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Perak Road

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Perak Road, George Town (16 December, 2012)

Perak Road is one of the longest streets in George Town, Penang. It acts as the first ring road of the city. George Town's one-way road system has fragmented Perak Road into many parts, some of which are today one-way streets. Between Burmah Road and Peel Avenue, traffic flows northwards. Between Peel Avenue and Macalister Road, it flows southwards. Between Macalister Road and Anson Road it flows northwards. Between Anson Road and Dato Kramat Road, it flows southwards. Between Dato Kramat Road and Jalan Bagan Serai, it is two ways, and between the Jelutong Main Road junction and Jalan Bagan Serai, it is northwards.

On its long course through the city, Perak Road passes from the working class neighbourhoods to the south, through the Malay settlements in the middle, and then to the affluent neighbourhoods to the north. Some of the oldest Malay villages in Penang are located off Perak Road, along the banks of the Sungai Pinang, where early settlers arrived by boats. This low-lying area around Counter Hall is prone to flash floods which has somewhat been mitigated by improved drainage.

Map of Perak Road

Sights along Perak Road

  1. Sunshine Jelutong (GPS: 5.39431, 100.3146)

What to eat in the Perak Road neighbourhood

What's good to eat along Perak Road

Perak Road is one of the longest roads in George Town. I list here the recommendations of the locals who are members of my Penang Hawker Food and Penang Restaurant Food Facebook Groups, based on their input on this post and this post.


Eateries along Perak Road

  1. 747 Restaurant (GPS: 5.42446, 100.31654)
  2. Ah Soon Kor Har Mee Coffee Shop (GPS: 5.41454, 100.31626) (defunct)
  3. Astaka Stadium Bandaraya (GPS: 5.41119, 100.31576)
  4. Canton City Cafe (GPS: 5.39574, 100.31493)
  5. Grand Sky Cafe
  6. Heng Leong Coffee Shop (GPS: 5.40173, 100.3147)
  7. Happy Glory Cafe (GPS: 5.39979, 100.31469)
  8. Joo Huat Restaurant (specialty: Lor Mee) (GPS: 5.39843, 100.31465)
  9. Kafe Dua Lapan Dua Lapan (location of Perak Road Gu Bak Koay Teow) (GPS: 5.41119, 100.31576)
  10. Kedai Kopi Classic (specialty: Hokkien Mee) (GPS: 5.4139, 100.31604)
  11. Kedai Makan Liang Seng (specialty: oyster porridge)
  12. Khidthung Thai Seafood Tomyam Restaurant (GPS: 5.39501, 100.31439)
  13. Khoon Klang Bak Kut Teh (GPS: 5.40067, 100.31464)
  14. Maga Restaurant (GPS: 5.39681, 100.3145)
  15. Pusat Makan dan Minum Eng Sin (GPS: 5.39696, 100.31505)
  16. Old Town White Coffee
  17. Padang Brown Hawker Centre (GPS: 5.41407, 100.31669)
  18. Syazana Nasi Melayu

Petrol Stations along Perak Road

  1. Shell Perak Road (GPS: 5.41174, 100.31582)

Banks along Perak Road

  1. CIMB Perak Road (GPS: 5.39654, 100.31504)

Medical Attention on Perak Road

  1. Buddhist Tzu Chi Dialysis Centre (GPS: 5.42151, 100.31794)
  2. Klinik Narin
  3. Klinik Kesihatan Jalan Perak (GPS: 5.40308, 100.3143)

Buddhist/Chinese Temples on Perak Road

  1. Hong Hock See Temple (GPS: 5.42477, 100.31653)
  2. Leong See Kah Miew (GPS: 5.41677, 100.31709)
  3. Perak Road Tua Pek Kong Temple (GPS: 5.42477, 100.31653)
  4. Shuang Qing Zhu Lin Si Vihara (GPS: 5.41737, 100.31718)
  5. Wat Buppharam (GPS: 5.42572, 100.31663)

Churches on Perak Road

  1. Penang brethren Church (GPS: 5.40173, 100.3147)
  2. Tamil Methodist Church (GPS: 5.41383, 100.31578)
  3. The Salvation Army Penang Corps (GPS: 5.41766, 100.31722)

Hindu Temples on Perak Road

  1. Sri Jada Muniswarar Temple (GPS: 5.40201, 100.3147)

Mosques on Perak Road

  1. Masjid Khan Muhammad (GPS: 5.41049, 100.31584)
  2. Masjid Jamek Rawana (GPS: 5.40995, 100.31583)
  3. Masjid Wan Chik Ariffin (GPS: xxzz)
  4. Masjid Jamek Hashim Yahaya (GPS: 5.40652, 100.31503)

Schools on Perak Road

  1. Francis Light School (GPS: 5.41573, 100.31451)
  2. SJK (C) Sum Sun (GPS: 5.40354, 100.31477)

Kindergartens on Perak Road

  1. Penang Buddhist Association Kindergarten (GPS: 5.41616, 100.31708)

Monuments on Perak Road

  1. Brown Memorial (GPS: 5.41449, 100.31674)

Playing Fields on Perak Road

  1. Padang Brown (GPS: xxzz)

Associations along Perak Road

  1. Ewe Clan Association
  2. Gan Association of North Malaysia (GPS: 5.41716, 100.31717)
  3. State Chinese (Penang) Association (GPS: 5.42373, 100.31724)
  4. Sum Seng Tong Chan Kongsi (GPS: 5.41697, 100.31712)

Government Buildings & Amenities on Perak Road

  1. Bangunan LPPKN (GPS: 5.42675, 100.31637)
  2. Perak Road Fire Station (GPS: 5.40191, 100.31524)
  3. Rejimen 509 Askar Wataniah Pulau Pinang (GPS: 5.42367, 100.31649)

Organisations on Perak Road

  1. Penang Buddhist Association Senior Citizens' Home (GPS: 5.41548, 100.31692)
  2. Women's Centre for Change (GPS: 5.4262, 100.31696)

Markets on Perak Road

  1. Perak Road Market (GPS: 5.39981, 100.31441)

Commercial Properties on Perak Road

  1. Kheng Tian Tong Ewe Kongsi Building (GPS: 5.39603, 100.31449)
  2. Perak Plaza (GPS: 5.41728, 100.31647)
  3. Superfield Plaza (GPS: 5.40173, 100.3147)
  4. Wisma Seri Perak (GPS: 5.41728, 100.31647)
  5. Wisma Wah Giap (GPS: 5.4044, 100.31573)

Businesses along Perak Road

Rivers across Perak Road

  1. Sungai Jelutong (GPS: 5.40888, 100.31608)
  2. Sungai Pinang (GPS: 5.41025, 100.31605)

Condominiums, Apartments and Flats along Perak Road

  1. Aspen Residence (GPS: 5.39431, 100.3146)
  2. Aurora Court (GPS: 5.42575, 100.31695)
  3. Pangsapuri Wakaf Khan Mohamad (GPS: 5.40806, 100.31639)
  4. Sri Pinang Apartment (GPS: 5.42106, 100.31751)
  5. Taman Abidin Flats (GPS: 5.40851, 100.3157)
  6. Taman Cemerlang Flats (GPS: 5.40867, 100.31637)
  7. Taman Perak Flats (GPS: 5.39942, 100.31456)
  8. Tingkat Nusantara Flats (GPS: 5.40834, 100.31667)

Government Quarters at Perak Road

  1. Pangsapuri Mesra (GPS: 5.41638, 100.31629)

Cemeteries on Perak Road

  1. Perak Road Malay Cemetery (GPS: 5.40753, 100.31532)

Villages off Perak Road

  1. Kampung Dodol (GPS: 5.40475, 100.31572)

Condominiums, Apartments and Flats in the Perak Road neighbourhood

Perak Road is a densely populated residential area in Penang. Facing the road itself are old houses that may make way for development soon. High-rise apartments and condominiums jostle for space on the many roads branching off Perak Road, the tallest under construction reaches a height of forty-five storeys. Logan Road was first developed with low-rise apartments in the late 1980s, and was followed by Van Praagh Road, which has taller apartment blocks.
  1. Casa Impian (on Jalan Grik)
  2. Damai Villa (on Logan Road)
  3. Damai Vista Apartment (on Lorong Damai)
  4. Desa Green (on Van Praagh Road)
  5. Desa Pelangi (on Logan Road)
  6. Desa Samudra (on Logan Road)
  7. Dunn House (on Dunn Road)
  8. Harmony Ville (on Lintang Slim)
  9. Logan Ville (on Logan Road)
  10. Lavender Park (on Perak Lane)
  11. Silverdale Condominium (on Persiaran Perak, planned)
  12. Sri Permai Apartment (on Free School Road)
  13. Sri Pinang Apartment (on Logan Road)
  14. Sri Wangsa Apartment (on Perak Lane)
  15. Suria Mutiara (on Jalan Grik)
  16. Symphony Park Apartment (on Jalan Lenggong)
  17. Taman Jelutong Apartment (on Jalan Lenggong)
  18. Taman Kang Har Tong Apartment (on Lorong Gemilang)
  19. Taman Kheng Tian (on Van Praagh Road)
  20. Taman Koperasi Jelutong (on Lorong Hijau Lima/Jalan Kurau)
  21. Taman Pelangi Indah (on Perak Lane)
  22. Taman Sawang (on Free School Road)
  23. Taman Seri Hijau (on Van Praagh Road)
  24. Taman Seri Perak (on Lorong Hijau Tujuh)
  25. Taman Sri Bunga (on Lorong Parit Buntar)
  26. Tanjung Pura Apartment (on Logan Road)
  27. Villamas (on Logan Road)
  28. Wisma Bagan Serai (on Jalan Bagan Serai)

Updates on Perak Road

31 October, 2014: A stretch of Perak Road between the Jalan Jelutong intersection to the Solok Perak junction will be turned into a one-way street beginning midnight on 1 November, 2014. Thereupon, traffic will flow in a clockwise direction involving Perak Road, Solok Perak and a stretch of the Jelutong Main Road between Solok Perak and Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim.

The new traffic flow will go through a three-month testing period. If you have any questions, you may get in touch with the officers at the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) at 04 259 2202 (Puan Noor Rafidah Ahmed) and 04 259 2015 (Encik Zainuddin Mohamad Shariff).

New traffic flow on a stretch of Perak Road, Solok Perak and Jelutong Main Road beginning 1 November, 2014 (31 October, 2014)

New signboard at south end of Perak Road informing of new traffic flowNew signboard at south end of Perak Road informing of new traffic flow (31 October, 2014)

Getting there

Rapid Penang Bus 11, 101, 104 and 304 pass through Perak Road.

Perak RoadPerak Road (15 December 2008)

Intersection of Perak Road with Jalan P. Ramlee and Sungai Pinang Road (15 December, 2008)

Jalan Perak roadsignJalan Perak roadsign (25 November 2010)

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