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Postal Services in Penang

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A letterbox in Penang (18 January, 2013)

On this page about the postal services in Penang, we will get to know the post offices, mailings in Malaysia, postage, post boxes and letter boxes. I hope the information I have assembled will be useful to you.

Post Offices in Penang

Post Offices can be found throughout Penang Island. For more details, I have a page for it, Post Offices in Penang.


Every household is expected to have a letterbox for the delivery of mails by the postman. Most of these are square boxes with a lip for the insertion of the mails, with the address often written on the box itself. There is no specific colour to letterboxes, though most people use red.

Mailings in Malaysia

When sending a letter, take note of the classification of mails by Pos Malaysia, implemented since 1 January, 2006.

Standard Mail are letters that weigh a maximum of 50 gms, having a height of 90 mm to 165 mm and the width of 140 mm to 250 mm. The width has to be equal or more than the height. The maximum thickness of the envelope should be between 0.25 mm to 6 mm. White envelopes are preferred although soft colours are allowed. You should avoid using staples or metal clips for your letters. Finally, a 15mm space at the base of the envelope should be left blank for the printing of bar codes.


Latest details of postage can be found on the Pos Malaysia website. This information below was last updated on 20 July, 2015.

USM Post OfficeUSM Post Office (8 December, 2009)

Standard Mails
Up to 20 grams: RM0.60
20g to 50g: RM0.70

A standard mail has to measure a minimum dimension of 140 mm (length) x 90 mm (width) to a maximum dimension of 250 mm (length) x 165 mm (width)

Non-Standard Mails
Up to 50g: RM0.80
50g - 100g: RM0.90
100g - 250g: RM1.00
250g - 500g: RM2.00
500g-1kg: RM3.50
1kg - 2kg: RM5.50

Non-standard mails encompass envelopes, boxes and rolls. Envelopes and boxes should have a maximum dimension of 600 mm (length) x 250 mm (width) x 30 mm (height). Rolls should have a maximum dimension of 600 mm (length) x 100 mm (diameter) and should not weigh over 2kg.


Postcards should measure a minimum of 140 mm (length) x 90 mm (width) to a maximum of 148 mm (length) x 105 mm (width).

Air Mail

Air Mail services are available for delivery of letters to practically all countries of the world. An A to E zoning system is followed: Zone 1: ASEAN countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

Up to 20 grams: RM1.20, then RM0.40 for every 10 grams

Zone 2: Developing countries in Asia Pacific excluding ASEAN and industrialized countries in Asia Pacific listed under Zone C

Up to 20 grams: RM1.40, then RM0.60 for every 10 grams

Zone 3: Other countries

Up to 20 grams: RM2.00, then RM0.80 for every 10 grams

Courier Services

PosLaju is the courier service provided by Pos Malaysia. Established in 1986, Pos Laju enables the sending of documents and parcels using the Next Day Delivery, Same Day Delivery and Time Certain Service to Tokyo and Singapore. Through its affiliation with EMS (Express Mail Service), PosLaju offers international express deliveries to over 200 countries worldwide.

Registered Mail

Registered Mail or Posdaftar provides heightened security for sensitive documented. This ensures that the documents reach the intended recipients. A receipt is issued at time of mailing. The recipient is required to sign a delivery receipt upon being delivered the document, allowing the sender to check on the delivery.

Posdafter provides two additional services:

  1. Acknowledgement of Receipt (AR Registered)
    This requires the recipient to acknowledge receipt by returning the Acknowledgement of Receipt card, which is then sent back to the sender. The AR fee is RM0.40 for addresses in Malaysia, RM0.60 for addresses in Singapore and Brunei, and RM1.00 for other countries.

  2. Insurance
    High-value documents can be insured with Posdaftar. The fee is RM1.50 for every RM100 value. The maximum value that can be insured for domestic delivery is RM3000.

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