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Transfer Road

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Penang Hotels Christmas Promo 2017

Transfer Road, George Town, Penang (19 June, 2017)

B. Melayu

Transfer Road is one of the major roads in George Town, Penang. It runs from Burmah Road to Northam Road, and has a number of offshoots. Among the roads that branches off from Transfer Road are Phee Choon Road, Kedah Road, Dickens Street, Popus Lane, Dindings Lane, Hutton Lane, Ariffin Road, Jalan A.S. Mansoor, Argyll Road and Sri Bahari Road.

Transfer Road was constructed in the third quarter of the 19th century. It follows the course of the Transfer Road Canal, a ditch that has since been obscured for much of the way.

Transfer Road was named to commemorate the transfer of the administration of the Straits Settlements from Madras to Singapore in 1867, given greater autonomy in the administration of the states.

In the 1950s and 60s Transfer Road was one of the places offering hotels to visitors to Penang. Among them include Embassy Hotel and Hong Aun Hotel. Today, although these hotel buildings are still standing, they are no longer operating, or are awaiting much-needed restoration.

Being at the fringe of the George Town World Heritage Site, Transfer Road is again a choice location for small to moderate size accommodations, with a number of hotels opening along the road in the past few years.

Map of Transfer Road

Hotels & Guesthouses on Transfer Road

  1. Hotel Penaga (GPS: 5.42013, 100.33052)
  2. Hotel Regal Malaysia (GPS: 5.42282, 100.33125)
  3. Islander Lodge (GPS: 5.42105, 100.33085)
  4. Tido Penang Hostel (GPS: 5.42153, 100.33108)
  5. Transfer Lodge & Mushroom Cafe (GPS: 5.42087, 100.33055)
  6. Yes Hotel (GPS: 5.4217, 100.33081)

Street Art on Transfer Road

  1. "Happy Hour" Sculpture (GPS: 5.41782, 100.32939)
  2. "Mr Five Foot Way" Sculpture (GPS: 5.41964, 100.33027)

Sights along Transfer Road

  1. Dato Koyah Shrine (GPS: 5.42049, 100.33058)
  2. Goh Chan Lau (GPS: 5.42314, 100.33199)
  3. Ong Eng Soon Mansion (GPS: 5.42321, 100.33137)
  4. Persatuan Muslim Bersatu (GPS: 5.4187, 100.32956)
  5. Wisma MCA (GPS: 5.41859, 100.32947)

Eating Places along Transfer Road

  1. Hui Ong Cafe (GPS: 5.42066, 100.33044)
  2. Kedai Kopi International Hotel (Restoran Nasi Padang Minang) (GPS: 5.4212, 100.33069)
  3. Malila Bakery & Cafe (GPS: 5.42066, 100.33044)
  4. Restoran de NASIr Biryani (GPS: 5.41956, 100.33018)
  5. Restoran See Kong Ooi (GPS: 5.42228, 100.3313)
  6. Toong Leong Coffee Shop (GPS: 5.42144, 100.33075)

Medical Attention on Transfer Road

  1. Penang Caring Dialysis Society (GPS: 5.41859, 100.32954)

Businesses along Transfer Road

  1. Astound Wedding (bridal house)
  2. Kedai Ubat Thye Sang Tong (Chinese medical hall)
  3. Ong Laundry
  4. Patchee Bakery (GPS: 5.420361, 100.330332)

Petrol Stations along Transfer Road

  1. Caltex Petrol Station (GPS: 5.4212, 100.33095)

Buildings on Transfer Road

  1. Embassy Hotel Building (GPS: 5.41792, 100.32916)
  2. Hong Aun Hotel Building (GPS: 5.41995, 100.33014)
  3. Police Headquarters (GPS: 5.41867, 100.32995)
  4. Wisma Persatuan Siew Heng Foo (GPS: 5.42051, 100.33037)

Transfer Road, as seen from Burmah Road (30 November 2008)

Jalan Transfer road sign (30 November 2008)

Old road sign of Transfer Road (30 November 2008)

Junction of Transfer Road with Northam Road (19 March, 2010)

Transfer Road, Penang (19 March, 2010)

Transfer Road, Penang (19 March, 2010)

History plaque of Transfer Road (30 November 2008)

Getting to Transfer Road

Transfer Road is served by Rapid Penang bus 10, 11, 101, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 502 and CAT.

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