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Hello and welcome to Penang Travel Tips, the guide to visit, discover and enjoy everything about Penang, and my personal online encyclopedia of the world!

B. Melayu

My name is Timothy Tye, or simply Tim. It is my own online encyclopedia of Penang and everywhere else on earth. This website has a Sight Directory of Penang listing 3635 Penang sights, a Business Directory of Penang listing 202 types of businesses in Penang, and a Street Directory listing 797 streets in Penang. And that's not all. Also within this website is an online, audio-enabled Penang Hokkien Dictionary with over 5,500 words.

The Penang Travel Tips website was started on 26 July, 2008, when I relocated my Penang content from my earlier site, AsiaExplorers. Over time however, more and more non-Penang content was moved across to be housed here. As of 22 March, 2017, it has 20,018 pages and receives some 2,000,000 page views per month. On 1 September 2017, I split this website into two, with non-Penang content gradually moved to my new Timothy Tye website. As of 12 November, 2017, all my Asia content has been moved, with relocation of non-Asia content planned for a later date. In November 2018, I established Timothy Property Mart, my property website, and over time will relocated all my property content over to there.

Penang Travel Tips was created for one purpose: to satisfy my curiosity about the world around me. Since then, it has grown to become my personal encyclopedia. In fact, some people call me Mr Penang Encyclopedia (though, to be frank, I can't remember everything I've written into this website: well, I wrote it down so that I don't have to remember!)

The information on Penang Travel Tips goes back to 2003 and has been updated countless times. Every page is built like a layer cake, with information added to it through countless updates. The result is a body of knowledge that has become a useful source of reference material not only for casual tourists, but also by the locals, students, teachers, journalists, just about anybody seeking fast information about Penang and elsewhere.

 Latest Pages on Tim's Encyclopedia

How to reach Penang

You can reach Penang by taking the plane, arriving at the Penang International Airport; by driving, usually using the North-South Expressway; by taking the Electric Train Service trains; by taking the ferry from Langkawi and Medan; and from taking cruiseliners.

Where to stay in Penang

I have stayed, tried out and experienced the hospitality of the following hotels in Penang, and so I can share with you, with words and pictures, how it is like staying there. In alphabetical order, they are Areca Hotel, Cititel Penang, Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang, DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang, Eastin Hotel Penang, Flamingo Hotel By The Beach Penang, GLOW Penang Hotel, Golden Sands Resort Penang by Shangri-La, Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Hotel Equatorial Penang, Hotel Neo+ Penang, Iconic Hotel Penang, Ixora Hotel Penang, Kimberley Hotel Georgetown, Lexis Suites Penang, Mei Hotel Penang, Northam All Suite Hotel, Olive Tree Hotel Penang, Royale Chulan Penang, Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Sunrise Gurney 68PG, Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, The Edison George Town, The Light Hotel, The Wembley Penang, Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul and Yeng Keng Hotel.

 Top Tips for Enjoying Penang

No time to read? Let me give you fast tips to enjoy Penang!

  1. 5 Fabulous Char Koay Teow: Char Koay Teow is one of the most popular hawker food in Penang. Here's my personal favourites at one go.
  2. Fast Guide to Choosing Penang Hotels: Dunno which hotel to choose? Let me show you one-by-one with original photos taken of the rooms of over a dozen Penang hotels.
  3. When to visit Penang?: If you haven't made plans yet for your Penang vacation, let me share with you when's the best time to visit.

12 Top Tourist Attractions in Penang

If you are visiting Penang and do not have too much time, here's my recommendation of the 12 top tourist attractions in Penang for you to visit.


Penang Food Recommendations

What to eat where? Get recommendations from the locals themselves, through their input in the Penang Hawker Food Facebook Group.


 Getting to know Penang

Of the almost 20,000 pages on this website, some 7,000 is about Penang and just Penang. So, that's a lot about Penang to discover. Administratively, Penang State is divided into five main districts called the Northeast District (Daerah Timur Laut), Southwest District (Daerah Barat Daya), North Penang Mainland (Seberang Perai Utara), Central Penang Mainland (Seberang Perai Tengah) and South Penang Mainland (Seberang Perai Selatan). To help you find your way, I have grouped the places in Penang by the following major towns.

Timothy Tye's Penang Eating Tips

Timothy Tye's Penang Eating Tips

Penang is famous as a street food destination, so I am often asked, what I like to eat. Since this same question is being repeated to me over and over, I decided to create a page to answer it, so that I never have to do it in person ever again!


Location of places in Penang on the map

 List of Places in Penang

  1. GEORGE TOWN (GPS: 5.41921, 100.34404)
  3. Air Itam, Penang Island (GPS: 5.40567, 100.28307)
  4. Alma, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.32987, 100.4781)
  5. Ara Kuda, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.43802, 100.51307)
  6. Bagan Ajam, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.43747, 100.38071)
  7. Bagan Dalam, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.39264, 100.36991)
  8. Bagan Lalang, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.43118, 100.39702)
  9. Bagan Luar, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.41051, 100.37083)
  10. Bagan Nyior, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.32621, 100.41877)
  11. Balik Pulau, Penang Island (GPS: 5.35067, 100.23478)
  12. Bandar Cassia, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.25601, 100.43386)
  13. Bandar Perai Jaya, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.37769, 100.39776)
  14. Bandar Perda, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.36576, 100.43519)
  15. Bandar Sri Pinang, Penang Island (GPS: 5.39762, 100.32767)
  16. Bandar Tasek Mutiara, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.2778, 100.49243)
  17. Batu Ferringhi, Penang Island (GPS: 5.47295, 100.24735)
  18. Batu Kawan, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.26481, 100.43598)
  19. Batu Lanchang, Penang Island (GPS: 5.39226, 100.30889)
  20. Batu Maung, Penang Island (GPS: 5.28491, 100.2875)
  21. Batu Uban, Penang Island (GPS: 5.28491, 100.2875)
  22. Bayan Baru, Penang Island (GPS: 5.32621, 100.29225)
  23. Bayan Lepas, Penang Island (GPS: 5.29487, 100.25954)
  24. Berapit, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.39774, 100.49416)
  25. Bukit Berangan, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.43565, 100.47185)
  26. Bukit Gambir, Penang Island (GPS: 5.37112, 100.29693)
  27. Bukit Gedung, Penang Island (GPS: 5.31563, 100.28393)
  28. Bukit Jambul, Penang Island (GPS: 5.34031, 100.28307)
  29. Bukit Mertajam, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.36552, 100.46056)
  30. Bukit Minyak, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.32874, 100.44836)
  31. Bukit Tambun, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.2762, 100.46545)
  32. Bukit Tengah, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.33839, 100.43057)
  33. Bukit Tok Alang, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.44309, 100.47732)
  34. Bumbung Lima, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.5568, 100.4356)
  35. Butterworth, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.39552, 100.36688)
  36. Cherok Tokun, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.34683, 100.48665)
  37. Ekor Kuching, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.54358, 100.52584)
  38. Farlim, Penang Island (GPS: 5.39238, 100.28537)
  39. Gelugor, Penang Island (GPS: 5.38003, 100.30785)
  40. Gertak Sanggul, Penang Island (GPS: 5.28156, 100.19025)
  41. Jarak Atas, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.45038, 100.48001)
  42. Jarak Tengah, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.45403, 100.47679)
  43. Jawi, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.19761, 100.49503)
  44. Jelutong, Penang Island (GPS: 5.38951, 100.31298)
  45. Juru, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.31634, 100.44396)
  46. Kepala Batas, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.51666, 100.42552)
  47. Kuala Juru, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.34031, 100.40897)
  48. Kubang Menerong, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.51766, 100.50629)
  49. Kubang Semang, Penang Mainland (GPS: )
  50. Lima Kongsi, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.24045, 100.50648)
  51. Machang Bubok, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.33941, 100.51043)
  52. Mak Mandin, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.424423, 100.392713)
  53. Mengkuang, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.40338, 100.49388)
  54. Mengkuang Titi, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.41405, 100.49175)
  55. Mount Erskine, Penang Island (GPS: 5.44375, 100.30285)
  56. Nibong Tebal, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.17009, 100.47861)
  57. Padang Lalang, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.365168, 100.448287)
  58. Padang Menora, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.45688, 100.47332)
  59. Pajak Song, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.500556, 100.426105)
  60. Paya Terubong, Penang Island (GPS: 5.37388, 100.2757)
  61. Pekan Darat, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.47358, 100.40118)
  62. Penaga, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.52768, 100.38147)
  63. Penanti, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.40504, 100.46543)
  64. Perai, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.38778, 100.38162)
  65. Permatang Batu, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.36435, 100.43229)
  66. Permatang Binjai, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.49978, 100.39573)
  67. Permatang Buluh, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.48549, 100.42613)
  68. Permatang Damar Laut, Penang Island (GPS: 5.28192, 100.25848)
  69. Permatang Haji Hassan, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.48606, 100.43283)
  70. Permatang Keriang, Penang Mainland (GPS:5.56457, 100.36759)
  71. Permatang Kuala, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.50546, 100.3919)
  72. Permatang Nibong, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.38995, 100.43706)
  73. Permatang Pak Elong, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.50668, 100.40248)
  74. Permatang Pasir, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.42, 100.43671)
  75. Permatang Pauh, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.41058, 100.41329)
  76. Permatang Rambai, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.5269, 100.39495)
  77. Permatang Rawa, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.36868, 100.44984)
  78. Permatang Sintok, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.51551, 100.40244)
  79. Permatang Sungai Dua, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.46439, 100.42969)
  80. Permatang Tinggi, Simpang Ampat, SPS, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.30101, 100.47704)
  81. Permatang Tinggi, Kepala Batas, SPU, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.54395, 100.43475)
  82. Permatang Tok Gelam, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.4895, 100.39785)
  83. Permatang Tok Jaya, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.45764, 100.40123)
  84. Permatang Tok Mahat, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.13211, 100.48058)
  85. Pulau Mertajam, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.57152, 100.36244)
  86. Pulau Tikus, Penang Island (GPS: 5.43165, 100.31181)
  87. Relau, Penang Island (GPS: 5.33012, 100.27698)
  88. Seberang Jaya, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.39522, 100.39924)
  89. Simpang Ampat, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.26481, 100.43598)
  90. Sungai Ara, Penang Island (GPS: 5.32429, 100.27191)
  91. Sungai Bakap, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.26481, 100.43598)
  92. Sungai Batu, Penang Island (GPS: 5.28591, 100.24073)
  93. Sungai Dua, Penang Island (GPS: 5.35172, 100.29856)
  94. Sungai Dua, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.44528, 100.42965)
  95. Sungai Keluang, Penang Island (GPS: 5.31489, 100.28573)
  96. Sungai Lembu, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.35636, 100.52061)
  97. Sungai Nibong, Penang Island (GPS: 5.33669, 100.29793)
  98. Sungai Nibong Kecil, Penang Island (GPS: 5.33107, 100.28703)
  99. Sungai Puyu, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.44791, 100.39505)
  100. Sungai Setar, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.14685, 100.44619)
  101. Sungai Tiram, Penang Island (GPS: 5.30297, 100.27706)
  102. Sungai Udang, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.16545, 100.42779)
  103. Tanah Liat, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.38369, 100.46329)
  104. Tanjong Tokong, Penang Island (GPS: 5.45127, 100.30556)
  105. Tanjung Bungah, Penang Island (GPS: 5.46562, 100.28071)
  106. Tasek Gelugor, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.5.48267, 100.49279)
  107. Teluk Air Tawar, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.44505, 100.38219)
  108. Teluk Bahang, Penang Island (GPS: 5.45785, 100.21473)
  109. Teluk Kumbar, Penang Island (GPS: 5.28807, 100.23206)
  110. Teluk Tempoyak, Penang Island (GPS: 5.27763, 100.28758)
  111. Valdor, Penang Mainland (GPS: 5.24002, 100.49331)

 List of Roads in Penang

The roads in Penang that I have described are marked on in the map below. You can click on the highlighted road to get more details about it. Expressways are shown in green while other roads in red.

 Penang Visitor Information

If you are planning a trip to Penang, here's the information to help you plan your visit!

 Exploring Penang

Whether you plan to explore Penang on your own, by taking public transport, or rented car, or even walk about the city, the information is here. Also, if you are planning to engage a tour guide to show you around, the information is also here.

 Going on Foot in George Town

George Town - the inner city anyway - is a very walkable place, especially during the weekends. It is possible to explore and discover George Town on foot, or you may also hire a bicycle or tricycle and ride around.

 Learn Penang Hokkien

Penangites are incredibly proud that we speak our own variant of Hokkien called Penang Hokkien. To ensure that our Penang Hokkien do not die away, we have enthusiastically put together our own online dictionary which (as of Feb 2017) has 5766 entries, with more added over time. Do visit the dictionary by clicking on Dictionary.


Want to learn Penang Hokkien? We have a free course to teach you the language, just go to Learn Penang Hokkien right here.

What's cooking ...

Tim & Chooi Yoke's Home Cooking

My wife and I are much into homecooked food, and we would like to share with you our joy of Home Cooking.


Top Tips on Penang

GPS Coordinates of Major Penang Hotels


Guide to Good Penang Street Food


The Complete Rapid Penang Bus Guide


Tips for Taking the Taxi


A Comprehensive Guide to Penang Street Art


Penang Residential Property Guide

If you are coming to Penang for a longer term than just visiting, you might be looking to purchase a property or rent one. Here are tips to guide you along.


Penang Travel Privilege Card


Information for Visitors Arriving by Plane


Google Street View in Malaysia


Planning your trip to Penang

Introducing Penang

Administration of Penang State

The executive authority of the Penang State Government is under the Penang State Executive Council, which since the 2018 State Election is headed by the Right Honourable Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang.

The Penang State Legislative Assembly is a unicameral 40-seat assembly which convenes at the State Assembly Building on Light Street. Members of the assembly are called State Assemblymen (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri or ADUN). As of the 2018 State Election, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition commands a supermajority in the legislature, with 37 out of the 40 seats, comprising 19 from the Democratic Action Party (DAP), 10 from the People's Justice Party (PKR), 2 from the Malaysian United Indigenous Party (PPBM) and 2 from the National Trust Party (Amanah). The state opposition is made up of 2 seats from the National Front (BN) and 1 from the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS).

Penang State is divided into five districts namely Daerah Timur-Laut and Daerah Barat-Daya on Penang Island, and Seberang Perai Utara, Seberang Perai Tengah and Seberang Perai Selatan on Penang Mainland.

The local governments of Penang State comprises the Penang Island City Council, which administers the City of Penang Island, inclusive of George Town, headed by the Mayor of the City of Penang Island, and the Seberang Perai Municipal Council, which administers Penang Mainland, headed by the President of the Seberang Perai Municipal Council. At time of this update (May 2018), the Mayor of the City of Penang Island is Mr Yew Tung Seang while the President of the Seberang Perai Municipal Council is Mr Rozali Mohamud.

Places to get Tourist Brochures in Penang

Taking the Bus in Penang

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Driving in Penang

Cycling in Penang

Categories of eateries in Penang

Bistros, Chicken Rice Shops, Chinese Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Dessert outlets, Dim Sum Restaurants, Food Courts, Hawker Centres, Hawker Stalls, Indian Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants, Malay Restaurants, Nasi Kandar Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurant Chains, Roadside Hawkers, Seafood Restaurants, Steamboat Restaurants, Thai Restaurants and Vegetarian Restaurants.

Information on Penang Food

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Information for selecting a hotel in Penang

Categories of sights in Penang

If you operate a business with an address in Malaysia, submit this form to have your business listed in my directory. Listing is free of charge.

  1. 7-Eleven Stores in Penang
  2. Accounting Firms in Penang
  3. Acupuncture Centres in Penang
  4. Advertisement Billboard Makers in Penang
  5. AEON Malls in Penang
  6. Aid Organisations in Penang
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  19. Auto Gates in Penang
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  23. Baba Nyonya in Penang
  24. Baby Products in Penang
  25. Bakeries in Penang
  26. Baking Supplies in Penang
  27. Banks in Penang
  28. Barbers in Penang
  29. Bathroom Fixtures in Penang
  30. Batik in Penang
  31. Beaches in Penang
  32. Beauty Parlours in Penang
  33. Bee Cheng Hiang Barbecued Meat in Penang
  34. Bicycles in Penang
  35. Blood Test Labs in Penang
  36. Books in Penang
  37. Book Stores in Penang
  38. Boutiques in Penang
  39. Brassware in Penang
  40. Bridal Houses in Penang
  41. Bridges in Penang
  42. Buddhist Temples in Penang
  43. Bus Terminals in Penang
  44. Butchers in Penang
  45. Cameras in Penang
  46. Car Accessories in Penang
  47. Car Air-Conditioners in Penang
  48. Car Parks in Penang
  49. Car Rentals in Penang
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  51. Car Showrooms in Penang
  52. Car Wash in Penang
  53. Carpets in Penang
  54. Caterers in Penang
  55. Cemeteries in Penang
  56. Child-Care Centres in Penang
  57. Chinese Medical Halls in Penang
  58. Chinese Physicians in Penang
  59. Chinese Prayer Articles in Penang
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  61. Chinese Wedding Masters of Ceremony in Penang
  62. Chiropractors in Penang
  63. Churches in Penang
  64. Clan Associations in Penang
  65. Clan Temples in Penang
  66. Cleaning Services in Penang
  67. Clinics in Penang
  68. Clocks in Penang
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  70. Coins in Penang
  71. Colleges in Penang
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  73. Computer Hardware in Penang
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  75. Condominiums in Penang
  76. Confinement Centres in Penang
  77. Construction Companies in Penang
  78. Construction Material in Penang
  79. Consulates in Penang
  80. Consultancy Firms in Penang
  81. Contractors in Penang
  82. Convention Centres in Penang
  83. Cooking Gas in Penang
  84. Cosway Sales Centres in Penang
  85. Crockery Dealers in Penang
  86. Curtains in Penang
  87. Dance Studios in Penang
  88. DAP Service Centres in Penang
  89. Dental Clinics in Penang
  90. Department Stores in Penang
  91. Design Agencies in Penang
  92. Developers in Penang
  93. Dialysis Centres in Penang
  94. DIGI Stores in Penang
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  96. Econsave Super/Hypermarkets in Penang
  97. Electrical Appliances in Penang
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  112. Flooring in Penang
  113. Florists in Penang
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  125. Georgetown Pharmacy outlets in Penang
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  128. Golf Courses in Penang
  129. Government Buildings in Penang
  130. Government Departments in Penang
  131. Government Quarters in Penang
  132. Graves in Penang
  133. Green Building Consultants in Penang
  134. Guardian Pharmacy outlets in Penang
  135. Gurdwaras in Penang
  136. Gyms in Penang
  137. Hair-Dressing Salons in Penang
  138. Handicrafts in Penang
  139. Happy Mart outlets in Penang
  140. Hardware Stores in Penang
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  142. Heritage Sites in Penang
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  145. Home Furnishing in Penang
  146. Hospitals in Penang
  147. Housing Estates in Penang
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  150. Industrial Parks in Penang
  151. Infrastructures in Penang
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  154. International Schools in Penang
  155. Internet Cafes in Penang
  156. Internet Service Providers in Penang
  157. Islands in Penang
  158. IT Solutions in Penang
  159. Jetties in Penang
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  161. Keadilan Service Centres in Penang
  162. Kindergartens in Penang
  163. Kitchens in Penang
  164. Kitchen Utensils in Penang
  165. Klinik Kesihatan (Government Clinics) in Penang
  166. Laundrettes in Penang
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  169. Libraries in Penang
  170. Lighthouses in Penang
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  174. Locksmiths in Penang
  175. Low-Cost Flats in Penang
  176. Luggage Bags in Penang
  177. Luggage Repair in Penang
  178. Maid Agencies in Penang
  179. Madrasahs in Penang
  180. Manicurists in Penang
  181. Markets in Penang
  182. Massage Centres in Penang
  183. Massage by the Blind in Penang
  184. Mausoleums in Penang
  185. Maxis Customer Centres in Penang
  186. Medical Labs in Penang
  187. Medical Specialists in Penang
  188. Medicated Tea Stalls in Penang
  189. Metal Works in Penang
  190. Mini Markets in Penang
  191. Mobile Motorcycle Mechanics in Penang
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  195. Monuments in Penang
  196. Moral Uplifting Societies in Penang
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  198. Motorcycles in Penang
  199. Motorcycle Repair in Penang
  200. Moving Companies in Penang
  201. Multi-Purpose Halls in Penang
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  222. Pawn Shops in Penang
  223. Parks in Penang
  224. Pedestrian Bridges in Penang
  225. Pedestrian Malls in Penang
  226. Penang Assemblies in Penang
  227. Pet Grooming in Penang
  228. Pet Shops in Penang
  229. Petrol Stations in Penang
  230. Pharmacies in Penang
  231. Photo Studios in Penang
  232. Photocopiers in Penang
  233. Plant Nurseries in Penang
  234. Plastic Surgeons in Penang
  235. Playing Fields in Penang
  236. Plumbers in Penang
  237. Police Stations in Penang
  238. Post Offices in Penang
  239. Precision Instruments in Penang
  240. Print Shops in Penang
  241. Private Colleges in Penang
  242. Public Health Clinics in Penang
  243. Public Services Departments in Penang
  244. Public Toilets in Penang
  245. Railway Stations in Penang
  246. Rattan in Penang
  247. Real Estate Agencies in Penang
  248. Recreation Clubs in Penang
  249. Recruitment Agencies in Penang
  250. Recycling Centres in Penang
  251. Refrigerator Repair in Penang
  252. Residential Properties in Penang
  253. Rivers in Penang
  254. Roof Repair in Penang
  255. Roundabouts in Penang
  256. Rubber Stamp Makers in Penang
  257. Schools in Penang
  258. Scrap Metal Traders in Penang
  259. Security Services in Penang
  260. Self-Development Centres in Penang
  261. Serviced Apartments in Penang
  262. Shoe Stores in Penang
  263. Shops in Penang
  264. Shopping Malls in Penang
  265. Singer Stores in Penang
  266. Skin Specialists in Penang
  267. Spas in Penang
  268. Skyscrapers in Penang
  269. Specialty Stores in Penang
  270. Sports Goods in Penang
  271. Stadiums in Penang
  272. Stationeries in Penang
  273. Stock Brokers in Penang
  274. Supermarkets in Penang
  275. Suraus in Penang
  276. Swimming Pools in Penang
  277. Tailors in Penang
  278. Tea Shops in Penang
  279. Temples in Penang
  280. Tesco Stores in Penang
  281. Textiles in Penang
  282. Tiles in Penang
  283. Titbits in Penang
  284. TM Point outlets in Penang
  285. Tourist Attractions in Penang
  286. Tourist Products in Penang
  287. Towns in Penang
  288. Toy Shops in Penang
  289. Tua Pek Kong Temples in Penang
  290. Trainers in Penang
  291. Transport Companies in Penang
  292. Travel Agencies in Penang
  293. Traveller Knickknacks in Penang
  294. Tuition Centres in Penang
  295. Tyre in Penang
  296. Undertakers in Penang
  297. Universities in Penang
  298. Used Car Dealers in Penang
  299. Veterinary Clinics in Penang
  300. Villages in Penang
  301. Washing Machine Repair in Penang
  302. Waterfalls in Penang
  303. Waterfront Promenades in Penang
  304. Wats (Thai Buddhist Temples) in Penang
  305. Watsons outlets in Penang
  306. Web Design in Penang
  307. Wedding Bands in Penang
  308. Wedding Banquet Venues in Penang
  309. Wedding Photographers in Penang
  310. Wholesalers in Penang
  311. World War II Fortifications in Penang

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