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Everything about Penang
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Hello and welcome to Penang Travel Tips!

My name is Tim and this is my site - yay! Heeelllo and welcome to Penang Travel Tips! As a true blue Penangite, I created this website to showcase my little world and to tell you everything about it! Through this website, I will take you by the hand and introduce you to every little bit of Penang.

Penang Travel Tips is a treasure trove of information on all things Penang. There's thousands of pages in here to tell you about the sights, streets, businesses, hotels, mosques, temples, churches, shopping malls, hospitals, beaches, islands, and so on and so on. It's Penang's travel guide, directory, encyclopedia and language centre all rolled into one.

Penang Travel Tips, a subset of Big World Out There, is used not only by tourists, but also by students, teachers, bloggers and even journalists as the fastest point of reference for all things Penang. Some of the pages date back to 2003, and have been revised and updated countless times. Almost every photograph on this site has a date caption, so you can see exactly how Penang looks like on that particular date.

Whether you're a tourist coming for a short visit, an expatriate planning to move over here, a visiting Malaysian, or even a Penangite who has spent all your life in Penang, you will still find useful and interesting information at Penang Travel Tips.

To help you navigate this massive site, I have split up the content into different categories. They are all listed in the right-hand side column. In addition, I have created specific sections to welcome different types of people.

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Books on Penang

You can also view a full list of Penang Travel Tips Video Guides right here!

Dear Most Esteemed Guest,

Thank you for choosing to visit Penang. Whether you're coming by cruise or by plane, for a few hours or a few weeks, I extend to you our warm Penang hospitality. Penang drips culture, history and heritage. This website provides you information on all the must-see sights in Penang, and if you don't manage to cover them in person, I hope you'd still enjoy discovering them through this site. For a list of heritage sites in George Town, go to George Town World Heritage Site.

If you're backpacking to Penang, you might be interested in the Rapid Penang Bus Guide. It has complete information to for you to take the public transport to anywhere in Penang. Also, there are free self-guided tours of George Town which you're free to print out and take with you, to explore all the places on your own. And if you need a professional tour guide, I can help arrange for you some of the experienced in the business. Just write to Penang Tour Guides.

The best way to experience Penang hospitality is to learn a few words in the local languages. Malay is the official language spoken in Penang, while Penang Hokkien is Penang's own distinct version of Hokkien language, spoken only by the people of Penang and its surrounding regions. Let me give you a quick one-minute lesson of these two languages. Try them out with the locals, and you're sure to endear yourself in your attempt.

Preparing for your trip

George Town Unesco World Heritage Site

1-Minute Malay for Tourists

You can learn to modify the phrases in the above video by going to 1-Minute Malay Lesson.

1-Minute Penang Hokkien for Tourists

You can learn to modify the phrases in the above video by going to 1-Minute Penang Hokkien Lesson.

Learn Penang Hokkien

In Penang, the Chinese people here speak Penang Hokkien. No matter whether we are Hokkien, or Teochew, or Cantonese or Hakka, we have all been speaking Penang Hokkien for a long, long time. At Penang Travel Tips, I want to help you learn the language, and be able to write it using a romanisation system that captures the tones of the language precisely. Go to the lessons at Learn Penang Hokkien, and also view the video lessons below:

Dear New Resident,

Thank you for considering to make Penang your home. Whether you're coming for work, or to spend your senior days, we're thankful for your presence. With this website as your companion, I hope you will never experience cultural shock, and that every new thing you learn of Penang is a delight. Topics that may be of interest to you include how to take the taxi and choosing where to stay in Penang.

If you're planning to drive in Penang, you'd find details on where to locate petrol stations, how to use the Penang parking coupons, where are the traffic jam prone streets, and more.

To fit in, you might want to learn a bit of Malay and Penang Hokkien. As material in Penang Hokkien is so difficult to come by, I have created my own Learn Penang Hokkien language centre, to give you a deeper immersion into the language. In addtion, there's the Learn Penang Hokkien Facebook Group a language workshop for the development of the language. Join this Facebook Group to interact with other Penang Hokkien enthusiats and let them help you improve your command.

If you want to learn local cooking, my friend Pearly offers classes. She also has her own cookcook, A Nyonya Inheritance, with 35 authentic Nyonya recipes that Westerners can learn to make themselves.

To interact with other Penang homecooked food enthusiasts, join the Masa Masak Facebook Group and share with other the result of your cooking.

Penang Travel Tips Facebook Group helps you interact with other Penang enthusiasts and stay abreast on the latest about Penang.

Dear fellow brother and sister Malaysian,

It's impossible to talk about Penang without talking about food! While I would never say that Penang food is better than the food of your own hometown, I can tell you that Penang food is very, very good! And I'm here to help you the secrets of good Penang food. You can find listed on this website hundreds of coffee shops, hawker centres, stalls, restaurants, with details of what food they sell, where they are located, and more. For the best food recommendation, get it from real people, and you can find them at my Penang Hawker Food Facebook Group. This is where I interact with other Penang food enthusiasts, and even I continue to make discoveries.

In the last two years, Penang has become one of the most important destinations in this region for street art. Today there's street art at almost every corner in George Town. Go to the Penang Street Art page to see a full list of all the murals in Penang, and join the Penang Street Art Facebook Group to interact with other street art enthusiasts.

If you plan to buy property in Penang, I must tell you that you've arrived at the Land of Expensive Real Estate. Rather than letting the prices shock you, I recommend you do your homework. My Penang Residential Property Guide provides the most complete, unbiased evaluation of Penang properties. In addition, you can join the Penang Residential Properties Facebook Group to discuss Penang properties with others.

Thank you once again for visiting Penang Travel Tips. Have a great day ahead.

  1. Penang Bus Routes
  2. Call a Penang Taxi
  3. ESCAPE Theme Park
  4. Hospitals in Penang
  5. Penang Real Estate
  6. Penang Hokkien
  7. Shopping Malls
  8. Food Directory
  9. Street Art

  1. Penang Hotels with Online Booking
  2. Which Penang Hotel to Choose
  3. Choosing a Batu Ferringhi Beach Hotel
  4. Recommended Hotels for Business Travellers to Penang
  5. 3-Star Hotels in Penang
Penang Hotels by Location
  1. Location of 5-Star Hotels
  2. Location of 4-Star Hotels
  3. Location of 3-Star Hotels
  4. Location of 2-Star Hotels

Excursions from Penang

  1. Selecting the hotel for your Langkawi vacation

Other Accommodation Providers

  1. About Penang Hotels
  2. Budget Accommodation in Penang
  3. Hostels in Penang
  4. Penang Budget Hotel Review
  5. Renting Penang Apartments for Short-Term Stays
  6. Guest Houses in Penang
  7. Homestays in Penang

Below is a list of hotels I have described in Penang. To make an online booking, go to Agoda.

  1. 8 Boutique by the Sea Hotel
  2. 118 Hotel
  3. 118 Residence Island Plaza
  4. 1881 Chong Tian Hotel
  5. 1926 Heritage Hotel
  6. 23 Love Lane
  7. Alora Hotel
  8. Apollo Inn
  9. Aroma Hotel Butterworth
  10. B-Hotel
  11. Baan Talay Homestay by the Beach
  12. Banana Boutique Hotel
  13. Bayview Beach Resort Penang
  14. Bayview Hotel Georgetown
  15. Betel Nut Lodge
  16. Broadway Budget Hotel
  17. Campbell House
  18. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
  19. Chulia Heritage Hotel
  20. Chulia Mansion
  21. Church Street Inn
  22. Cintra Heritage House
  23. Cititel
  24. Cititel Express
  25. Clockwise Hostel
  26. Coffee Atelier
  27. Copthorne Orchid Hotel
  28. Croisette Villa
  29. De Garden Hotel Butterworth
  30. Deluxcious Hotel
  31. East Indies Mansion
  32. Eastern & Oriental Hotel
  33. Eastin Hotel
  34. Evergreen Laurel Hotel
  35. Flamingo by the Beach Hotel
  36. Four Points by Sheraton Penang
  37. G Hotel
  38. G Hotel Kelawai
  39. G Inn
  40. Garden Inn
  41. Georgetown City Hotel
  42. Georgetown Hotel
  43. Georgetown Times Inn Hotel
  44. Glow Penang
  45. Golden Village Heritage Hotel
  46. Gurney Hotel
  47. Gurney View Inn
  48. Gurney Zahra Inn
  49. Hard Rock Hotel
  50. Heliconia Hotel
  51. Heritage Sixteen
  52. Holiday Inn
  53. Homie Delights Guesthouse
  54. Homme Residence Straits Quay
  55. Hotel Central
  56. Hotel Continental
  57. Hotel Equatorial
  58. Hotel EST
  59. Hotel Grand Continental
  60. Hotel Malaysia
  61. Hotel Mingood
  62. Hotel Noble
  63. Hotel Penaga
  64. Hotel Regal Malaysia
  65. Hotel Rope Walk
  66. Hotel Royal Penang
  67. Hotel Sentral Georgetown
  68. Hotel Sentral Seaview
  69. Hotel Seri Malaysia
  70. Hotel Sixtynine
  71. Hotel Waterfall
  72. Hutton Lodge
  73. Hydro Hotel Penang
  74. Inn Residence 18
  75. KK Budget Hotel
  76. Lone Pine Hotel
  77. Love Lane Inn
  78. LYF Lodge
  79. Marina Oriental Hotel
  80. Marina Suites at Straits Quay
  81. Merlin Hotel
  82. Modern Hotel
  83. MunluStay 88 Hotel
  84. Muntri Grove
  85. Muntri House
  86. Muntri Mews
  87. Museum Hotel
  88. My Hostel @ 28 Muntri Street
  89. Nam Keng Hotel
  90. New Asia Heritage Hotel
  91. Noordin Mews
  92. Northam All Suite Hotel
  93. Old Budget Hotel
  94. Old Penang Guesthouse
  95. Old Penang Hotel (Trang Road)
  96. Old Penang Hotel (Penang Times Square)
  97. Orange Motel & Cafe
  98. Oriental Hotel
  99. Palm Mansion Boutique Suites
  100. Parkroyal Penang
  101. Penang The One Hilltop Seaview Villa
  102. Quayside Residence (Penang Holiday Lettings)
  103. Queen City Hotel
  104. Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort
  105. Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa
  106. Red Inn Court
  107. Red Inn Penang
  108. Red Rock Hotel
  109. Ren i Tang
  110. Roommates Hostel
  111. Seven Terraces
  112. Silver Shine Homestay Guesthouse
  113. Star Lodge
  114. Straits Collection
  115. Straits Heritage
  116. Straits Quay (YC's Apartment)
  117. Summit Hotel Bukit Mertajam
  118. Sunway Hotel Penang
  119. Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya
  120. Super 8 Hotel
  121. The Boutique Residence Hotel
  122. The CEO Building
  123. The Chambers Hotel
  124. The Light Hotel Seberang Jaya
  125. The Royale Bintang
  126. The Small Inn
  127. The Sovereign Hotel
  128. The Wembley - St Giles Premier Hotel
  129. Tower Budget Hotel
  130. Tune Hotels
  131. U Hotel
  132. Victoria Inn
  133. Vistana Hotel
  134. Wassup Youth Hotel
  135. Wil House
  136. Wood Work House
  137. Xavier's Lodge @ Muntri
  138. Yeng Keng Hotel
  139. Yes Hotel
  140. Yong Yi Yuen Guesthouse

Download this PDF of the main must-do sights in Penang. Print it out and bring it on your trip!

Things to know before you start your journey.
  1. Planning Your Vacation to Penang as an Independent Traveller
  2. Entry Requirements to Malaysia
  3. Customs Prohibited Items (Do not bring to Penang!)
  4. Do You Need a Vaccination for Visiting Penang

Introducing Penang

Some background details before you arrive.
  1. About Penang
  2. Penang State Assembly
  3. Penang State Anthem
  4. Greater Penang / Penang Megalopolis Area
  5. Geography of Penang
  6. Weather of Penang
  7. Consulates in Penang
  8. Constitution of Malaysia

Getting In

Whether you are arriving by plane, train or automobile, you can find useful details here:
  1. Penang Visitor FAQ
  2. Arriving in Penang by Plane
  3. Penang International Airport
  4. Arriving in Penang by Car
  5. Driving from mainland to George Town
  6. Taking the Bus from Penang Airport
  7. Arriving in Penang by Bus
  8. Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal
  9. Arriving in Penang by Ferry
  10. Arriving in Penang by Cruise Ship
  11. Arriving in Penang by Train

Exploring Penang

Tips for discovering Penang on your own.
  1. Exploring Penang without a tour guide
  2. Exploring Penang with a personal tour guide
  3. Tour Around Penang Island
  4. Best of Penang in Two Days

Going on Foot in George Town

  1. Free George Town Walking Tours
  2. Exploring George Town at night
  3. Pedestrian Bridges
  4. George Town Directional Signs
  5. Store Your Luggage

Tourist Brochures

You can pick up tourist brochures at:
  1. Tourist Information Centre
  2. George Town World Heritage Inc

Taking the Bus in Penang

  1. Rapid Penang Bus Routes
    Full details on which bus to take, where it goes, etc.
  2. CAT (Free City Area Transit Bus)
  3. Pulau Tikus Free Shuttle Bus
  4. BEST Free Shuttle Bus
  5. Rapid Penang Terminals
  6. Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal (Jetty)
  7. Komtar Bus Terminal
  8. Balik Pulau Bus Terminal
  9. Teluk Bahang Bus Terminal

Other Public Transport in Penang

  1. Taking the taxi
  2. Renting a car
  3. Penang Hill Funicular Train

Streets of Penang

  1. Streets of George Town
  2. Roads in Penang
  3. Expressways of Penang
  4. Roundabouts in Penang

Driving in Penang

  1. Petrol Stations on Penang Island
  2. Penang Island Parking Coupon System
  3. Parking Coupon Outlets (PDF)
  4. Car Parks in George Town
  5. Penang Road Transport Department
  6. Getting a Driving Licence in Penang
  7. Driving Instructors & Driving Schools in Penang
  8. Traffic Jam Prone Spots on Penang Island
  9. Parking in George Town
  10. Clamping Zones in George Town

Cycling in Penang

  1. Cycling in Penang
  2. Penang Bike Share (coming)

What to See in Penang

You can spend a month or even a year and not cover all the sights. On the other hand, if you're only going to be in Penang for a day, there are a few sights you wouldn't want to miss.
  1. Penang Top 10 Attractions
  2. Penang Tourist Attractions by Category
  3. 2701 Penang Sights
  4. Recommended Scenic Sights in Penang

Places in Penang

There's so much to discover. To help you make sense of everything, I've listed them by various categories.
  1. Localities on Penang Island
  2. Villages on Penang Island
  3. Penang Beaches
  4. Penang Churches
  5. Penang Buddhist Temples
  6. Penang Chinese Temples
  7. Penang Clan Temples
  8. Penang Clan Associations
  9. Penang Tua Pek Kong Temples
  10. Clan Jetties
  11. Penang Heritage Sites
  12. Penang Museums
  13. Penang Hindu Temples
  14. Streets of Penang
  15. Roundabouts in Penang
  16. Islands Around Penang
  17. Penang Monuments
  18. Penang Mosques
  19. Penang Cemeteries
  20. Penang Nature Sites
  21. City Parks
  22. Modern Buildings in Penang
  23. Skyscrapers in Penang
  24. Bridges in Penang
  25. Rivers in Penang

Get to know George Town

It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, no less, but what's there to see here? Get intimate with George Town, the capital of Penang.
  1. The City of George Town
  2. George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site

Shopping in Penang

You can shop till you drop in Penang!
  1. Shopping Malls in Penang
  2. Wet Markets in Penang
  3. Night Markets in Penang
  4. Shopping for Local Titbits
  5. Shopping for Handicrafts
  6. Shopping for Antiques
  7. Bazaars in Penang
  8. Flea Markets in Penang
  9. Unique Businesses

Businesses in Penang

What to buy where? Here's a wide selection of what's where in Penang.
  1. 7-Elevens
  2. Accounting Firms
  3. Air Conditioners & Refrigerators
  4. Alternative Medicine Centres
  5. Anakku Stores of Baby Products
  6. Antiques
  7. Art Centres
  8. Art Galleries
  9. Associations
  10. Auto Repairs and Mechanics
  11. Baby & Infant Products
  12. Bakeries
  13. Baking Equipment and Supplies
  14. Banks
  15. Barbers
  16. Baskin Robbins
  17. Bathroom Fixtures
  18. Batik
  19. Bee Cheng Hiang
  20. Bicycle Shops
  21. Bookstores
  22. Brassware
  23. Bridal Houses
  24. Butchers
  25. Cameras
  26. Car Air-Conditioners
  27. Car Accessories
  28. Car Parks
  29. Car Showrooms
  30. Car Wash
  31. Carpets
  32. Children's Education & Learning
  33. Chinese Medical Halls
  34. Chinese Physicians
  35. Chinese Prayer Items
  36. Chiropractors
  37. Clinics
  38. Clothes & Textile
  39. Computer Hardware Stores
  40. Confinement Centres & Postnatal Care
  41. Construction Companies
  42. Crockery Dealers
  43. Curtains
  44. Dance Studios
  45. Dental Clinics
  46. Design & Creative Agencies
  47. Developers
  48. DiGi Stores
  49. El Mundo Italian Restaurants
  50. Electrical Appliances Shops
  51. Employment & Recruitment Agencies
  52. Engineering Solutions
  53. Equipment Suppliers
  54. Eu Yan Sang outlets
  55. Event Management
  56. Express Bus Companies
  57. Exterminators
  58. Fashion Accessories
  59. Financial Institutions
  60. Flooring
  61. Florists
  62. Flyer Distributors
  63. Frame Makers
  64. Freight Forwarders
  65. Furniture Shops
  66. Georgetown Pharmacy outlets
  67. Government Departments
  68. Green Building Consultants
  69. Guardian Pharmacy outlets
  70. Guest Houses
  71. Gyms and Fitness Centres
  72. Hair Dressing Salons & Academies
  73. Handicrafts and Novelty Shops
  74. Happy Mart Convenience Stores
  75. Hardware Stores
  76. Heavy Machineries
  77. Home Furnishing
  78. Insurance Companies
  79. Internet Cafes
  80. Interior Decorators
  81. Iron Works & Foundries
  82. IT Solutions
  83. Jewellers and Goldsmiths
  84. KFC Restaurants
  85. Kitchens
  86. Kitchen Appliances & Utensils
  87. Laundry Services and Laundrettes
  88. Lawyer Firms
  89. Lighting Stores
  90. Liquor Dealers
  91. Locksmiths
  92. Luggage Bag Repair
  93. Maids & Foreign Workers Agencies
  94. Massage & Reflexology Centres
  95. Massage by the Blind
  96. Maxis Customer Centres
  97. McDonald's Restaurants
  98. Medical Labs
  99. Medical Specialists
  100. Medicated Tea Stalls
  101. Mini Markets
  102. Mobile Phones
  103. Money Changers
  104. Motorcycle Dealers
  105. Motorcycle Repair
  106. Moving Companies
  107. Multimedia Companies
  108. Music Schools
  109. Musical Instruments
  110. Newsagents
  111. Nurseries, Child-Care Centres, Kindergartens & Pre-Schools
  112. Nursing & Senior Citizen Homes
  113. Nutritional & Wellness Products
  114. Old Town White Coffee Outlets
  115. Opticians and Optometrists
  116. Organic Food
  117. Pawn Shops
  118. Pelita Nasi Kandar Restaurants
  119. Pet Shops and Aquariums
  120. Pharmacies and Dispensaries
  121. Photo Studios
  122. Pizza Hut Restaurants
  123. Plumbers
  124. Plastic Surgery
  125. Post Offices
  126. Printing & Photostating
  127. Public Toilets
  128. Rattan and Wicker Shops
  129. Real Estate Agencies
  130. Recycling Centres
  131. Restaurant Chains
  132. Roof Repairs
  133. Scrap Metal Traders
  134. Secret Recipe Restaurants
  135. Shoes
  136. Shops selling Travellers Knickknacks
  137. Singer Household Appliance Stores
  138. Skin Specialist Clinics
  139. Skincare Centres and Beauty Parlours
  140. Slimming Specialists
  141. Spas
  142. Specialty Shops
  143. Sports Goods
  144. Starbucks Coffee
  145. Stock Brokers
  146. Subway Restaurants
  147. Sushi King Restaurants
  148. Tailors
  149. Tea
  150. Tiles
  151. Titbits
  152. TM Point outlets
  153. Toys
  154. Travel Agencies
  155. Tuition Centres
  156. Tutti Frutti Outlets
  157. Tyres
  158. Undertakers and Funeral Parlours
  159. Unique Businesses
  160. US Pizza
  161. Used Car Dealers
  162. Veterinary Clinics
  163. Watsons Outlets
  164. Web Design Companies
  165. Wholesalers and Importers

Things to buy in Penang

What souvenir is appropriate when you visit Penang? Penang is famous for its snacks, most of which are available from the stalls at Chowrasta Market.
  1. Nutmeg
  2. Tau Sah Pneah
Malaysian handicrafts such as Labu Sayong or Songket, these are not immediately available in Penang, and would be more costly and limited in choice, than to go straight to the source.

Eating, Penang Style

  1. Introduction to Penang Hawker Food
  2. Penang Hawker Food List
  3. Where to find good hawker food in Penang
  4. Penang Coffee Shops
  5. Local Drinks
  6. Penang Hawker Centres
  7. Penang Hawker Stalls
  8. Penang Restaurants
  9. Penang Vegetarian Restaurants
  10. Penang Seafood Restaurants
  11. Penang Dimsum Restaurants
  12. Penang Nasi Kandar Restaurants
  13. Penang Bistros & Pubs
  14. Penang Best Hawker Food
  15. Restaurant Chains in Penang
  16. Tim's Favourite Penang Food

Good Penang Food

  1. Penang Food Directory
  2. Penang Nyonya Dishes
  3. Penang Nyonya Kuih
  4. List of Penang Nyonya Sweet Broths
  5. List of Penang Nyonya Chinese New Year Cookies
  6. List of Ingredients for Penang Nyonya Cooking
  7. Penang Food Authors & Teachers

Penang Durians

  1. Penang Durians
  2. Penang Durian Farms
  3. 2009 Durian Feast
  4. Bao Sheng Durian Farm

Upcoming Infrastructure in Penang

  1. Second Penang Bridge
  2. Proposed Penang Channel Tunnel

Coming to Live in Penang

If you are planning to live in Penang, the first thing to know is this: rentals are low, prices are high. In other words, you can get very good places to stay at quite reasonable rentals. That's because there are more properties for rent than there are takers. However, if you are looking to buy, be prepared to pay some of the highest property prices in the country.
  1. Buying/Renting in Penang
  2. Where to stay in Penang
  3. Condominiums in Penang
  4. Neighbourhoods of Penang
  5. Housing Estates of Penang
  6. Places in Seberang Perai
  7. Malaysia My Second Home Program

Purchasing Properties in Penang

Among the states of Malaysia, property prices in Penang are in a class of its own. Prices per square foot on Penang Island is about the same as in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, and substantially above other states in the country. Read the following guides before you make any buying decisions.
  1. Residential Property Guide
  2. Commercial Property Guide
  3. Penang Residential Property Discussions

Suburbs and Townships of Penang Island

  1. Neighbourhoods of Penang
  2. City of Penang Island
  3. George Town - capital
  4. Air Itam
  5. Balik Pulau
  6. Batu Ferringhi
  7. Batu Maung
  8. Bayan Baru
  9. Bayan Lepas
  10. Bukit Jambul
  11. Farlim
  12. Gelugor
  13. Gertak Sanggul
  14. Island Glades
  15. Jelutong
  16. Paya Terubong
  17. Permatang Damar Laut
  18. Pulau Tikus
  19. Relau
  20. Tanjong Tokong
  21. Tanjung Bungah
  22. Teluk Bahang
  23. Teluk Kumbar

Suburbs and Townships of Seberang Perai

  1. Places in Seberang Perai
  2. Bagan Ajam
  3. Batu Kawan
  4. Bukit Mertajam
  5. Bukit Minyak
  6. Bukit Tambun
  7. Butterworth
  8. Juru
  9. Kepala Batas
  10. Nibong Tebal
  11. Perai
  12. Permatang Pauh
  13. Seberang Jaya
  14. Simpang Ampat

Practical Conveniences for living in Penang

  1. Using the phone
  2. Markets in Penang
  3. Public Toilets in Penang
  4. Books on Penang
  5. Sports and Country Clubs in Penang
  6. Organisations in Penang
  7. Language Societies in Penang

Health Care in Penang

  1. Hospitals in Penang
  2. Public Health Clinics in Penang
  3. Clinics in Penang
  4. Dentists and Dental Clinics
  5. Opticians, Optometrists & Optical Centres

Education in Penang

  1. Schools in Penang
  2. International Schools in Penang
  3. Universities in Penang
  4. Private Colleges in Penang

Vital Contacts in Penang

  1. Useful phone numbers in Penang
  2. Transportation Contacts
  3. Public Services departments
  4. Social Services
  5. Aid Organisations
  6. Police Contact Information
  7. Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Pulau Pinang (PKSPP)
  8. Fire Stations in Penang
  9. Penang Municipal Councillors
  10. DAP Service Centres
  11. Keadilan Service Centres

Activities in Penang

Do not know what to do during your spare time? In Penang, there's lots of opportunity for recreation. The following is just a sample of activities that you can join while you're here!
  1. Latin Dancing
  2. Salsa & Social Dancing
  3. Dragon Boat Rowing
  4. Golfing
  5. Hiking
  6. Horseback Riding
  7. Karate & Judo
  8. Line Dancing
  9. Photography Clubs
  10. Swimming Pools
  11. Swimming Lessons
  12. Spas in Penang

Penang in Art

Depiction of life in Penang in art.
  1. George Town Steel Rod Sculptures
  2. Dioramas of the Scenes of Life in Penang

Performing Arts of Penang

Penang is proud to be the cradle of two homegrown performing arts, Boria and Chingay. Chingay in particular is still kept very much alive with an annual tournament participated by Chingay troupes throughout Penang and neighbouring states.
  1. Chingay
  2. Sbaek Thom
  3. Teochew Puppet Play

Culture of Penang

  1. Are you a Penang Baba Nyonya?
  2. Uncovering the history of the Peranakan
  3. Cultural Celebrations of Penang
  4. Arrivals of the Chinese in the Malay peninsula

History of Penang

A whole section is devoted to the history of Penang. To view all the articles there, go to History of Penang.

Architecture of Penang

The city of George Town provides a rich ensemble of period shophouses, unmatched anywhere in the region.
  1. Architectural Styles in George Town
  2. Art Deco Architecture
  3. Anglo-Indian Architecture
  4. Arts & Crafts Architecture
  5. Brutalist Architecture
  6. Early-Mid 19th Century Architecture
  7. Five-Foot Ways
  8. Godowns
  9. Indo-Malay Architecture
  10. Modern Architecture
  11. Straits Eclectic Architecture

People of Penang, past and present

Although it is one of the smallest states in Malaysia, Penang has one of the most colourful history, due in part to the open-door policy of Captain Francis Light, who invited peoples from all over to come over, settle and prosper:
  1. Penang's Who's Who
  2. People of Penang
  3. Identity of the Penang Chinese People
  4. Famous People of Penang
  5. Outstanding Penangites
  6. Penang Hokkien People
  7. Penang Cantonese People
  8. Penang Hakka People
  9. Penang Teochew People
  10. Malays of Penang
  11. Acheenese of Penang
  12. Tamils of Penang
  13. Punjabis of Penang
  14. Eurasians of Penang

Penang Hokkien

  1. Penang Hokkien Made Easy
  2. Penang Hokkien Dictionary
  3. Penang Hokkien Facebook Group
  4. Learn Penang Hokkien
  5. Penang Hokkien Lessons
  6. Penang Hokkien Grammar

Fitting in

  1. Local Terminology used in Penang

Living & Working in Penang

Coming to live in Penang? Whether you're from a different state or a different country, there's information here to help you, whether you want to register a company, get workers, find work, or hire a maid for your house.
  1. Registering a Company in Penang
  2. Recruitment Agencies in Penang
  3. Employing a Maid in Penang
  4. Maid Employment Agencies in Penang

Issues related to Penang

  1. How do we grow as Penang heritage enthusiasts
  2. How to interpret historical events

Mentions of Penang Travel Tips

  1. Newspaper Articles

Map of Localities in Penang

View Localities in Penang in a larger map

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