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Balik Pulau

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Exploring Balik Pulau with GPSExploring Balik Pulau with GPS (24 May, 2015)

Balik Pulau (GPS: 5.35067, 100.23478), (Penang Hokkien: Pu3lor2) is the main township on the southwest part of Penang Island. The name Balik Pulau means "on the other side of the island". The area is said to have been founded by one Lebai Tampai from Deli in northern Sumatra.1 Today Balik Pulau has the last patch of paddy fields in Penang Island, but probably not for long.

Balik Pulau is traditionally popular among the people of Penang as where they will get the best fruits. This is where Penangites throng every durian season when the fruits are in abundance. Many swear that Balik Pulau durians are still the best anywhere in Malaysia.

Where is Countryside Stables? How to go to Saanen Goat Farm? Malindo Beach? Botanica CT? Planning your day trip to Balik Pulau has just gotten a whole lot easier. Penang Travel Tips navigates you to all the major places of interest in Balik Pulau using GPS. Just copy the GPS coordinates into your GPS device or GPS smartphone app, and you are ready to explore Balik Pulau!

Sights in Balik Pulau on the map

Hotels in Balik Pulau

  1. Malihom Private Estate Hotel (GPS: 5.31928, 100.22691)

Places of Interest in Balik Pulau

  1. Audi Dream Farm (GPS: 5.38527, 100.20998)
  2. Botanica Mansion (GPS: 5.36864, 100.22418)
  3. Church of the Holy Name of Jesus (GPS: 5.35311, 100.23691)
  4. Countryside Stables Penang (GPS: 5.3395, 100.19797)
  5. Dataran Tok Sudin (GPS: 5.35421, 100.20956)
  6. Green Acres (GPS: 5.37473, 100.25139)
  7. Happy Goat Farm (GPS: 5.37694, 100.19941)
  8. Kuala Sungai Burong (GPS: 5.33908, 100.19633)
  9. Pantai Malindo (GPS: 5.33779, 100.19443)
  10. Saanen Dairy Goat Farm (GPS: 5.40546, 100.20778)

Amenities in Balik Pulau

  1. Balik Pulau Branch Library (GPS: 5.33893, 100.22187)
  2. Balik Pulau Bus Terminal (GPS: 5.35157, 100.23977)
  3. Balik Pulau Courthouse (GPS: 5.33834, 100.22086)
  4. Balik Pulau Post Office (GPS: 5.34885, 100.23335)

Other Sights in Balik Pulau

Street Art in Balik Pulau

Eateries in Balik Pulau

Mosques in Balik Pulau

  1. Balik Pulau District Mosque (GPS: 5.33988, 100.22229)
  2. Masjid At-Taqwa, Kongsi (GPS: 5.34847, 100.23216)
  3. Masjid Permatang Pasir (GPS: 5.37315, 100.21069)
  4. Masjid Sungai Rusa (GPS: 5.38375, 100.21325)

Schools in Balik Pulau

  1. Prince of Wales Island International School (GPS: 5.36826, 100.21952)
  2. Sacred Heart High School (GPS: 5.3529, 100.23663)
  3. St George's Secondary School (GPS: 5.35379, 100.23742)

Chinese Temples in Balik Pulau

  1. Chit Seng Kong Temple (GPS: 5.35172, 100.21013)
  2. Xuan Wu Temple (GPS: 5.35395, 100.23594)

Villages in Balik Pulau

Residential Development in Balik Pulau

Medical Attention in Balik Pulau

Banks in Balik Pulau

A crockery shop in Balik PulauA crockery shop in Balik Pulau (2 February, 2013)

Businesses in Balik Pulau

  1. Ah Chin Motorsikal dan Servis
  2. Balik Pulau Stationery Trading
  3. Balik Pulau Superstore (sundry shop)
  4. CH Kim Enterprise (sports goods)
  5. Co-op Mart
  6. Cyber Zone Enterprise
  7. Hee Electrical Enterprise
  8. Farmasi Balik Pulau
  9. Genting Computer Station, Pekan Genting
  10. Ghee Heng Goldsmiths
  11. HTY Colour Photo Studio
  12. Island Cake House
  13. JNH Advance Enterprise (mobile phones)
  14. Joy Bakery & Cake House
  15. Keat Radio & Electrical
  16. Kedai Basikal Aik Seng
  17. Kedai Boon Electrical & Video
  18. Kedai Bunga F & L Florist
  19. Kedai Cat Multicolor
  20. Kedai D'Cem
  21. Kedai Cermin Mata Optik Indah
  22. Kedai Cermin Mata Vision 88
  23. Kedai Dawood (sundry shop)
  24. Kedai Gaharu Xiang Xin Enterprise
  25. Kedai Gaharu Sian Yun Enterprise
  26. Kedai Gambar JC Digital
  27. Kedai Gunting Rambut Central, Genting
  28. Kedai Gunting Rambut Smart Enterprise
  29. Kedai Gunting Rambut Sri Mun
  30. Kedai Jahit Jimmy Tailor
  31. Kedai Motor Kee Seng, Pekan Genting
  32. Kedai Runcit Chop Oon Huat, Pekan Genting
  33. Kedai Runcit Ghee Foh Sin
  34. Kedai Runcit Kee Seng
  35. Kedai Runcit Mohd Suhaimi bin Din, Pekan Genting
  36. Kedai Runcit Tan Hup Hoe
  37. Kedai Ubat Yoong Chye Pong
  38. Kedai Uniform Sekolah Lina Trading
  39. Ken Guan Trading
  40. Kim Huat Locksmith
  41. Kim Leong Jewellery
  42. Lian Choon Motor (motorcycle repair)
  43. Lik Lau Motor, Pekan Genting
  44. Loong Yoon Goldsmith
  45. Meng Huat Mini Market
  46. Poly Unisex Hair Saloon
  47. PUZ Mart
  48. Sekolah Memandu Balik Pulau
  49. Seventy Five Fresh Mart
  50. Sin Choon Seng Wine Dealer
  51. Starmax Communication (mobile phone shop)
  52. Syarikat June Ngen (stationery)
  53. Syarikat Pulau Radio Service
  54. Tai Eng Superstore, Balik Pulau
  55. Thean Hoe Tong Medical Hall
  56. Tukang Jahit Paris Classical Fashion
  57. Village Island Trading
  58. Xie Cheng Brothers Sdn Bhd
  59. Xing Yuan Tailor
  60. Zhen Xing Auto Parts Trading

Balik Pulau on Google Maps Street View

Paddy fields of Balik Pulau (15 January, 2005)

The new Balik Pulau Mosque (9 May, 2004)

Of late, Balik Pulau has also built a reputation as a food haven for the locals, who come for the famous Balik Pulau Laksa and Pasembur at the Balik Pulau Market, the Laksa Janggus at Kampung Perlis, and the Hokkien Mee at Kampung Kuala Jalan Bahru.

The hills surrounding Balik Pulau Town (also called Kongsi) are clove and nutmeg plantations, in addition to the durian estates and fruit orchards. Clove and nutmeg were introduced to Balik Pulau by the East India Company in 1794, after the British founded their settlement on Penang Island.

Panoramic view of the Balik Pulau area from viewpoint at Jalan Tun Sardon (9 May, 2004)

Once a quiet hamlet, Balik Pulau has seen much housing development, spilled over from the expanding metropolitan area of the west coast of Penang Island. The road leading towards Balik Pulau is now being upgraded by smoothening some curves and the building of a few bridges.

Going to Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau can be reached by taking Jalan Tun Sardon from Paya Terubong, or Federal Route 6 (round island road) from Sungai Pinang in the north or Teluk Kumbar in the south. The stretch of Balik Pulau Hill Road between Teluk Kumbar and Balik Pulau is still not fully completed; when it is, a drive to Balik Pulau will be smoother. However, there is regular traffic congestions at the junction with Permatang Damar Laut towards Bayan Lepas.

For public transport to Balik Pulau, take Rapid Penang Bus 401 and 401E

Rural scenery of Balik Pulau (17 November, 2002)

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Timothy Tye in Balik PulauTimothy Tye in Balik Pulau (4 May, 2015)


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