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Northam Road (Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah)

Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, George TownJalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, George Town (21 December, 2009)

B. Melayu

Northam Road (Malay: Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah; Penang Hokkien: Ang3mor3 Lor33 ), is the main thoroughfare on the northern coast of George Town. It starts in front of St Xavier's Institution, and ends at the junction with Kelawei Road and Pangkor Road.

Map of Sights along Northam Road

Hotels on Northam Road

  1. Deluxcious Hotel, Spa & Restaurant (GPS: 5.42332, 100.33141)
  2. Northam All Suite Hotel (GPS: 5.42727, 100.32132)
  3. Vouk Hotel Suites (GPS: 5.42764, 100.32058)

Street Art on Northam Road

  1. "Girl by the Sea" Mural (GPS: 5.42415, 100.33256)

Petrol Stations on Northam Road

  1. Shell Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (GPS: 5.42243, 100.33432)

Banks on Northam Road

  1. CIMB Bank (GPS: 5.42656, 100.32241)
  2. Citibank (GPS: 5.42404, 100.32859)

Hawker Centre on Northam Road

  1. Northam Beach Cafe (GPS: 5.42808, 100.32294)

Restaurants on Northam Road

  1. Hardwicke House (GPS: 5.42764, 100.32058)
  2. Maple Palace Restaurant (GPS: 5.42604, 100.32327)
  3. ThirtyTwo At The Mansion (GPS: 5.42275, 100.33446)

Nightspots on Northam Road

  1. Uptown Bistro (GPS: 5.42275, 100.33446)

Pedestrian Bridges on Northam Road

  1. Citibank Pedestrian Bridge (GPS: 5.4235, 100.3285)

Schools on Northam Road

  1. Island Girls School (GPS: 5.42303, 100.32848)
  2. SMK Agama (P) Al-Mashoor (GPS: 5.4231, 100.32996)
  3. Wellesley Primary School (GPS: 5.42303, 100.32848)

Colleges and Universities along Northam Road

  1. Wawasan Open University Campus (GPS: 5.42702, 100.32437)

High-Rise Buildings and Skyscrapers along Northam Road

  1. Mansion One (GPS: 5.42764, 100.32058)
  2. MBf Tower (GPS: 5.4268, 100.32175)
  3. Menara BHL Bank (GPS: 5.42656, 100.32241)
  4. Menara Boustead (GPS: 5.42457, 100.32563)
  5. Menara KWSP (GPS: 5.4237, 100.33072)
  6. Menara Liang Court (GPS: 5.42426, 100.32596)
  7. Northam Tower (GPS: 5.42764, 100.32058)
  8. Wisma Penang Garden (GPS: 5.42404, 100.32859)

Historic Buildings along Northam Road

  1. Asdang House (GPS: 5.42478, 100.32699)
  2. Goh Chan Lau (GPS: 5.42314, 100.33185)
  3. Homestead (GPS: 5.4268, 100.32423)
  4. Leong Yin Kean Mansion (GPS: 5.42363, 100.33265)
  5. Northam Lodge/Soonstead (GPS: 5.42521, 100.32634)
  6. Ong Eng Soon Mansion (GPS: 5.42332, 100.33141)
  7. Runnymede (GPS: 5.42429, 100.32946)
  8. Yeoh Cheang Seng Villa (GPS: 5.42529, 100.32586)

Residential Properties on Northam Road

  1. Boon Siew Villa (GPS: 5.42372, 100.33152)
  2. Istana Kedah (GPS: 5.42766, 100.32375)
  3. Woodville (GPS: 5.42807, 100.32202)

Condominiums along Northam Road

  1. 8 Gurney Beachfront Sky Mansion (GPS: 5.42852, 100.32144)
  2. Mansion One (formerly Northam Tower) (GPS: 5.42764, 100.32058)
  3. Mayfair Condominium (GPS: 5.42497, 100.32709)
  4. Sri Perdana Condominium (GPS: 5.42607, 100.32241)

Commercial Buildings along Northam Road

  1. New Straits Times Press newspaper bureau (GPS: 5.4241, 100.32648)

Car Showrooms on Northam Road

  1. Lowe Motors (Mercedes-Benz dealership) (GPS: 5.4229, 100.3342)
  2. Proton Edar (Proton dealership) (GPS: 5.42544, 100.32405)
  3. Telagamas Motors (Lexus dealership) (GPS: 5.42331, 100.33353)

Developer Showrooms on Northam Road

  1. Asia Green Group (GPS: 5.42369, 100.33117)
  2. The Galleria BSG Property (GPS: 5.42618, 100.32449)

Other Businesses along Northam Road

  1. Red Apple (GPS: 5.42328, 100.33107)
  2. Tean Ean Local Products (GPS: 5.42851, 100.32088)

Government Buildings along Northam Road

  1. North East District Education Office (GPS: 5.42314, 100.32774)
  2. Penang MACC Complex (GPS: 5.4244, 100.32774)

Associations and Societies along Northam Road

  1. Old Frees' Association (GPS: 5.42502, 100.3246)

Cemeteries along Northam Road

  1. Protestant Cemetery (GPS: 5.42283, 100.33345)

Skyscrapers of Northam Road (21 Dec 2009)

About Northam Road

For much of its history, and until a proper road existed, the area was known as North Beach. When the road was laid, it was given the name Northam Road, after Northam in Devon, England - I suppose after the birthplace of one of the early Governors of the Straits Settlements. It was given the present name Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in conjunction with the visit of Sultan Ahmad Shah, who visited Penang as the 7th Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia in 1982.

Northam RoadNortham Road, George Town (22 Dec 2009)

Northam Road was the choice address of the Europeans during the 19th century. That was why the Hokkiens in Penang called it Ang Mor Lor, especially the section west of Transfer Road. However, by the early part of the 20th century, Europeans were moving out in search of "greener pastures", literally speaking, as they vacate the urban streets of Northam Road and Light Street, heading for the more leafy Ayer Rajah neighbourhood, to places such as Western Road and Ayer Rajah Road, now Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. The vacated properties along Light Street and Northam Road were snapped up with rich local Chinese, who proceeded to put forth ostentatious mansions to flaunt their new-found prosperity, many of which bear faux-European names. These were the most sought-after real-estate in town, and most were beach front properties (and the beach was pristine back then).

Today Northam Road is punctuated by these elegant mansions of the yesterday millionaires of Penang. However, their days of grandeur have long past, and many of these grand dames are forced to house commercial enterprises. Some of these properties have given way to skyscrapers - this is one of the places in George Town where it is still permitted to build high, being outside the heritage zones.

Getting there

Rapid Penang Bus 103 and 104 pass through Northam Road.

Northam Road skyline (23 February, 2009)

Northam Road, PenangNortham Road, Penang (2 July, 2014)

Northam Road plaque (3 September 2008)

In Other Words ...

Northam Road is known as Ang3mor3 Lor33 (European Road) to the west of Transfer Road junction, and Ang3mor3 Ku33 Thiong2 (Old European Cemetery) to the east of the junction.

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