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Penang Hokkien Mee 檳城福建麵

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Penang Hokkien Mee (14 October, 2012)

The Penang Hokkien Mee (檳城福建麵) is a spicy soup of mee (egg noodles) and bihun (rice noodles) in a stock made from prawn, dried shrimp, pork ribs or chicken stock. As such, it is very different from "Hokkien Mee" as found elsewhere in Malaysia. (In the central and southern part of Malaysia, the "Hokkien Mee" resembles what is known as Hokkien Char in Penang.

Hokkien Mee is a popular hawker food. The noodles are garnished with sliced boiled eggs, sliced prawns, kangkung (water spinach/morning glory, water convolvulus, Ipomoea aquatica), fried onion, with a dollop of chilli paste. Hokkien Mee is popular at hawker stalls during breakfast and lunch time, but is also found in some places during dinner.

Hokkien MeeHokkien Mee (22 August, 2008)

Outside Penang, Hokkien Mee is called Hae Mee, or Har Mee, where the name "Hokkien Mee" itself refers to a fried noodle dish which is similar to Penang's Hokkien Char. As a result, you would often see the dish being labelled Hokkien Prawn Mee, which in my opinion is redundant.

One of my favourite Hokkien Mee still is the New Lane Pork-Rib Hokkien Mee, available in the morning at Sin Yin Name Cafe.

Sin Yin Nam Cafe Hokkien MeeSin Yin Nam Cafe Hokkien Mee (11 May, 2013)

People's Choice

2014 People's Choice
Members of the Penang Hawker Food Facebook Group chose Hokkien Mee as the 1st runner up in their People's Choice for favourite Penang Hawker Food for 2014.

Ingredients of Hokkien Mee:

  1. egg noodles (mee)
  2. rice noodles (bihun)
  3. bean sprouts (taugeh)
  4. pork ribs or chicken stock
  5. prawns
  6. eggs (boiled and sliced)
  7. fried shallots for garnishing
  8. water spinach (kangkung)
  9. chilli paste

New Lane Pork Ribs Hokkien MeeNew Lane Pork Ribs Hokkien Mee (1 October, 2011)

Map of Hokkien Mee Stalls in Penang

Hokkien Mee is one of the most popular and most common hawker dish in Penang. It is available in most coffee shops. Still, if you're looking for a stall nearest to you, my food map below will prove useful and incredibly easy to use. All the stalls I've come across selling Hokkien Mee are pinpointed on the map, and the numbers correspond to the listing below. Also included are stalls that call themselves "Har Mee" or "Hokkien Prawn Mee", as these are variations of the same thing.

List of Hokkien Mee Stalls in Penang

  1. Nam Seng Cafe (5.42149, 100.32837)
  2. Bukit Mertajam Tua Pek Kong Cheng Hawker Centre (GPS: 5.36419, 100.4608)
  3. Restoran Yoong Kee (GPS: 5.36252, 100.46078)
  4. 118 Cafe, Air Itam (GPS: 5.40603, 100.28272)
  5. Kafetaria & Hotel Eng Loh, Church Street
  6. Sungai Ara Food Court
  7. Kedai Kopi Bobo Hokkien Mee
  8. Seng Lee Cafe Bangkok Lane Hokkien Mee
  9. Granny's Hokkien Mee
  10. Kampung Melayu Junction Hokkien Mee
  11. Kedai Kopi Hoe Chuan Tin
  12. Kedai Kopi Sin Guat Keong
  13. Jelutong 7-Eleven Coffee Shop
  14. Pulau Tikus Market Hawker Centre
  15. Hock Yan Kedai Makanan dan Minuman
  16. Sin Nam Hong Cafe, Komtar
  17. Tua Wa Kong
  18. Golden Prawn Hokkien Mee
  19. Sri Aman Food Court
  20. Cecil Street Market Hawker Centre
  21. Restoran Enrich
  22. One Corner Cafe
  23. Kedai Makan & Minum Choo Kim Choon, Balik Pulau (lunch)
  24. Padang Brown Johore Road Hawker Centre
  25. Gold Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
  26. Kedai Kopi Classic Hokkien Mee,
  27. Kim Hee Cafe, Jelutong Market,
  28. Kedai Kopi Bukit Mertajam
  29. Kuala Jalan Bahru Hokkien Mee, Balik Pulau (lunch)
  30. Kafe Kheng Pin, Penang Road (lunch)
  31. Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre
  32. 888 Hokkien Mee, Bayan Baru (dinner)
  33. Hong Shen Stall, Jelutong (breakfast)
  34. Kedai Makanan Rong Xian, Burmah Road (lunch)
  35. Midtown Cafe, Lorong Selamat (lunch)
  36. Kedai Kopi Low Eng Hoo, Lorong Selamat (lunch)
  37. New World Park
  38. Yi Garden, Macalister Road
  39. Kedai Makanan BB, Bayan Baru (lunch)
  40. Selera Sim, Jalan Tengah
  41. Kedai Kopi Seow Fong Lye, Macalister Lane
  42. Ultimaxx Cafe, Bay Avenue, Queensbay
  43. Prangin Canal Hokkien Mee, Sia Boey
  44. Lai Lai Food Court, Terengganu Road
  45. Kedai Kopi Khek Leng, Terengganu Road
  46. Ah Soon Kor Har Mee at Sin Kim Sun Coffee Centre My Favourite
  47. Medan Selera Taman Free School
  48. Kedai Kopi Pulau Pinang, Terengganu Road
  49. Delima Mas Cafe, Island Glades
  50. 77 Bali Bali Cafe, Sungai Dua
  51. Golden Cafe, Bayan Point
  52. Kuta Bali Cafe, Paya Terubong
  53. Kedai Kopi Shalom, Farlim, Air Itam, Penang
  54. Kedai Kopi Teoh Guan Hup, Farlim
  55. Astaka Batu Maung
  56. Chang Yen Vegetarian Food, Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus
  57. Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, Gurney Drive
  58. Kedai Kopi Kong Bee Lee, Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus
  59. Kedai Kopi Kwai Lock, Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus
  60. Northam Beach Cafe, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
  61. Restoran Bee Hooi, Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus
  62. Taman Kheng Tian Night Market, Jelutong (Friday evening)
  63. Sin Hup Aun Cafe, Jalan Pasar, Pulau Tikus
  64. Teluk Bayan Hawker Centre
  65. Bayan Baru Hawker Centre (breakfast)
  66. Maga Restaurant, Perak Road
  67. Grand Sky Cafe, Perak Road, Jelutong

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