Jelutong, Penang

Jelutong (GPS: 5.38951, 100.31298), (Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 日落洞, Pinyin: Rìluòdòng, Penang Hokkien: Jit3lor3tong33) is a working-class suburb of George Town. It got its name from the Jelutong tree, Dyera costulata, a tall, hardwood tree that can reach a height of 70 meters, some times more, and a girth of 2-3 meters. However, it is no longer possible to find any jelutong growing in the namesake neighbourhood.

The development of Jelutong goes back to the turn of the 20th century, as the population spills southward from the city. Jalan Jelutong, the main thoroughfare through the area, developed from a dirt track into a paved road only in the early 20th century. It splits Jelutong into two parts. The seaward side, to the east of Jalan Jelutong, is East Jelutong, while the landward side west of Jalan Jelutong is West Jelutong.

Location of sights in Jelutong

Sights in Jelutong

  1. Jelutong Jetty (GPS: 5.39413, 100.32703)
  2. Jelutong Landfill (GPS: 5.39096, 100.32354)
  3. Karpal Singh Drive (GPS: 5.39828, 100.33027)
  4. Sheikh Al-Hadi's House (GPS: 5.39362, 100.31515)

Amenities in Jelutong

  1. Jelutong Market (GPS: 5.3896, 100.31235)
  2. Jelutong Post Office (GPS: 5.38744, 100.31253)

Places of Worship in Jelutong

Click here for the Map of the Places of Worship in Jelutong
  1. Cheoh Thau Kong Temple (GPS: 5.39509, 100.31784)
  2. Ching Pao Kong Temple (GPS: 5.39795, 100.31163)
  3. Hean Chooi Temple (GPS: 5.39336, 100.3245)
  4. Hsieh Thien Kong Temple (GPS: 5.38728, 100.31275)
  5. Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church (GPS: 5.39246, 100.31204)
  6. Jelutong Tai Tay Yah Temple (GPS: 5.3865, 100.31119)
  7. Leng Hai Tean Temple (GPS: 5.39266, 100.31113)
  8. Masjid Jamek Jelutong (GPS: 5.39174, 100.31405)
  9. Masjid Jamek Sungai Pinang (GPS: 5.40265, 100.32445)
  10. Masjid Maqbul (GPS: 5.40368, 100.32569)
  11. Tabernacle of Praise Church (GPS: 5.39799, 100.31955)
  12. Teong Leng Keong Temple (GPS: 5.38801, 100.30863)

Eateries in Jelutong

  1. 88 Cafe
  2. Ali Ameir Nasi Kandar
  3. Fu Lu Shou Cafe
  4. Hameediyah Restaurant Jelutong Branch
  5. Hock Yan Kedai Makanan dan Minuman
  6. Hong Shen Stall
  7. Jelutong 7-Eleven Coffee Shop
  8. JJS Vegetarian Restaurant
  9. Kafe Bamboo
  10. Kedai Kopi Tai Min
  11. Kedai Kopi Thor Pheng Cheng
  12. Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Ching Wah
  13. Kedai Makanan Seong Huat
  14. Kim Hee Cafe
  15. Mutiara Corner Jelutong
  16. Restoran Deen
  17. Restoran Janaki Vilas
  18. Kang Beef House
  19. Kedai Kopi Lum Kah
  20. Old Town White Coffee

Commercial Buildings in Jelutong

  1. Menara Riverview
  2. Wisma Jelutong

Schools in Jelutong

  1. Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Jelutong
  2. Sekolah Kebangsaan Jelutong Barat
  3. Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Jelutong
  4. Sekolah Menengah Jelutong

Shopping in Jelutong

  1. Sunshine Jelutong

Banks in Jelutong

  1. Ambank Jelutong
  2. CIMB Jelutong
  3. EON Bank Jelutong
  4. Hong Leong Jelutong
  5. Maybank Jelutong
  6. Maybank Wisma Jelutong
  7. Public Bank Jelutong
  8. RHB Bank Jelutong

Clinics in Jelutong

  1. Ong & Lim Dental Surgery
  2. Bhar Dental Surgery, Bukit Dumbar
  3. Klinik Bersatu
  4. Klinik Lim Siew Kim
  5. Klinik Narin

Streets in Jelutong

  1. Ipoh Lane
  2. Jalan Ahmad bin Haji Abdul Rahman
  3. Jalan Bagan Serai
  4. Jalan Hajjah Rehmah
  5. Jalan Hikmat
  6. Jalan Jelutong
  7. Jalan Lenggong
  8. Jalan Ooi Thiam Siew
  9. Jalan Panchor
  10. Jalan Selendang
  11. Jalan Sir Ibrahim
  12. Jalan Sungai Pinang
  13. Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim
  14. Lintang Hajjah Rehmah
  15. Lintang Penawar 1
  16. Lorong Madrasah
  17. Penaga Road
  18. Perak Road
  19. Solok Perak
  20. Van Praagh Road

Apartments and Condominiums in Jelutong

  1. Altus Condominium (planned)
  2. Bukit Dumbar Indah Apartment
  3. Bukit Dumbar Permai Apartment
  4. Casa Impian Apartment
  5. Central Park Condominium
  6. Damai Vista Apartment
  7. Desa Bukit Dumbar Apartment
  8. Desa Green Block 5
  9. Desa Green Apartment
  10. Desa Pinang Apartment, Bandar Sri Pinang
  11. Desa Selatan Apartment
  12. Dumbar Villa Apartment
  13. Eastern Court Apartment, Batu Lanchang
  14. H2O Condominium (under construction)
  15. Halaman Kristal Apartment
  16. Harmony View Apartment
  17. Jelutong Palace Apartment
  18. Jelutong Park Apartment
  19. Kobay Jelutong (planned)
  20. Lavender Park Apartment
  21. Medan Hikmat Apartment
  22. Mutiara Heights Apartment
  23. Mutiara Idaman Apartment
  24. Oceanview Apartment
  25. Pinang Court, Bandar Sri Pinang
  26. Sandilands Condominium
  27. Sea Breeze Tower Apartment, Bukit Dumbar
  28. Sinar Bukit Dumbar Apartment
  29. Skyview Residences (planned)
  30. Sri Carlyun Apartment
  31. Sri Jelutong Apartment
  32. Sri Wangsa Apartment
  33. Stallions Apartment, Bukit Dumbar
  34. Straits Garden Condominium (under construction)
  35. Summer Palace Condominium
  36. Suria Mutiara Apartment
  37. Symphony Park Apartment
  38. Taman Bukit Dumbar Apartment
  39. Taman Jelutong Apartment
  40. Taman Jelutong Jaya Apartment
  41. Taman Kang Har Tong Apartment
  42. Taman Kheng Tian Apartment
  43. Taman Koperasi Jelutong Flats
  44. Taman Medan Penaga Apartment
  45. Taman Meranti Apartment
  46. Taman Pelangi Indah Apartment
  47. Taman Pinang Flats
  48. Taman Sawang Apartment
  49. Taman Seri Damai Apartment, Batu Lanchang
  50. Taman Seri Hijau Apartment
  51. Taman Seri Perak Apartment
  52. Taman Sri Bunga Apartment
  53. The Spring Condominium
  54. Urban Suites (planned)
  55. Villa Mas Ewani Apartment, Bukit Dumbar
  56. Vista Bukit Dumbar Apartment
  57. Wisma Bagan Serai Apartment

Businesses in Jelutong

  1. 7-Eleven Jelutong
  2. Ace In Salon
  3. Anakku store
  4. Bodyworks (gym)
  5. Clean Scan Laundry Service
  6. D Motor (motorcycle repair shop)
  7. Demeters Choice (baking supplies)
  8. Fung Pharmacy
  9. Hahnemann Homoeopathy & Alternative Medicine Centre
  10. Hair Esthetic Bebo Hair Salon
  11. Han Autumn Florist
  12. Happy Mart Jelutong
  13. Hot Bike (motorcycle dealer)
  14. Hua Cheng Flower House (florist)
  15. Jelutong Motor
  16. Kean Aun Hoe Medical Hall
  17. Kedai Jahit Mesra (tailor)
  18. Leong Housing Agency
  19. Pel Nursery
  20. Persatuan Teong Guan
  21. Sagitt De Hair Salon
  22. Solar Smart Tech (solar water heaters)

Jelutong on Google Maps Street View

Jelutong was regarded as a backwater for George Town. Until the early 1990's, the coastal areas along Jelutong was still mangrove swamp, and the primary occupation there was the making of charcoal. This has been gradually phased out, although at time of writing (September 2009), it is still possible to visit some of the charcoal makers in places such as Lebuh Bakau.

Jelutong PanoramaJelutong Panorama (27 September 2009)

Jelutong, Penang (9 September, 2012)

In the 1970's, Jelutong was a working class neighbourhood notorious for gangsterism and thugs. Over the decades, the social problem has very much been eradicated with the gradual improvement of living standards. Since the mid 1980's, a number of high-rise apartments have been constructed in Jelutong to provide housing to the lower and middle income wage earners. The neighbourhood is predominantly Chinese in character, although there are pockets of Malay enclaves such as around Masjid Jamek Jelutong and Jalan Madrasah.

Public Transport

Jelutong is served by Rapid Penang Bus 11, 301, 302, 303, 401 and 704 pass through Jalan Jelutong.

Jalan Jelutong, through the pekan or village of Jelutong (22 September, 2012)

Jelutong coastView of the Jelutong coast looking towards George Town (8 November, 2014)


The construction of Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway along the coast has moved the traffic passing through Jelutong out of the neighbourhood. Nevertheless there is still a bottleneck due to haphazard parking along the road near the Jelutong Market. That part of Jelutong experiences slow traffic throughout the day. The construction of new high rise residential properties in Jelutong is only expected to increase the traffic volume. On the bright side, Jelutong is strategically located. Despite the traffic congestion, the distance to the city is relatively short.

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