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Affordable Housing Projects (Rumah Mampu Milik) in Penang

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As part of the effort to provide housing to the population of Penang, the State Government has established the Affordable Housing Scheme also known as Rumah Mempu Milik. It is one of two types of housing schemes by the State Government, the other being the People's Housing Project. (For details, read Penang State Government's Housing Schemes) These are located mostly on Penang Island, with a few also at Penang Mainland. On this page, I try to show all the affordable housing projects that I have come across, and will add to this page from time to time.

Penang State Government's Affordable Housing SchemePenang State Government's Affordable Housing Scheme (10 July, 2015)

Map of Affordable Housing Projects in Penang

List of Affordable Housing Projects in Penang

  1. Duo Residensi (GPS: 5.30179, 100.23298)
  2. Grace Harmoni (GPS: 5.38981, 100.31709)
  3. I-Santorini (GPS: 5.45444, 100.30843)
  4. Iconic Vue (GPS: 5.47646, 100.25378)
  5. Jiran Residensi (GPS: 5.40258, 100.37076)
  6. One Foresta (GPS: 5.3005, 100.25885)
  7. [email protected] Ferringhi (GPS: 5.46658, 100.25058)
  8. [email protected] Gelugor (GPS: 5.37352, 100.30246)
  9. [email protected] Pauh (GPS: 5.39334, 100.41938)
  10. Ramah Pavilion (GPS: 5.30183, 100.22991)
  11. The Rise (Chelliah Park City) (GPS: 5.40912, 100.32492)
  12. Sandilands Shorefront (GPS: 5.40557, 100.32995)
  13. SenzVilles (GPS:5.33554, 100.26841)
  14. Taman Skyridge Apartment (GPS: 5.4497, 100.29967)
  15. The Clovers (GPS: 5.30756, 100.26804)
  16. The Park @ Mak Mandin (GPS: 5.42164, 100.38647)
  17. The Stone (GPS: 5.36278, 100.27537)
  18. The Zen Condominium (GPS: 5.35269, 100.31151)
  19. TreeO (GPS: 5.32467, 100.26031)
  20. Tri Pinnacle (GPS: 5.44944, 100.29561)

Requirements for Purchasing Affordable Housing in Penang

The term "affordable housing" is used in Penang to refer to residential properties valued at RM400,000 and below. As of August 2018, these are separated into six categories called Types A, B, C, D, E and F. The term "low-cost houses" is now re-branded as Affordable Housing Type A. "Low-medium-coast houses" is now called Affordable Housing Type B. The six types are based on ceiling price as follows:

Type A: Up to RM42,000
Type B: Up to RM72,500
Type C: Up to RM150,000
Type D: Up to RM200,000
Type E: Up to RM300,000
Type F: Up to RM400,000

In order to qualify for Affordable Housing, applicant must first register with the State Housing Department of the Penang State Government. There are three ways to do this.

  1. Find an Affordable Housing project that you like, and fill up the PN1 Form at the Developer's office
  2. Download the PN1 Form (Borang Permohonan Rumah Mampu Milik) and submit it directly to the State Housing Department, at Komtar Level 3.
  3. Instead of a paper copy, register online with the State Housing Department right here

Eligibility to Apply for Affordable Housing in Penang

As would be expected, the Penang State Government set various conditions for would-be applicant to the Affordable Housing scheme, as listed below:

  1. Only eligible applicants are allowed to register for the scheme, upon meeting the following conditions:
    • Malaysian citizen
    • Aged 21 and above at time of application
    • Born in Penang or residing in Penang
    • Registered voter in Penang
    • Working in Penang
    • Type A Housing: total monthly income of applicant and spouse not exceeding RM2,500
    • Type B Housing: total monthly income of applicant and spouse not exceeding RM3,500
    • Type C (formerly C1) Housing: total monthly income of applicant and spouse not exceeding RM6,000
    • Type D (formerly C2) Housing: total monthly income of applicant and spouse not exceeding RM8,000
    • Type E (formerly C3) Housing: total monthly income of applicant and spouse not exceeding RM10,000
    • For Types A/B housing, applicant and spouse must not have owned a residential property in any state in Malaysia
    • For Types C, D and E, applicant and spouse owning residential property valued below the value of affordable unit are ELIGIBLE to apply.
  2. Civil servants have to submit letter of support from department head.
  3. Applicants from Talent and Skill Group have to submit letter of support from Invest Penang.
  4. Documents to be submitted with the application are as follows:
    • Copy of identity card of applicant and spouse
    • Copy of marriage certificate
    • Widows and Divorcees to furnish Death Certificate or Divorce Certificate
    • A copy of CCRIS Report for applicant and spouse - refer to the nearest branch of Bank Negara Malaysia
    • SPR slip
    • If working in the public or private sector, include the following documents:
      • Employment Letter/Latest Salary Slip of Applicant and Spouse
      • Latest Employee Provident Fund Statement
      • Confirmation from EPF if not contributing
    • If running own business, include the following documents:
      • Latest certified statement of income for applicant and spouse
      • Company Registration Certificate/Business License
    • If self employed, include the following documents:

      • Latest certified statement of income for applicant and spouse
    • If unemployed, include the following documents:
      • Certified Declaration of Unemployment of applicant and spouse
    • Copy of OKU Identity Card for the disabled, if applicable to applicant or spouse
    • For permanent residents in Penang of at least 5 years, submit letter of support from employer.
  5. Administration has to be notified of any address change.
  6. Declaration letter has to be made in front of a Commissioner of Oath.
  7. Application has to be updated every 3 years OR when there is a change in marital or employment status.

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