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Mount Erskine

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Mount Erskine, PenangMount Erskine, Penang, viewed towards the coastal skyline. (22 July, 2015)

Mount Erskine (Traditional Chinese: 白雲山, Simplified Chinese: 白云山; Pinyin: Báiyún Shān; Penang Hokkien: Paek3 Hoon3 Snua1 , Literal translation: "White Cloud Mountain") is a locality on the northeastern part of Penang Island. It was named after John James Erskine, the member of the town council of George Town around 1810. The Mount Erskine that we know today is a different place from the original Mount Erskine, which today is known as Mount Olivia, named after Olivia Mariamne Devenish (1771-1814), the wife of Stamford Raffles (1781-1826), who founded Singapore. Due to the Mount Erskine Road being built linking Fettes Park with Bagan Jermal, the entire stretch along the road became known as Mount Erskine.

Much of Mount Erskine is taken up by the Chinese cemetery there. This cemetery dates back to the early 19th century, and can be divided into different sections. The Cantonese-Teochew section is located closest to Gottlieb Road. Within its vicinity is the Kwangtung & Tengchow Association Funeral Parlour. Further up the road is a cemetery of the Hokkiens, managed by United Hokkien Cemeteries. It is one of the many Hokkien cemeteries in Penang, the others being at Batu Gantong, Batu Lanchang, Paya Terubong and Teluk Bahang.

Residential development in Mount Erskine occupy the land at the surroundings of the cemetery. The majority, such as Hong Seng Estate, are working class neighbourhoods for people who do not mind living in close proximity to cemeteries. Nonetheless, due to the size of the cemetery, it is just a stone's throw from the more affluent neighbourhood of Tanjong Tokong.

Map of Mount Erskine

Sights in Mount Erskine

  1. Bodhi Heart Sanctuary (GPS: 5.43708, 100.29649)
  2. Cheah Sek Tong Private Cemetery (GPS: 5.43758, 100.29797)
  3. Ehipassiko Buddhist Meditation Society (GPS: 5.43665, 100.3034)
  4. Hill Top Sri Maha Muneeswarar Temple (GPS: 5.44382, 100.29963)
  5. Kwangtung & Tengchow Association Funeral Parlour (GPS: 5.43516, 100.30283)
  6. Lim Leng Cheak Bungalow (GPS: 5.4492, 100.29923)
  7. Mount Erskine Cantonese Cemetery (GPS: 5.44179, 100.3021)
  8. Mount Erskine Chinese Temple (GPS: 5.4489, 100.30172)
  9. Mount Erskine Hokkien Cemetery (GPS: 5.43882, 100.29984)
  10. Mount Erskine Kuan Yim See Temple (GPS: 5.45106, 100.29581)
  11. Mount Erskine Sri Kaliamman Temple (GPS: 5.44094, 100.29994)
  12. Mount Erskine Tua Pek Kong Temple (GPS: 5.44034, 100.30318)
  13. Mount Erskine Tua Pek Kong Funerary Temple (GPS: 5.44093, 100.30268)
  14. Shan Children's Home (GPS: 5.43734, 100.29667)
  15. Sri Aathi Muneeswarar Temple (GPS: 5.44065, 100.30084)
  16. Sri Malai Muniswarar Temple (GPS: 5.43677, 100.29588)
  17. Sri Sivasakthi Ayappa Siwamy Temple (GPS: 5.45188, 100.302)

Neighbourhoods in Mount Erskine

  1. Hong Seng Estate (GPS: 5.4419, 100.29815)
  2. Pepper Estate (GPS: 5.45459, 100.2994)

Apartments & Condominiums at Mount Erskine

  1. Mont Residence (GPS: 5.44712, 100.29703)
  2. Puncak Erskine (GPS: 5.45274, 100.29764)
  3. Skyridge Garden (GPS: 5.44918, 100.29856)
  4. Taman Bukit Erskine (GPS: 5.44826, 100.29608)
  5. Taman Erskine (GPS: 5.44822, 100.30166)
  6. Taman Evergreen (GPS: 5.44907, 100.29989)
  7. Taman Kristal (GPS: 5.43857, 100.30425)
  8. Taman Erskine (GPS: 5.4497, 100.29967)
  9. The Latitude (GPS: 5.44979, 100.29844)
  10. The Peak Residences (GPS: 5.44929, 100.29735)
  11. Tri Pinnacle (GPS: 5.44944, 100.29562)

Streets in Mount Erskine

Public Transport

Presently Rapid Penang does not have a bus route passing through Jalan Mount Erskine. The nearest routes are through Fettes Park, Vale of Tempe and Tanjong Tokong.

Mount Erskine is 4.3 km from Magazine Circus, making it an ideal distance from the city centre of George Town. However the main road through the area, Mount Erskine Road, is today overloaded with traffic, leading to regular congestions and jams building up at the Gottlieb Road junction.


The nearest school from Mount Erskine is the Penang Chinese Girls' High School. The nearest market from Mount Erskine is at Fettes Park and Tanjong Tokong village. The nearest shopping mall include Midlands One Stop, Island Plaza and Gurney Plaza. Petrol stations near Mount Erskine includes the Shell, Caltex and Petronas in Tanjong Tokong. The nearest hospital is Penang Adventist Hospital at Burmah Road.

Mount Erskine, Penang (18 February, 2013)

Road through the Mount Erskine cemetery (9 June, 2012)

Jalan Mount Erskine road sign (8 October, 2012)

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