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Our Stay at Vistana Hotel Penang

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Vistana Penang Bukit JambulVistana Penang Bukit Jambul (8 November, 2014)

It is so nice to be invited for a free stay at a hotel. When Vistana Hotel Penang completed the refurbishment of its suites, the hotel invited me and a whole group of other guests to a free stay there. It was an opportunity too good to be missed.

Although it may seem a bit odd to be staying at a hotel in Penang, when you are already living in Penang, we often take up the hotel stay offers, for it offers me a chance to show my readers the hotels inside out.

The Vistana Hotel suite is really nice. It is housed in their 26-storey tower block. The suite has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a dining room, living room and pantry. In fact the invitation is for four persons, so we had to leave one room in the suite vacant.

The Vistana Suite is really a full-size apartment, and I think it is bigger than some people's homes. From our balcony on the 23rd floor, we could catch a wonderful panorama of Bukit Jambul and the Penang Golf Course. Further away rise the multitude of apartment blocks of Bukit Gambir, Lip Sin, Sungai Dua, with views of Komtar and Tanjong Tokong in the distance. It is really nice at night, when the city basks in dazzling strings of light.

The living room at Vistana Penang hotel suiteThe living room at Vistana Penang hotel suite (8 November, 2014)

Our stay at Vistana HotelThe view from our suite at Vistana Hotel Penang (8 November, 2014)

Our stay at Vistana HotelThe view of the swimming pool at Vistana Hotel Penang (8 November, 2014)

Our stay at Vistana HotelThe view of the swimming pool at Vistana Hotel Penang (8 November, 2014)

Our stay at Vistana HotelThe view from Vistana Hotel Penang at night (8 November, 2014)

Our stay at Vistana HotelThe restaurant at Vistana Hotel Penang where we have our breakfast (8 November, 2014)

Looking downwards, I can see the swimming pool below. I had brought my swimming trunk, but did not end up taking a swim in the pool. There is also an executive lounge where we get to enjoy all the free flow of snacks and beverages.

The complimentary stay is actually intended for a family of four persons, with breakfasts for each day. However, as there's only the two of us, we only made use of the master bedroom. There is a second bedroom, I presume for the children, with views of the Queensbay coast, and Ideal CEO building next door.

The wide-screen television set at the living room has multiple channels (though we ended up watching only the English-language Japanese channel the whole time, as we were fascinated by its documentaries).

Over the course of our three-day weekend, we spent the night at Vistana, but returned home for some parts of the day, after we have enjoyed its buffet breakfast. Again, the buffet is intended for four persons, so we invited family members and friends to join us for the breakfast.

It was really a very nice weekend, and a good way for us to spend our engagement anniversary on the house. My wife and I thank the General Manager of Vistana Penang, Mr Wayne Lee, for extending to us this free stay in their suite. We certainly enjoyed the comfort and hospitality.

View from our suite at Vistana Hotel PenangIt's a suite view from Vistana Hotel Penang (8 November, 2014)

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