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Singapore Travel TipsSingapore Travel Tips (7 July, 2011)

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Singapore Travel Tips provides you information that is useful to plan for your visit to Singapore. Singapore, or officially the Republic of Singapore, is an island nation in Southeast Asia. It is located at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. It is separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor, but is linked to the country by the Causeway and the Second Link. The Singapore Straits separates it from the Riau Islands of Indonesia.

Categories of Sights in Singapore

  3. Apartments in Singapore
  4. Art Galleries in Singapore
  5. Bridges in Singapore
  6. Buddhist Temples in Singapore
  7. Chinese Temples in Singapore
  8. Churches in Singapore
  9. Condominiums in Singapore
  10. Expressways in Singapore
  11. Ferry Terminals in Singapore
  12. Government Buildings in Singapore
  13. Hawker Centres in Singapore
  14. High-Rise Buildings in Singapore
  15. Highways in Singapore
  16. Hindu Temples in Singapore
  17. Historic Buildings in Singapore
  18. Hotels in Singapore
  19. Islands in Singapore
  20. Laksa (eateries selling) in Singapore
  21. LRT Lines in Singapore
  22. LRT Stations in Singapore
  23. Modern Architecture in Singapore
  24. Monuments in Singapore
  25. Mosques in Singapore
  26. MRT Lines in Singapore
  27. MRT Stations in Singapore
  28. Museums in Singapore
  29. Parks in Singapore
  30. Places in Singapore
  31. Rivers in Singapore
  32. Shopping Malls in Singapore
  33. Skyscrapers in Singapore
  34. Synagogues in Singapore
  35. Train Stations in Singapore
  36. Vehicular Tunnels in Singapore
  37. Waterways in Singapore

Map of the Expressways and Streets of Singapore

  1. Expressways in Singapore
  2. Streets in Singapore

Map of Singapore MRT Lines and Stations

  1. MRT Lines in Singapore
  2. MRT Stations in Singapore

The A to Z Travel Guide to Singapore

  1. Basics About Singapore
  2. Brief History of Singapore
  3. Checking up Singapore Hotels
  4. Choosing a Hotel for your trip to Singapore
  5. Credit Card Emergency in Singapore
  6. Cycling in Singapore
  7. Dial a Cab in Singapore
  8. Do you need a vaccination for Singapore?
  9. Do you need a visa for Singapore?
  10. Dos and Donts in Singapore
  11. EZ Link Card
  12. General Information Services
  13. Geography of Singapore
  14. Guide to Shopping in Singapore
  15. Preparing Money for your trip to Singapore
  16. Reporting Breakdowns in Singapore
  17. Singapore Birdlife
  18. Singapore Flag
  19. Singapore National Anthem
  20. Taking the Bus in Singapore
  21. Taking the Taxi in Singapore
  22. Tourist Guides in Singapore
  23. Visiting the Outlying Islands

Transportation Hubs in Singapore

  1. Changi Airport
  2. Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Vital Information for Arriving in Singapore

  1. Arriving in Singapore by Bus
  2. Arriving in Singapore by Car
  3. Arriving in Singapore by Plane
  4. Arriving in Singapore by Taxi
  5. Arriving in Singapore by Train
  6. Changi Off-Airport Check-In
  7. Entry Requirements to Singapore
  8. Prohibited Items for bringing into Singapore
  9. Using Singapore Changi Airport

Free Walking Tours of Singapore

  1. Little India Walking Tour
  2. Telok Ayer Street Walking Tour

Driving in Singapore

  1. Buying a Car in Singapore
  2. Buying a Used Car in Singapore
  3. Car Ownership Certificate of Entitlement
  4. Driving in Singapore
  5. Driving Schools and Instructors
  6. Driving Test in Singapore
  7. Electronic Road Pricing
  8. Getting a Driving License
  9. Leasing a Car in Singapore
  10. New Car Dealers in Singapore

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