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Hello and welcome to Penang Travel Tips! My name is Tim and this is my website - yay! I created it to satisfy my own curiosity about Penang, but it has since grown to become the online encyclopedia, covering not only Penang, but the whole wide world, and is used not only by tourists, but also locals, teachers, students and even journalists. If you're ready to explore Penang inside out, I'm ready to help you do just that! Over the years I have continued to improved on the quality of the information, to make this website an authoritative body of knowledge that is useful to all people. Penang Travel Tips is no longer the travel tips about Penang, but rather the travel tips Made in Penang.

My mission is to make this the place you come for information. Though I started by describing Penang, I have since expanded this website to cover other states in Malaysia and beyond. Some of the pages of this website were written as far back as 2003, and have been updated countless times. Almost all the photos carry a date caption, so you can see exactly how the place looked like on that particular date.

I do not wish to bore you with any unnecessary details. You have come here for information, and that's what I am offer you. So let's get started. Just click on any link that is useful to you.

Not just Penang!

Where are you travelling to? I have detailed information for you about other cities too, including Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Alor Setar, Taiping, and more. Major tourist destinations are covered too, like Langkawi and Cameron Highlands. So are all the states in Malaysia - Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor and Terengganu. And also Singapore too!

Top Tips on Penang

Penang Accommodation Tips for the Busy Traveler


GPS Coordinates of Major Penang Hotels


Guide to Good Penang Street Food


The Complete Rapid Penang Bus Guide


Tips for Taking the Taxi


A Comprehensive Guide to Penang Street Art


Penang Travel Privilege Card


Information for Visitors Arriving by Plane


Google Street View in Malaysia


Everything about Penang

Information for selecting a hotel in Penang

  1. Penang Hotels with Online Booking
  2. Which Penang Hotel to Choose
  3. Choosing a Batu Ferringhi Beach Hotel
  4. Recommended Hotels for Business Travellers to Penang
  5. Luxurious Boutique Hotels of George Town
  6. 3-Star Hotels in Penang
  7. About Penang Hotels
  8. My Penang Hotel Stays
  9. Budget Accommodation in Penang
  10. Hostels in Penang
  11. Penang Budget Hotel Review
  12. Renting Penang Apartments for Short-Term Stays
  13. Guest Houses in Penang
  14. Homestays in Penang

Categories of eateries in Penang

Bistros, Chicken Rice Shops, Coffee Shops, Dessert outlets, Dim Sum Restaurants, Food Courts, Hawker Centres, Hawker Stalls, Italian Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants, Nasi Kandar Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurant Chains, Roadside Hawkers, Seafood Restaurants, Thai Restaurants and Vegetarian Restaurants.

Information on Penang Food

  1. Penang Food Directory
  2. Penang Nyonya Dishes
  3. Penang Nyonya Kuih
  4. List of Penang Nyonya Sweet Broths
  5. List of Penang Nyonya Chinese New Year Cookies
  6. List of Ingredients for Penang Nyonya Cooking
  7. Penang Food Authors & Teachers

Categories of sights in Penang

If you operate a business with an address in Malaysia, submit this form to have your business listed in my directory. Listing is free of charge.

7-Eleven Stores, Accounting Firms, Acupuncture Centres, Advertisement Billboard Makers, AEON Malls, Aid Organisations, Air-Conditioner Sellers & Repairers, Alternative Medicine Centres, Anakku Stores, Antiques, Apartments, Aquariums, Architects, Army Camps, Art Centres, Art Galleries, Associations, Auditoriums, Auto Gates, Auto Repair Shops, Auto Service Centres, Auto Spray Painting Shops, Baba Nyonya, Baby Products, Bakeries, Baking Supplies, Banks, Barbers, Bathroom Fixtures, Batik, Beaches, Beauty Parlours, Bee Cheng Hiang Barbecued Meat, Bicycles, Blood Test Labs, Book Stores, Boutiques, Brassware, Bridal Houses, Bridges, Buddhist Temples, Bus Terminals, Butchers, Cameras, Car Accessories, Car Air-Conditioners, Car Parks, Car Rentals, Car Repairs, Car Showrooms, Car Wash, Carpets, Caterers, Cemeteries, Child-Care Centres, Chinese Medical Halls, Chinese Physicians, Chinese Prayer Articles, Chinese Temples, Chinese Wedding Masters of Ceremony, Chiropractors, Churches, Clan Associations, Clan Temples, Cleaning Services, Clinics, Clocks, Clock Towers, Coins, Colleges, Commercial Properties, Computer Hardware, Computer Repair, Condominiums, Confinement Centres, Construction Companies, Construction Material, Consulates, Consultancy Firms, Contractors, Cooking Gas, Cosway Sales Centres, Crockery Dealers, Curtains, Dance Studios, DAP Service Centres, Dental Clinics, Department Stores, Design Agencies, Developers, Dialysis Centres, DIGI Stores, Driving Schools, Econsave Super/Hypermarkets, Electrical Appliances, Electricians, Emcees (Masters of Ceremony), Equipment Suppliers, Event Management, Express Bus Companies, Expressways, Exterminators, Factories, Fashion Accessories, Financial Institutions, Fire Stations, Fitness Centres, Flats, Flea Markets, Flooring, Florists, Flyer Distributors, Food Deliverers, Foot Reflexology, Forest Parks, Forts, Fountains, Framing, Freight Forwarders, Funeral Parlours, Furniture, Garden Centres, Georgetown Pharmacy outlets, Giant Super/Hypermarkets, Gift Shops, Golf Courses, Government Buildings, Government Departments, Government Quarters, Graves, Green Building Consultants, Guardian Pharmacy outlets, Gurdwaras, Gyms, Hair-Dressing Salons, Handicrafts, Happy Mart outlets, Hardware Stores, Heavy Machineries, Heritage Sites, Hindu Temples, Historic Buildings, Home Furnishing, Hospitals, Housing Estates, Hypermarkets, Indian Fashion Accessories, Industrial Parks, Infrastructures, Insurance, Interior Decorators, International Schools, Internet Cafes, Internet Service Providers, Islands, IT Solutions, Jetties, Jewellery, Keadilan Service Centres, Kindergartens, Kitchens, Kitchen Utensils, Klinik Kesihatan (Government Clinics), Laundrettes, Law Firms, Learning Centres, Libraries, Lighthouses, Lighting, Liquor, Localities, Locksmiths, Low-Cost Flats, Luggage Bags, Luggage Repair, Maid Agencies, Manicurists, Markets, Massage Centres, Massage by the Blind, Mausoleums, Maxis Customer Centres, Medical Labs, Medical Specialists, Medicated Tea Stalls, Metal Works, Mini Markets, Mobile Motorcycle Mechanics, Mobile Phone Shops, Modern Buildings, Money Changers, Monuments, Moral Uplifting Societies, Mosques, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Repair, Moving Companies, Multi-Purpose Halls, Multimedia, Museums, Music Schools, Musical Instruments, Nature Sites, Neighbourhoods, Newsagents, Newspapers, Night Markets, Novelties, Nurseries, Nursing Homes, Nutritional Products, Odd Job Workers, Office Equipment, Old Folks Homes, Opticians, Organic Food, Organisations, Palaces, Pawn Shops, Parks, Pedestrian Bridges, Pedestrian Malls, Penang Assemblies, Pet Grooming, Pet Shops, Petrol Stations, Pharmacies, Photo Studios, Photocopiers, Plant Nurseries, Plastic Surgeons, Playing Fields, Plumbers, Police Stations, Post Offices, Precision Instruments, Print Shops, Private Colleges, Public Health Clinics, Public Services Departments, Public Toilets, Railway Stations, Rattan, Real Estate Agencies, Recreation Clubs, Recruitment Agencies, Recycling Centres, Refrigerator Repair, Residential Properties, Rivers, Roof Repair, Roundabouts, Rubber Stamp Makers, Schools, Scrap Metal Traders, Security Services, Self-Development Centres, Serviced Apartments, Shoe Stores, Shops, Shopping Malls, Singer Stores, Skin Specialists, Spas, Skyscrapers, Specialty Stores, Sports Goods, Stadiums, Stationeries, Stock Brokers, Supermarkets, Suraus, Swimming Pools, Tailors, Tea Shops, Temples, Tesco Stores, Textiles, Tiles, Titbits, TM Point outlets, Tourist Attractions, Tourist Products, Towns, Toy Shops, Tua Pek Kong Temples, Trainers, Transport Companies, Travel Agencies, Traveller Knickknacks, Tuition Centres, Tyre, Undertakers, Universities, Used Car Dealers, Veterinary Clinics, Villages, Washing Machine Repair, Waterfalls, Waterfront Promenades, Wats (Thai Buddhist Temples), Watsons outlets, Web Design, Wedding Bands, Wedding Banquet Venues, Wedding Photographers, Wholesalers, and World War II Fortifications.

Planning your trip to Penang

  1. Planning Your Vacation to Penang as an Independent Traveller
  2. Entry Requirements to Malaysia
  3. Customs Prohibited Items (Do not bring to Penang!)
  4. Do You Need a Vaccination for Visiting Penang

Introducing Penang

  1. About Penang
  2. Penang State Assembly
  3. Penang State Anthem
  4. Greater Penang / Penang Megalopolis Area
  5. Geography of Penang
  6. History of Penang
  7. Weather of Penang
  8. Consulates in Penang
  9. Architecture of Penang
  10. Constitution of Malaysia

Information for arriving in Penang

  1. Penang Visitor FAQ
  2. Arriving in Penang by Plane
  3. Penang International Airport
  4. Arriving in Penang by Car
  5. Driving from mainland to George Town
  6. Taking the Bus from Penang Airport
  7. Arriving in Penang by Bus
  8. Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal
  9. Arriving in Penang by Ferry
  10. Arriving in Penang by Cruise Ship
  11. Arriving in Penang by Train
  12. Railway Stations in Penang

Exploring Penang

  1. Exploring Penang without a tour guide
  2. Exploring Penang with a personal tour guide
  3. Tour Around Penang Island
  4. Best of Penang in Two Days
  5. Penang on a Shoestring

Going on Foot in George Town

  1. Free George Town Walking Tours
  2. Guided Walking Tours of George Town
  3. Exploring George Town at night
  4. Pedestrian Bridges
  5. George Town Directional Signs
  6. Store Your Luggage

Places to get Tourist Brochures in Penang

  1. Tourist Information Centre
  2. George Town World Heritage Inc

Taking the Bus in Penang

  1. Rapid Penang Bus Routes
    Full details on which bus to take, where it goes, etc.
  2. CAT (Free City Area Transit Bus)
  3. Pulau Tikus Free Shuttle Bus
  4. BEST Free Shuttle Bus
  5. Rapid Penang Terminals
  6. Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal (Jetty)
  7. Komtar Bus Terminal
  8. Balik Pulau Bus Terminal
  9. Teluk Bahang Bus Terminal

Other Public Transport in Penang

  1. Taking the taxi
  2. Renting a car
  3. Penang Hill Funicular Train

Driving in Penang

  1. Petrol Stations on Penang Island
  2. Penang Island Parking Coupon System
  3. Parking Coupon Outlets (PDF)
  4. Car Parks in George Town
  5. Penang Road Transport Department
  6. Getting a Driving Licence in Penang
  7. Driving Instructors & Driving Schools in Penang
  8. Traffic Jam Prone Spots on Penang Island
  9. Parking in George Town
  10. Clamping Zones in George Town

Cycling in Penang

  1. Cycling in Penang
  2. Penang Bike Share (coming)

Postal Services in Penang

  1. Postal Services
  2. Post Offices in Penang

Vital Contacts in Penang

  1. Useful phone numbers in Penang
  2. Transportation Contacts
  3. Social Services
  4. Aid Organisations
  5. Police Contact Information
  6. Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Pulau Pinang (PKSPP)
  7. Penang Municipal Councillors

Activities in Penang

Do not know what to do during your spare time? In Penang, there's lots of opportunity for recreation. The following is just a sample of activities that you can join while you're here!

  1. Latin Dancing
  2. Salsa & Social Dancing
  3. Dragon Boat Rowing
  4. Golfing
  5. Hiking
  6. Horseback Riding
  7. Karate & Judo
  8. Line Dancing
  9. Photography Clubs
  10. Swimming Lessons

Performing Arts of Penang

  1. Auditoriums
  2. Chingay
  3. Sbaek Thom
  4. Teochew Puppet Play

Culture of Penang

  1. Are you a Penang Baba Nyonya?
  2. Uncovering the history of the Peranakan
  3. Cultural Celebrations of Penang
  4. Arrivals of the Chinese in the Malay peninsula

The People of Penang

  1. Penang's Who's Who
  2. People of Penang
  3. Identity of the Penang Chinese People
  4. Famous People of Penang
  5. Outstanding Penangites
  6. Penang Hokkien People
  7. Penang Cantonese People
  8. Penang Hakka People
  9. Penang Teochew People
  10. Malays of Penang
  11. Acheenese of Penang
  12. Tamils of Penang
  13. Punjabis of Penang
  14. Eurasians of Penang

Get to know Penang Hokkien

  1. All Resources on Penang Hokkien
  2. About Penang Hokkien
  3. Penang Hokkien Dictionary
  4. Penang Hokkien Made Easy
  5. Penang Hokkien Lessons
  6. Learn to read Penang Hokkien using Taiji Romanisation
  7. Penang Hokkien Rhymes
  8. Easy Penang Hokkien for Beginners
  9. Penang Hokkien Spelling & Pronunciation
  10. Penang Hokkien Vocabulary
  11. Penang Hokkien Grammar
  12. Penang Hokkien Phrases
  13. 50 Important Words in Penang Hokkien
  14. Reading material in Penang Hokkien
  15. Penang Hokkien Culture and History

Travelling outside Penang

Just so you know, Penang Travel Tips is no longer just about Penang. I am in the process of beefing up information on all the major cities in Malaysia as well, to give you a one-stop location for all place information of the country.

Categories of sights in Kuala Lumpur

Accounting Firms, Acupuncture Centres, Administrative Divisions, Advertising Agencies, AEON Malls, Aid Organisations, Air Conditioner Repair, Antiques, Apartments, Art Galleries, Assemblies, Auditoriums, Auto Gates, Auto Repair, Auto Spray Painting, Baby Products, Bakeries, Baking Supplies, Brethren Assemblies, Bridges, Buddhist Temples, Bus Terminals, Car Parks, Car Showrooms, Cemeteries, Child Care Centres, Chinese Restaurants, Chinese Temples, Churches, Clan Associations, Clinics, Clock Towers, Coffee Shops, Colleges, Commercial Properties, Condominiums, Convention Centres, Demolished Buildings, Dental Clinics, Department Stores, Development Projects, Dialysis Centres, Embassies, Entertainers, Event Management Companies, Eye Specialists, Fire Stations, Flats, Florists, Food Courts, Forest Parks, Fountains, Furniture Shops, Giant Hypermarkets, Golf Courses, Government Buildings, Graves, Gurdwaras, Handicraft Centres, High-Rise Buildings, Hindu Temples, Historic Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Housing Estates, Hypermarkets, Important Buildings, Indian Restaurants, International Schools, Jewellery Shops, KFC outlets, Libraries, Localities, LRT Stations, Malay Restaurants, Markets, Mass Transit, Mausoleums, , Mini Markets, Modern Buildings, Monorail Stations, Monuments, Mosques, MRT Stations, museums, Musical Instruments, Nasi Kandar Restaurants, Neighbourhoods, Night Clubs, Organisations, Pakistani Restaurants, Palaces, Parks, Pedestrian Malls, Playing Fields, Police Stations, Post Offices, Print Shops, Properties, Restaurants, Rivers, Roundabouts, Schools, Seafood Restaurants, Second-Hand Car Dealers, Shopping Malls, Skyscrapers, Souvenir Shops, Specialty Shops, Stadiums, Stationery Shops, Street Art, Streets, Supermarkets, Suraus, Thai Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Train Stations, Trains, Universities, Utility Plants, Villages and Waterfalls.

Going for a domestic holiday>

I am presently beefing up the details on Cameron Highlands.

Category of sights in Cameron Highlands

TOWNS, TOURIST ATTRACTIONS, STREETS, Apartments, Banks, Bee Farms, Cemeteries, Chinese Temples, Churches, Clan Associations, Clinics, Flower Farms, Government Buildings, Hawker Centres, Hotels, Housing Estates, Markets, Mini Markets, Mosques, Museums, Petrol Stations, Rest Houses, Restaurants, Rivers, Schools, Shops, Shopping Malls, Strawberry Farms, Tea Plantations and Villages.

Going outside the country?

My mission is to describe as many countries of the world as possible. To start off, there's the travel information for Singapore.

Categories of sights in Singapore

Apartments, Art Galleries, Bridges, Chinese Temples, Churches, Commercial Properties, Districts, Expressways, Ferry Terminals, Government Buildings, Hindu Temples, Hotels, Islands, Modern Architecture, Monuments, Mosques, MRT Lines, MRT Stations, Museums, Parks, Places, Shopping Malls, Skyscrapers, Streets, Synagogues, Vehicular Tunnels and Waterways.

Updates on the Penang Travel Tips Homepage

7 May 2016
After years of aligning the homepage in two columns, I decided to simplify the homepage to just one column, and make the information much easier for readers to find.

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