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List of Housing Estates in Penang

  1. Ashley Green
  2. Asia Hills
  3. Bayan Residence
  4. Baygarden
  5. Botanica CT (Bandar Baru Air Putih)
  6. BJ Cove
  7. Bukit Dumbar Residences
  8. Bukit Dumbar Villa
  9. Casa Lagenda Mutiara
  10. Century Garden
  11. Chai Leng Park
  12. Desa Ara
  13. Desa Batu Maung
  14. Desa Mutiara Dua
  15. Desaria
  16. D'Residence
  17. Dumbar Villa
  18. Emerald Park
  19. Farlim
  20. Ferringhi Villas
  21. Fettes Park
  22. Hijauan Valdor
  23. Hong Seng Estate
  24. Ideal Haus
  25. Island Glades
  26. Island Park
  27. Jambul Villa
  28. Jesselton Heights
  29. Jesselton Villas
  30. Kang Har Tong Residence
  31. Krystal Garden
  32. Lip Sin Garden
  33. Minden Garden Residence
  34. Oasis Residences
  35. One Residence
  36. Palace Hill
  37. Palm Garden
  38. Palm Residences, Minden Heights
  39. Pantai Jerejak
  40. Pearl Hill
  41. Permai Gardens
  42. Prestige Heights
  43. Raintree Garden
  44. Seri Anggun
  45. Seri Tanjung Pinang
  46. Setia Greens
  47. Setia Pearl Island
  48. Setia Vista
  49. Shineville Villas
  50. South Homes
  51. Southbay
  52. Summerhill Villas
  53. Sunway Bukit Gambier
  54. Sunway Merica
  55. Sunway Mutiara
  56. Sunway Tunas
  57. Sunway Tunas Jaya
  58. Suria Vista
  59. Taman Alma Jaya
  60. Taman Bayu Mutiara
  61. Taman Buah Pala
  62. Taman Bukit Gambier
  63. Taman Bukit Minyak
  64. Taman Bukit Minyak Indah
  65. Taman Cantik
  66. Taman Desa Cahaya
  67. Taman Desa Murni
  68. Taman Desa Ria
  69. Taman Free School
  70. Taman Hwa Seng
  71. Taman Inderawasih
  72. Taman Iping
  73. Taman Jerejak Villa
  74. Taman Kelicap
  75. Taman Kota Permai
  76. Taman Melati Jaya
  77. Taman Mesra
  78. Taman Pagar Buloh
  79. Taman Pekaka
  80. Taman Permai Jaya
  81. Taman Relau Mutiara
  82. Taman Seri Emas
  83. Taman Seri Pantai
  84. Taman Seruling Emas
  85. Taman Sri Bayan
  86. Taman Sri Nibong
  87. Taman Sri Rambai
  88. Taman Sungai Dua Utama
  89. Taman Supreme
  90. Taman Titi Heights
  91. Taman Villa Permai, Butterworth
  92. Teluk Kumbar Heights
  93. The Sanctuary
  94. Tingkat Paya Terubong
  95. Tree Residency
  96. Villa Primero, Seberang Jaya
  97. White Lily @ Minden Heights

List of Housing Estates in Malaysia

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