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Han Chiang High School

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Han Chiang High SchoolHan Chiang High School (23 September 2012)

Han Chiang High School (GPS: 5.40736, 100.30423) is one of the major Chinese schools in Penang. It is located off Ayer Itam Road. The school is entered through Jalan Han Chiang, a service road which was originally Green Lane until its realignment. The road behind the school was named Lim Lean Teng Road in honour of the school's founder.

The Han Chiang schools, collectively the Han Chiang Associated Chinese Schools, comprising Han Chiang Primary School, Han Chiang High School and Han Chiang College were the initiative of the Teochew community led by its president Lim Lean Teng.

Map of Han Chiang High School

Han Chiang High School was granted a five-star rating by the Ministry of Education on 15 August 2009 in recognition of its facilities and courses.

The main building of Han Chiang High School, in the late Art Deco style (23 September, 2012)

Han Chiang Primary School

The oldest among them is the primary school, now called SJK (C) Han Chiang, which traces its history to 1910. It was established so that the Teochew community has a school of its own. It adopted the name Han Chiang, after the river in the Teochew home village in Chaozhou in eastern Guangdong province, China. That same name is rendered in pinyin in the name of the Han Jiang Teochew Ancestral Temple. The primary school was initially housed within the temple compound until 1923, when its school building was completed. It today houses the offices of the Teochew Association. Being set up for the Teochew community, Han Chiang originally accepted only children from Teochew families. This was only relaxed when the school expanded and relocated.

Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Han ChiangSekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Han Chiang (23 September, 2012)

Han Chiang Primary School (8 December, 2012)

Han Chiang High School

Han Chiang High School was established in 1950 as a private secondary school in 1950. To house it, a bigger area was needed. The Teochew Association purchased a 31-acre plot in the Green Lane-Air Itam area through a substantial donation made by their leader and school founder Lim Lean Teng. It allowed for the establishment of Han Chiang High School and later on the relocation of Han Chiang Primary School. As the student body grew, the need for bigger premises led the Teochew Association to purchase a 31-acre plot of land in the Green Lane area, said to be donated by Lim Lean Teng. The foundation stone of the new school building was laid on 15 July, 1950. It was designed in the late Art Deco and early Modern style which was fashionable in that period. By mid 1951, 20 classrooms have been built, along with a canteen and an auditorium. The first school session at the new premises started on 1 February, 1952.

Han Chiang High School front façade (23 September, 2012)

Han Chiang Primary School became a national-type primary school in 1960, while Han Chiang High School remained a private school, as its board of directors resolved not to restructure to become a national-type school. When Han Chiang Primary School occupied its new premises in 1962, it finally opened its doors to all pupils. The following year, the school founder Lim Lean Teng passed away. In his honour and memory, the road connecting Green Lane to Terengganu Road was named Lim Lean Teng Road.

Green Lane originally ran alongside Han Chiang High School, but road realignment in the 1960s moved it to connect with Scotland Road, resulting in the creation of Han Chiang Road.

Han Chiang College

Han Chiang College was established in 1999 as a not-for-profit educational institution of higher learning. It was set up in order that students of modest means have an opportunity of receiving tertiary education. The college offers foundations in communication and business; diploma programmes in mass communication, broadcast journalism, accounting, business management, logistics management, information technology, multimedia communication and Chinese studies; and degree programmes, in collaboration with universities in Australia and the United Kingdom, leading to a Bachelor of Communication, Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Creative Digital Media and Bachelor of Broadcasting and Journalism.

Han Chiang CollegeHan Chiang College (23 September, 2012)

Han Chiang College (23 September, 2012)

Statue of Lim Lean Teng

A bronze statue of school founder Lim Lean Teng graces the foreground of Han Chiang High School facing the school field. It was initiated by the chairman of the Teochew Association, Heah Joo Siang, and was unveiled by the then prime minister of Malaya, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, on 11 October, 1958. It underwent restoration, during which a new square was erected around the pedestal. The restored statue was unveiled by Tan Sri Dato' Tan Kok Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Han Chiang Associated Chinese Schools Association, on 15 July 2008.

Statue of Lim Lean Teng (23 September, 2012)

Lim Lean Teng Hall

Lim Lean Teng Hall is the school hall of Han Chiang High School. It is entered from the main porch of the school building. The hall is where school assemblies are held. Some times, it is also rented out for social events and weddings.

Lim Lean Teng Hall (23 September, 2012)

Han Chiang Indoor Stadium

In addition to a school hall, also called Lim Lean Teng Hall, the Han Chiang High School complex includes an indoor stadium. This is a basketball area that was completed in 1966. It has a capacity of a thousand spectators. The indoor stadium underwent a RM500,000 restoration in 2007 that doubled its capacity to two thousand.

Han Chiang Indoor Stadium (23 September, 2012)

Another view of the Han Chiang Indoor Stadium (23 September, 2012)

Han Chiang's Chinese Heritage Centre

The Chinese Heritage Centre is part of the School of Chinese Studies within Han Chiang College. It is a museum and resource centre tracing the heritage of the Chinese community in Penang. There are exhibits here about the Straits Chinese and their culture as well as write-ups on noted community leaders.

Chinese Heritage Centre, Han Chiang College (23 September, 2012)

Han Chiang High School is on the map of Jalan Han Chiang, Penang

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