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Potatoes USA Event - Celebrating US Potatoes

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Potatoes USA EventPotatoes USA Event (26 August, 2017)

On 26 August, 2017, my wife and I attended a cook out organised by Potatoes USA, which represents US growers and processors of high-quality potatoes. Held at The Wembley, A St Giles Hotel, it is attended by some 51 bloggers and guests. The event was staged to celebrate everything about potatoes. We learned about the various cultivars, get to know its nutritional value, and were introduced to various dishes that make use of potatoes.

The event proper began with an introduction by Mr WilliamT Tan, the Penang representative of Potatoes USA. This was followed by an address by Mr Richard Lieu, the Trade Promotions Director of Potatoes USA. We learned about the different varieties of potatoes produced by US farmers, namely the Russets, Round Reds, Blue & Purple, Fingerlings, Yellow Flesh, Round Whites and Long Whites. The one variety that was available during this event was the Russets, of which we were later privileged to bring home a few. We also got to know the versatility of potatoes. The potatoes are available fresh as well as frozen. Cut potatoes are sold in many forms, including Tater Drums, Frozen Half Shells, Frozen Wedges, Crinkle Cut Fries, Basket-Weave Cuts, Curly Fries, Straight Cut Fries and Hash Browns. Dehydrated potatoes can be made into flakes, flour, granules, pieces and other specialty products.

In today's increasingly health-conscious society, the potato is often painted as a villian as people become more and more carb shy. The event therefore intends to dispel the myths about potato by highlighting its healthy goodness. A practising dietitian, Ms Khoo An Jo, was invited to articulate the nutritional value of the potato and to help dispel the fear over carbohydrates. We learned, for example, that the potato has a higher content of potassium than other common vegetables and fruits including broccoli, banana and tomato. A single serving of medium-sized potato contains just 110 calories.

The portion that everybody was waiting for was the cooking demonstration. This was helmed by Chef Audee Cheah, PKT, PJK, who is the President of the Penang Chef Association. Chef Audee made for us four different dishes that make use of US Potatoes. Two are with fresh potatoes while another two with frozen potatoes. The first was US Potato and Prawn Kerabu; followed by Curry Chicken Stuffed US Potatoes; Kimchi Seaweed US Lattice Cut Fries; and Chilli Flavoured US Potato Wedges in Lettuce Cups.

During the event, both the dietitian Ms Khoo and Chef Audee posed a number of questions. Those who were able to answer them correctly walked home with gifts such as squeeze balls made in the form of a potato, or Potatoes USA aprons. Later on, guests were treated to another round of high tea where the four demonstrated dishes were served. Nobody went home empty handed, as each participant was given a door gift details about US potatoes and additional recipes.

The Potatoes USA event help me appreciate the potato more than before. I took home an improved understanding about the nutritional value of potatoes while my wife won a couple of prizes from the quiz.

Potatoes USA EventMr WilliamT Tan, PJK, opening the Potatoes USA Event (26 August, 2017)

Potatoes USA EventMr Richard Liew, Trade Promotions Director, Potatoes USA, addressing the participants (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesRusset, one of the types of potatoes from the USA (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesDietitian Khoo An Jo, teaching the participants on the nutritional value of US potatoes. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesChef Audee Cheah demonstrating a few dishes that make use of US potatoes. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesParticipant was invited to help out with the cooking, looked on by Chef Audee and the attending bloggers. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesBlogger Michelle Kung joined Chef Audee in preparing Chilli Flavoured US Potato Wedges in Lettuce Cups.. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesUS Potato and Prawn Kerabu. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesCurry Chicken Stuffed US Potatoes. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesKimchi Seaweed US Lattice Cut Fries. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesChilli Flavoured US Potato Wedges in Lettuce Cups. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesVarious potato products from Potatoes USA. (26 August, 2017)

Russet potatoesHere I am with Mr WilliamT Tan, PJK, and Chef Audee Cheah, PKT, PJK, at the Potatoes USA event. (26 August, 2017)

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