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Leong See Kah Miew 梁氏家庙

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Leong See Kah MiewLeong See Kah Miew (25 November 2010)

Leong See Kah Miew (GPS: 5.41677, 100.31709) (Traditional Chinese: 梁氏家廟, Simplified Chinese: 梁氏家庙) is the clan association of the Chinese holding the surname Leong. The name Leong See Kah Miew translates as Leong Clan Ancestral Temple. The three-storey association premises is at 65 Perak Road.

The hall of Leong See Kah Miew is often rented out to Chinese weddings. Next door to it is another clan association, the Persatuan Chan Kongsi.


Leong See Kah Miew
65 Perak Road
10150 George Town, Penang Phone: +60 4 229 1108

About Leong See Kah Miew

Leong See Kah Miew was founded by people surnamed Leong (or Liang in Mandarin), who hailed from Guangdong. The clan association was established in 18711. Six years later, one of its prominent members, Liang Ya Zhong, donated the plot on Muntri Street to the association. The clansmen then rallied amont themselves and managed to raise Straits Dollars $1,549 for the construction of their clan temple.

The old clan temple on Muntri Street was used until 1966, when it was decided that the building has become too run down for repair. The clan then held another fund raising. They managed to raise M$30,000 which went to the purchase of the present 10,494 sq ft plot on Perak Road. The Perak Road premises was completed in 1995 and officially opened in 2000.

Leong See Kah Miew, Muntri StreetLeong See Kah Miew, Muntri Street (GPS: 5.41982, 100.33604) (3 February, 2013)

Getting there

There is a bus stop along Perak Road about 60 meters north of Leong See Kah Miew. It is served by Rapid Penang bus 10.

Leong See Kah Miew is on the map of Perak Road

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