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Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang

Eastern & Oriental Hotel, PenangEastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang (2 November, 2013)

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel (GPS: 5.423239, 100.336075) along Farquhar Street, George Town, is one of the most elegant hotels in the Orient. It is also one of the best places for fine dining in George Town, Penang.

Often called the E & O, it was the first of a chain of hotels founded by the four Armenian brothers, Martin, Tigran, Aviet and Arshak Sarkies, collectively known as the Sarkies brothers. Some of the best known hotels in the Far East were started by them, including the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and the Strand, in Rangoon, Myanmar. By 1892, the brothers were spread across Southeast Asia. The youngest, Arshak Sarkies, took up the management of the E & O while Tigran Sarkies manages the Raffles Hotel and Aviet was stationed in Rangoon. The eldest, Martin Sarkies, has by then retired.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel 2017 Hospitality Report Card

Hospitality at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel is unpleasant. The hotel's marketing communications team is completely wanting and could not be expected to respond to a simple request. As a Tourism Malaysia Penang endorsed website, Penang Travel Tips is unimpressed. Although this is one of the grandest hotels in Penang, the hospitality of its marcom has not risen to match its image. Thus, the recommendation of Penang Travel Tips to visitors is to spend their money elsewhere.

Lobby, Eastern & Oriental HotelLobby at Heritage Wing, Eastern & Oriental Hotel (2 November, 2013)

The new wing, known as the Victory AnnexeThe new wing, known as the Victory Annexe (2 November, 2013)

The original portion of the hotel, built in 1885, is today known as the Heritage Wing. An addition erected in 2013 is known as the Victory Annexe. There are just 100 rooms at the Eastern & Oriental, and all are suites. On the Heritage Wing are the Deluxe/Georgetown Suites, Premier Suites, Straits/Writers Suites, Pinang Suite and E&O Suite. On the Victory Annexe are the Studio Suites and Corner Suites.

E&O Victory AnnexeE&O Victory Annexe (10 January, 2015)

What are the facilities at the Eastern & Oriental?

Facilities include a gym, a spa and business facilities such as a full-service business centre.

Stair well, Heritage Wing, Eastern & Oriental HotelStair well, Heritage Wing, Eastern & Oriental Hotel (2 November, 2013)

The seaside at the Eastern & Oriental HotelThe seaside at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel (2 November, 2013)

What's in the vicinity of the Eastern & Oriental?

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel anchors the northern portion of George Town's nightlife precinct, which is along Upper Penang Street, just across the road from the hotel. It is also across the road from The Garage, an arcade with shops aned restaurants.

Public Transport in the vicinity of the Eastern & Oriental

The nearest bus stop is the one on Penang Road, served by Rapid Penang bus 103, 204 and 502 (pictured below). The E&O operates the Lady Martina Water Limousine, a ferry service between the hotel and Straits Quay.


Eastern & Oriental Hotel
10 Farquhar Street
10200 George Town, Penang

Grand Ballroom, Eastern & Oriental HotelGrand Ballroom, Eastern & Oriental Hotel (23 January, 2015)

Eastern & Oriental Hotel on Google Maps Street View

History of the E & O Hotel

The idea to set up the hotel business came about in 1885 when the Sarkies brothers met the Khaw family in Bangkok, and was encouraged by them to set up a hotel in Penang. The Khaws built two separate hotels which the Sarkies managed. These were the Eastern Hotel, completed in 1884, and the Oriental Hotel, in 1885. It became immediately apparent that these two hotels should be combined, and hence the Eastern & Oriental Hotel was formed. In addition, the Sarkies also managed the Crag Hotel on Penang Hill.

The merger of these two hotels created one of the finest hotel establishments in the region. It boasted of having the world's longest sea-front lawn, which is 842 feet in length. Famous personalities who arrived at the E&O (many of whom also turned up at the Raffles Hotel) included Noel Coward, Douglas Fairbanks, Hermann Hesse, Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham.

The fountain at E & O HotelThe fountain at E & O Hotel (2 November, 2013)

View of the seaside from the Eastern & Oriental HotelView of the seaside from the Eastern & Oriental Hotel (2 November, 2013)

The seaside in front of the Eastern & Oriental HotelThe seaside in front of the Eastern & Oriental Hotel (2 November, 2013)

New high-rise wing of the Eastern & Oriental HotelNew high-rise wing of the Eastern & Oriental Hotel (11 February, 2013)

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel is on the map of Farquhar Street

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