The View, Golden Phoenix, Kampachi and nada lama (formerly known as Coffee Garden). Located at poolside is nadaba.

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Hotel Equatorial Penang
1 Jalan Bukit Jambul
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Phone: +60 4 632 7000

Featured Promotion at Hotel Equatorial Penang

2019 Chinese New Year


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Hotel Equatorial PenangPicture of Hotel Equatorial Penang taken by a drone in 2017
© Hotel Equatorial Penang

Experiencing the hospitality of Hotel Equatorial Penang

Kudos Hotel Equatorial Penang!

On 25-27 August, 2017, my wife and I were hosted to a stay by Hotel Equatorial Penang. I was so impressed that I wrote this piece, originally on Facebook, but also reproduced here.


Experiencing the hospitality of Hotel Equatorial Penang

Our hospitality experience at Hotel Equatorial Penang on 25-27 August, 2017.


Accommodation at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Guest Rooms

Here's a showcase of Hotel Equatorial's rooms, suites and apartments.


Dining outlets at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Nada Lama

The main dining outlet at Hotel Equatorial Penang, Nada Lama offers a wide range of local and international fare. This is the main breakfast venue for the guests.


Golden Phoenix

One of the finest Chinese restaurants in Penang.



Japanese restaurant offering authentic Japanese cuisine.


The View

An elegant fine dining restaurant featuring French cuisine, and offering stupendous sceneries of the surrounding lowlands.


Wedding Packages at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Wedding Packages


Public Facilities at Hotel Equatorial Penang

The Surau

The hotel has a surau that was given a 5-star rating by the Islamic Religious Council of the State of Penang.


Past Events at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Hotel Equatorial Penang 2018 Mid-Autumn Delights


Hotel Equatorial Penang 2018 Mid-Autumn Delights


Marhaban Ya Ramadhan Buffet


The View New Menu Launch, 8 March, 2018


Ronnefeldt Tea Experience, 14 & 15 July, 2017


Dim Sum Review, 1 July, 2017


Dim Sum Review, 2 June, 2016


Hotel Equatorial Penang is on the map of Bukit Jambul

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Views of Hotel Equatorial Penang

You can get a scenic view of the Bayan Lepas area from Hotel Equatorial Penang Penang. The rooms have either the city view (towards Bayan Lepas) or hill view (towards Bukit Jambul).

Hotel Equatorial PenangHotel Equatorial Penang (2 June, 2016)
Hotel Equatorial PenangHotel Equatorial Penang, as seen from Bayan Baru. (31 August, 2017)

The view from Hotel Equatorial PenangThe view from Hotel Equatorial Penang (7 June, 2015)

The view from Hotel Equatorial PenangThe view from Hotel Equatorial Penang (7 June, 2015)

Hotel Equatorial PenangPoolside at Hotel Equatorial Penang (2 Dec 2006)

Hotel Equatorial PenangHotel Equatorial Penang atrium (2 Dec 2006)

Hotel Equatorial Penang's swimming poolHotel Equatorial Penang's swimming pool (27 August, 2017)

Hotel Equatorial Penang on Google Maps Street View

Hotel Equatorial is on the map of Jalan Bukit Jambul, Penang

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