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Ipoh Travel TipsIpoh Travel Tips (9 November, 2015)

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Ipoh Travel Tips is a guide for you to visit, discover and enjoy Ipoh, the state capital of Perak.

Ipoh (Chinese: 怡保, Pinyin: Yíbǎo; GPS: 4.60085, 101.07769) is a medium-size city in Malaysia. It is located between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Since being accorded city status, the Ipoh City Council or Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh, includes smaller towns such as Chemor, Jelapang, Falim, Menglembu and Tanjung Rambutan. Historically however, Ipoh referred to the Old Town and New Town, two areas divided by the Kinta River at its heart, from which the city grew.

Location of sights in Ipoh on the map

Places of Interest in Ipoh

  1. AEON Ipoh Station 18 (GPS: 4.54568, 101.07067)
  2. AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang (GPS: 4.67746, 101.12312)
  3. Ali Pitchay Townhouse (GPS: 4.59756, 101.07841)
  4. Ambika Estates Office (GPS: 4.59517, 101.077)
  5. Birch Bridge (GPS: 6.435766, 100.190755)
  6. Birch Memorial (GPS: 4.59686, 101.0762)
  7. Cenotaph (GPS: 4.59756, 101.07428)
  8. Chennai Potty (GPS: 4.59516, 101.0767)
  9. Chinese Theatre Hostel (GPS: 4.59646, 101.07786)
  10. Chua Cheng Bok Building (GPS: 4.59438, 101.08022)
  11. Chung Thye Phin Building (GPS: 4.59682, 101.07723)
  12. Church of St John the Divine (GPS: 4.6015, 101.07587)
  13. Dato Seri Adika Raja House (GPS: 4.58992, 101.07921)
  14. Elken Building (GPS: 4.59731, 101.0765)
  15. Eu Yan Sang Building (GPS: 4.59426, 101.0775)
  16. FMS Bar & Restaurant (GPS: 4.59866, 101.07807)
  17. Foong Seong Building (GPS: 4.59578, 101.0811)
  18. Han Chin Pet Soo (GPS: 4.59629, 101.07904)
  19. HSBC Building (GPS: 4.59755, 101.07741)
  20. Hugh Low Bridge (GPS: 4.59438, 101.08022)
  21. Indian Muslim Mosque (GPS: 4.6001, 101.0774)
  22. Ipoh Court House (GPS: 4.59831, 101.07538)
  23. Ipoh Flagpole (GPS: 4.59913, 101.07573)
  24. Ipoh Hong Leong Bank Building (GPS: 4.59723, 101.08186)
  25. Ipoh Multi-Level Car Park (GPS: 4.59711, 101.07631)
  26. Public Bank Building (GPS: 4.59764, 101.08204)
  27. Ipoh Railway Station (GPS: 4.59611, 101.07396)
  28. Ipoh Riverfront Park (GPS: 4.59451, 101.07919)
  29. Ipoh Tourist Information Centre (GPS: 4.59802, 101.076)
  30. Ipoh Town Hall (GPS: 4.59723, 101.07492)
  31. Ipoh Tree (GPS: 4.59708, 101.07398)
  32. Jalan Sultan Yusuf Heritage Row (GPS: 4.5963, 101.07708)
  33. Japanese Counter Espionage Headquarters (GPS: 4.59942, 101.08599)
  34. Kian Aik Chan (GPS: 4.59563, 101.07932)
  35. Kinta Aerated Water Company (GPS: 4.59328, 101.0769; demolished)
  36. Kompleks Yik Foong (GPS: 4.59708, 101.08134)
  37. Kuan Yin Temple (GPS: 4.59851, 101.07943)
  38. Leong Yew Koh Office (GPS: 4.59714, 101.07709)
  39. Loong Thow Ngam Temple (GPS: 4.63214, 101.08794)
  40. Majuperak Building (GPS: 4.59757, 101.0808)
  41. Masjid Paloh (GPS: 4.58986, 101.07721)
  42. Masjid Panglima Kinta (GPS: 4.59342, 101.08063)
  43. McDonalds Ipoh (GPS: 4.59567, 101.08305)
  44. Mekprasit Buddhist Temple (GPS: 4.625, 101.08144)
  45. Muzium Darul Ridzuan (GPS: 4.60456, 101.07796)
  46. OCBC Bank Building (GPS: 4.59683, 101.07677)
  47. Old OCBC Bank Building (GPS: 4.59513, 101.07711)
  48. Pakistani Mosque (GPS: 4.59414, 101.07602)
  49. Paloh Ku Miao (GPS: 4.59328, 101.0788)
  50. Perak Ku Kong Chow Kung Wui Association (GPS: 4.596713, 101.078652)
  51. Police Headquarters (GPS: 4.59496, 101.07462)
  52. Restoran Sin Lean Lee (Kin Kwok Daily News Building) (GPS: 4.59677, 101.07818)
  53. Royal Ipoh Club (GPS: 4.59955, 101.07544)
  54. Seenivasagam Brothers' Law Office (GPS: 4.59785, 101.07648)
  55. Sew Cheong Building (GPS: 4.59491, 101.08107)
  56. Sinhalese Bar (GPS: 4.59558, 101.07869)
  57. SPH De Silva (GPS: 4.59558, 101.07869)
  58. Standard Charterd Bank Building (GPS: 4.59722, 101.07685)
  59. St Michael's Church (GPS: 4.59508, 101.08827)
  60. St Michael's Institution (GPS: 4.60131, 101.07724)
  61. Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang (GPS: 4.62744, 101.09055)
  62. Tenaga Nasional Building (GPS: 4.59742, 101.07613)
  63. UTC Perak (GPS: 4.59578, 101.08219)
  64. Wan Muhammad Saleh Mausoleum (GPS: 4.58996, 101.07676)
  65. Warta Kinta Office (GPS: 4.58976, 101.07766)
  66. Yau Tet Shin Mansion (GPS: 4.59296, 101.07451)

Street Art in Ipoh

Art of OldTown


Places in Ipoh

  1. Ipoh Old Town
  2. Ipoh New Town

Categories of sights in Ipoh

  1. Bakeries in Ipoh
  2. Bridges in Ipoh
  3. Cave Temples in Ipoh
  4. Chinese Medical Halls in Ipoh
  5. Chinese Temples in Ipoh
  6. Churches in Ipoh
  7. Clan Associations in Ipoh
  8. Financial Institutions in Ipoh
  9. Government Buildings in Ipoh
  10. Historic Buildings in Ipoh
  11. Hotels in Ipoh
  12. Mausoleums in Ipoh
  13. Metal Works in Ipoh
  14. Modern Buildings in Ipoh
  15. Monuments in Ipoh
  16. Mosques in Ipoh
  17. Museums in Ipoh
  18. Parks in Ipoh
  19. Recreation Clubs in Ipoh
  20. Restaurants in Ipoh
  21. Schools in Ipoh
  22. Shopping Malls in Ipoh
  23. Street Art in Ipoh
  24. Streets in Ipoh
  25. Thai Temples in Ipoh
  26. Tourist Attractions in Ipoh

Streets in Ipoh

  1. Belfield Street
  2. Hale Street

Places near Ipoh

  1. Chemor
  2. Jelapang
  3. Menglembu
  4. Tambun
  5. Tanjung Rambutan
  6. Ulu Kinta

Petrol Stations in Ipoh

  1. BHPetrol Jalan Kuala Kangsar (GPS: 4.620709, 101.080375)
  2. Petron Jalan Kuala Kangsar (GPS: 4.623537, 101.081126)
  3. Shell Jalan Kuala Kangsar (GPS: 4.621612, 101.080579)

Excursions from Ipoh

If you plan to make a short trip to Ipoh, do read day trips from Ipoh.

History of Ipoh

The name Ipoh is said to have come from a tree, the Antiaris toxicaria, which is more commonly known as pokok ipoh (also written ipuh, epu). This plant produces a poisonous sap that is used by the Orang Asli for their blowdarts. Ipoh is also known as san seng in Chinese, which means "hill city" in the Cantonese. This probably refers to the many limestone outcrops around the city. An old nickname for Ipoh is City of Millionaires, referring to the vast fortunes made during the days of the tin and rubber industry.

Being in the rich tin-bearing Kinta Valley, Ipoh was a boom town in the 1920s and 30s. When the price of tin collapsed in the 1950s, it resulted in the closure of many Ipoh tin mines, stagnating the growth of the town, and propelled its population to seek employment in other parts of Malaysia. Ipoh has a reputation of being one of the cleanest cities. It is also well known for its clear water supply, which allows it to be a choice producer of vegetables, especially bean sprouts.

Ipoh, like many major towns in Malaysia, has its share of heritage buildings. Unfortunately, a good number of them are today in a run-down state. Some, like the Pasar Bulat, is no longer standing, although it continues to appear on guidebooks. It is my desire to regularly update the information provided to you, so that it remains current and useful.

Ipoh Cuisine

Ipoh is famous among the people of Malaysia for its food. Ipoh people claim that their water supply, which is relatively hard (high alkali content) owing to Ipoh's location on top of a large karstic formation, makes the food especially tasty.

Ipoh is particularly famous for its "Sar Hor Fun", a flat white rice noodle. Folks from other towns often stop over in Ipoh to enjoy the dim sum if they arrive in the morning, and the nga choi kai, a dish of chicken and beansprouts, if they come in the evening. Ipoh's Hakka Mee and yong tau fee are also popular.

Ipoh, PerakIpoh, Perak (18 September, 2005)

Nan Thien Tong, IpohThe interior of Nan Thien Tong, one of the cave temples in Ipoh (19 August 2006)

Ipoh Railway StationIpoh Railway Station (18 September, 2005)

Getting there

Most visitors reach Ipoh by car or bus. Exit the North-South Expressway (E1) at the Jelapang Interchange (Exit 141), if you're coming from Penang. If you're coming from Kuala Lumpur, exit the expressway at the Ipoh Selatan Interchange (Exit 139).

List of Towns in Perak and State Capitals of Malaysia

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