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Ayer Itam

Ayer Itam, PenangAyer Itam, Penang (25 January, 2012)

BM  Hokkien

Ayer Itam (GPS: 5.40567, 100.28307), (Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 亞依淡 Pinyin: Yà Yīdàn; Penang Hokkien: Ai3tam3) is one of the districts on Penang Island. Also written Ayer Itam, and occasionally as Air Hitam, it comprises numerous villages and neighbourhoods which are developed over the last hundred years or so. Once a largely agricultural area, Ayer Itam saw rapid urban development towards the final decade of the 20th century.

By the dawn of the 21th century, much of Ayer Itam has been urbanised. Older townships here include Thean Teik Estate, Hye Keat Estate, Kampung Melayu, Rifle Range and Reservoir Garden, while Farlim constitutes the new township of Ayer Itam.

Location of Ayer Itam on the map

Hotels in Ayer Itam

  1. Good Luck Inn (GPS: 5.40268, 100.27766)

Sights in Ayer Itam

  1. Ayer Itam Dam (GPS: 5.39455, 100.2636)
  2. Ayer Itam Mahamariamman Temple (GPS: 5.40381, 100.27925)
  3. Ayer Itam Reservoir (GPS: 5.4077, 100.28461)
  4. Ayer Itam Teambuilding Centre (GPS: 5.39713, 100.26546)
  5. Ayer Itam Tua Pek Kong Temple Gateway (GPS: 5.40208, 100.27678)
  6. Ayer Itam Tua Pek Kong Temple (GPS: 5.40236, 100.27667)
  7. Ayer Itam War Memorial Park (GPS: 5.40566, 100.28276)
  8. Bat Cave Temple (GPS: 5.41123, 100.27829)
  9. Chinese Anti-War Memorial (GPS: 5.41123, 100.27829)
  10. Christ Church (GPS: 5.40512, 100.28137)
  11. Fanyin Meditation Centre (GPS: 5.40512, 100.28137)
  12. Goddess of Mercy Pavilion (GPS: 5.39779, 100.27246)
  13. Heong Giam Si Temple (GPS: 5.4083, 100.29922)
  14. Huat Huah Liam Temple (GPS: 5.40702, 100.28429)
  15. Jade Emperor Pavilion (GPS: 5.40982, 100.27699)
  16. Kek Lok Si Temple (GPS: 5.40022, 100.27384)
  17. Kwarn Inn Sahn Pow Yin Sian Tsi (GPS: 5.40087, 100.2727)
  18. Little Sisters of the Poor (GPS: 5.40265, 100.29671)
  19. Masjid Jamek Al-Qadrie (GPS: 5.40388, 100.28555)
  20. Masjid Kampung Baru (GPS: 5.40554, 100.29507)
  21. Medan Angsana Park (GPS: 5.38999, 100.28272)
  22. Nanyang Thong Hong Siang T'ng, Penang Chapter (GPS: 5.4039, 100.28494)
  23. Penang Hill Railway Lower Station (GPS: 5.40811, 100.27724)
  24. Penang State Mosque (GPS: 5.40677, 100.30061)
  25. Poh Hua Tong (GPS: 5.4039, 100.28494)
  26. Risen Christ Catholic Church (GPS: 5.40436, 100.28196)
  27. Sheikh Omar Basheer Mausoleum (GPS: 5.4009, 100.28662)
  28. Shree Dharma Muniswarar Temple (GPS: 5.39765, 100.28362)
  29. Sri Ambakarathur Patrakaliamman Temple (GPS: 5.40469, 100.28944)
  30. True Jesus Church (GPS: 5.40263, 100.27793)
  31. Wisma Hui Yin Seh (GPS: 5.39338, 100.27847)
  32. Wisma Yatim Laki-Laki Islam (GPS: 5.40441, 100.29177)

Eateries in Ayer Itam

  1. Bee San (GPS: 5.40483, 100.28884)
  2. D'August Cafe (GPS: 5.39004, 100.28363)
  3. Excellent Cafe (GPS: 5.40537, 100.28344)
  4. Farlim Kopitiam (GPS: 5.39085, 100.28352)
  5. Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant
  6. Kampung Melayu Junction Hokkien Mee
  7. Kedai Kopi Shalom
  8. Kedai Kopi Teoh Guan Hup
  9. Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Genting (GPS: 5.38898, 100.28221)
  10. Kedai Makanan Sin Nam Huat
  11. Kee San Seafood Corner
  12. New Top Taste Restaurant
  13. Pin Pin Cafe
  14. Restoran Enrich
  15. Restoran Golden City
  16. Restoran Jin Kuang
  17. Restoran Makanan Thai Chang Cheng
  18. Restoran New Dragon & Phoenix
  19. Restoran Satu Sembilan Sembilan Tujuh
  20. Restoran Tong Hai Aun
  21. Restoran Yee San

Hawker Centres in Ayer Itam

  1. Ayer Itam Market Food Court
  2. Kafe 3288
  3. Lye Lye Cafe
  4. Pacific Ocean Food Court

Hawker Stalls in Ayer Itam

  1. Ayer Itam Market Laksa
  2. Ayer Itam Sisters Curry Mee

Major Schools in Ayer Itam or along Jalan Ayer Itam

  1. Chung Ling High School
  2. Chung Ling (Private) High School
  3. Han Chiang High School
  4. Methodist Boys School

Shopping Centres in Ayer Itam

  1. Econsave Farlim
  2. Giant Superstore Farlim
  3. Pasar Raya Bandar Baru

Markets in Ayer Itam

  1. Ayer Itam Market
  2. Farlim Market
  3. Kampung Baru Market

Businesses in Ayer Itam

  1. Eng Lee Hin Crockery Dealer
  2. Golden Salon Bride's House & Photo
  3. Hai-O Ayer Itam
  4. Hoe Tatt Motor Trading
  5. Kedai Ubat Eng Chai Tong
  6. Kedai Ubat Pek Hock Tong
  7. Kedai ubat Yong Lee Hung Trading
  8. Keng Gin Hoe Medical Hall
  9. Nyin Oi Tong Medical Hall
  10. Poh Cheong Tong Medical Hall
  11. Soon Joo Trading
  12. TAL Farmasi
  13. The House of Red Gincu
  14. Top Power Bikers

Clinics in Ayer Itam

  1. Chong Dental Surgery
  2. Ewe Dental Surgery
  3. O2 Klinik

Neighbourhoods & Housing Estates of Ayer Itam

  1. Ayer Itam Village
  2. Farlim
  3. Happy Valley
  4. Hye Keat Estate
  5. Kampung Baru
  6. Kampung Melayu
  7. Kampung Pisang
  8. Reservoir Garden (Air Putih)
  9. Riffle Range
  10. Taman Cantik

Apartments, Condominiums and other Residential Properties in Ayer Itam

  1. All Seasons Park Condominium, Farlim
  2. Aquamarine Apartment, Farlim
  3. Asia Heights, Farlim
  4. BL Avenue, Batu Lanchang/Farlim
  5. BL Garden, Batu Lanchang/Farlim
  6. Boulevard Condominium, Batu Lanchang/Farlim
  7. Desa Baiduri, Farlim
  8. Desa Bendera, Hill Railway Road
  9. Desa Intan, Farlim
  10. Desa Mawar, Farlim
  11. Desari Apartments, off Hill Railway Road
  12. GL Garden, Paya Terubong
  13. Melody Homes, Batu Lanchang/Farlim
  14. Opal Apartment, Farlim
  15. Pearl Apartment, Farlim/Paya Terubong
  16. Pen-Hill Condominium, off Hill Railway Road
  17. Penhill Apartment, off Hill Railway Road
  18. Penhill Perdana Condominium, off Hill Railway Road
  19. Ruby Apartment, Paya Terubong
  20. Sapphire Apartment, Paya Terubong
  21. Shineville Park Condominium, Farlim
  22. Sri Impian Apartment
  23. Sri Kristal Condominium, Farlim
  24. Taman Bukit Bendera, Hill Railway Road
  25. Taman Sri Ayer Itam, Hye Keat Estate
  26. Taman Sri Idaman Apartment, Air Putih
  27. Tanjung Court, Farlim
  28. Tiffany Villa, off Hill Railway Road
  29. Topaz Apartment, Farlim/Paya Terubong
  30. Turquoise Apartment, Farlim/Paya Terubong

Commercial Properties in Ayer Itam

  1. BL Business Centre
  2. Sri Indah Business Centre

Chinese Anti-War Memorial, Ayer Itam (3 December, 2011)

Sights along/off Jalan Ayer Itam (outside Ayer Itam proper)

  1. Dhoby Ghaut Temple
  2. Dhoby Ghaut
  3. Mahindarama Buddhist Temple
  4. Malaysian German Society
  5. Masjid Jamek Shaik Eusoff
  6. Penang Japanese Association
  7. Suffolk House

About Ayer Itam

Located on the central part of Penang Island, Ayer Itam is hemmed in by hills on the west, separating it from Balik Pulau, and on the southeast, separating it from Green Lane. The main access roads to Ayer Itam were traditionally Jalan Ayer Itam and Jalan Paya Terubong, supplemented in recent years by the widened Batu Lanchang Lane.

Some part of Ayer Itam is densely populated. Most of the residential development here are geared towards the middle and lower-middle class. As the area was a hilly farmland, its original settlers were farmers and the working class. This evolves as Ayer Itam urbanise. There is a limited sprinkling of upscale development in the area, usually terrace or semi-detached landed properties which are two or three storeys high, built on land that are too narrow for high-rise properties.

The population density of Ayer Itam enables it to support a substantial commercial development. In particular, the township of Farlim has seen the opening of a few hypermarkets. Many businesses also operate a suburban branch in Ayer Itam.

Traffic congestion is a daily experience in Ayer Itam, particularly during the morning and evening rush hours. All three main access roads are highly congested in the morning until around 10:00 am, picking up once again towards noon.

Ayer Itam, Penang (25 January, 2012)

Jalan Ayer Itam and pedestrian bridge near Chung Ling High School (4 June, 2011)

Getting to Ayer Itam by public transport

All Rapid Penang buses numbered 2xx serve Ayer Itam. They include 201, 202, 203, 204 and 206.

Roads in the Ayer Itam area

  1. Ayer Puteh Road
  2. Batu Lanchang Lane
  3. Boundary Road
  4. Chor Sin Kheng Road
  5. Grove Road
  6. Gunaratana Road
  7. Hill Railway Road
  8. Ibbetson Road
  9. Jalan Abdullah Ariff
  10. Jalan Ayer Itam
  11. Jalan Angsana
  12. Jalan Han Chiang
  13. Jalan Joki
  14. Jalan Khoo Hye Keat
  15. Jalan Kuda
  16. Jalan Lumba Kuda
  17. Jalan Padang Tembak
  18. Jalan Paya Terubong
  19. Jalan Pisang Emas
  20. Jalan Pisang Embun
  21. Jalan Pisang Nangka
  22. Jalan Pisang Raja
  23. Jalan Pisang Rastali
  24. Jalan Pisang Tanduk
  25. Jalan Sekolah La Salle
  26. Jalan Shaik Eusoff
  27. Jalan Shaik Madar
  28. Jalan Taman Cantik
  29. Jalan Taman Ria 1
  30. Kampar Road
  31. Lebuh Padang Tembak
  32. Lebuhraya Thean Teik
  33. Lim Lean Teng Road
  34. Lintang Abdullah Ariff
  35. Lintang Zoo
  36. Lorong Khoo Hye Keat
  37. Lorong Lumba Kuda
  38. Lorong Padang Tembak
  39. Lorong Sempadan 2
  40. Lorong Shaik Eusoff
  41. Persiaran Taman Cantik
  42. Range Road
  43. Solok Sekolah La Salle
  44. Taman David Chen
  45. Taman Lintang
  46. Taman Lumba Kuda
  47. Thean Teik Road
  48. Zoo Road

Rivers in Ayer Itam

  1. Sungai Ayer Itam
  2. Sungai Air Putih
  3. Sungai Pinang

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