Bayan Baru, Penang

Panorama of Bayan BaruPanorama of Bayan Baru (7 June, 2015)

Bayan Baru (GPS: 5.32621, 100.29225), (Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 峇央峇魯; Pinyin: Bāyāng Bālǔ) is a township located in Bayan Lepas, Penang. It was established by the Penang Development Corporation in the mid-1970's on what was once paddy fields.

Location of sights in Bayan Baru on the map

Hotels in Bayan Baru

  1. Hotel Equatorial (GPS: 5.337897, 100.284578)
  2. Hotel Seri Malaysia (GPS: 5.324341, 100.283035)
  3. Olive Tree Hotel (GPS: 5.327004, 100.279637)
  4. Super 8 Hotel (GPS: 5.324931, 100.284924)
  5. The Corum View Hotel (GPS: 5.321675, 100.286487)

Sights in and around Bayan Baru

  1. Bayan Baru Market (GPS: 5.32483, 100.28637)
  2. Madrasah Al Ubudiah (GPS: 5.31736, 100.28396)
  3. Masjid Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (GPS: 5.3239, 100.28567)
  4. Pantai Hospital (GPS: 5.32078, 100.28232)
  5. Penang Development Corporation (GPS: 5.3288, 100.28252)
  6. Penang Skills Development Centre (GPS: 5.31993, 100.2905)
  7. SPICE (GPS: 5.329, 100.2803)

Eateries in Bayan Baru

  1. Bayan Baru Hawker Centre (GPS: 5.32507, 100.2856)
  2. Kedai Makanan BB (GPS: 5.32629, 100.28609)
  3. KFC Bayan Baru
  4. KFC Giant Bayan Baru
  5. McDonald's
  6. Nasi Kandar Makbul, Jalan Tengah
  7. Nasi Kandar Pelita - Giant
  8. Nasi Kandar Zamruud
  9. Old Town White Coffee
  10. Pizza Hut Sunshine Square
  11. Pizza Hut Giant
  12. Secret Recipe
  13. Subway
  14. Sunshine Food Court
  15. Sunshine Pushcart Mee Goreng
The annual Pasar Ramadhan Bayan Baru, an annual hawker fair that is held during the fasting month of Ramadhan, is one of the biggest such fairs on Penang Island.

Amenities in Bayan Baru

  1. Bayan Baru Post Office

Shopping Malls in Bayan Baru

  1. D'Piazza Mall (GPS: 5.32644, 100.28237)
  2. Giant Hypermarket Bayan Baru (GPS: 5.32111, 100.28386)
  3. Mayang Mall (GPS: 5.32639, 100.28484)
  4. One Precinct (GPS: 5.32546, 100.28469)
  5. Penang International Commercial City (GPS: 5.33208, 100.28873)
  6. Quartermile (GPS: 5.32499, 100.28469)
  7. Sunshine Square (GPS: 5.32612, 100.28716)
  8. Suntech @ Penang Cybercity (GPS: 5.32567, 100.28633)

Banks in Bayan Baru

  1. Affin Bank
  2. Bank Muamalat
  3. Bank Simpanan Nasional
  4. CIMB Bank
  5. Hong Leong Bank
  6. Maybank
  7. Public Bank
  8. RHB Bank

Hospitals and Clinics in Bayan Baru

  1. Klinik Hari (Bukit Gedung)
  2. Klinik Malaysia
  3. Klinik Sentosa
  4. Pantai Hospital
  5. SmileBay Dental Surgery

Apartments and Condominiums in Bayan Baru

  1. 1-World Condominium (GPS: 5.32876, 100.28469)
  2. Arena Residence (GPS: 5.32645, 100.28075)
  3. D'Piazza Condominium (GPS: 5.32533, 100.28319)
  4. Elit Heights (GPS: 5.32284, 100.28246)
  5. One Sky Condominium (GPS: 5.32929, 100.28471)
  6. Puteri Indah Apartment (GPS: 5.32088, 100.28735)

Commercial Properties in Bayan Baru

  1. 1-Atrium (GPS: 5.32801, 100.28458)
  2. 1-Square (GPS: 5.32899, 100.28386)
  3. Arena Curve (GPS: 5.32645, 100.28075)
  4. Elit Avenue (GPS: 5.32284, 100.28246)

Government Buildings in Bayan Baru

  1. Penang Development Corporation (GPS: 5.3288, 100.28253)

Housing Estates, villages and neighbourhoods in Bayan Baru

  1. Kampung Jawa (GPS: 5.32575, 100.29382)
  2. Sungai Nibong Kecil (GPS: 5.33107, 100.28702)
  3. Taman Melati (GPS: 5.33219, 100.29164)
  4. Taman Melati Jaya (GPS: 5.33159, 100.2842)
  5. Taman Sri Tunas (GPS: 5.32181, 100.2866)
  6. Taman Sunway Tunas (GPS: 5.32394, 100.28107)

Roads in Bayan Baru

  1. Jalan Mahsuri
  2. Jalan Mayang Pasir
  3. Jalan Mayang Pasir 3
  4. Persiaran Mahsuri

Businesses in Bayan Baru

  1. 7 Eleven Bayan Baru
  2. Affetto Bridal Studio
  3. AK Car Wash
  4. BB Communication
  5. Blue Flower & Gift
  6. Claris Florist & Gift Centre
  7. Da Blue Hair Studio
  8. DiGi Store Express
  9. Eastern Bright Laundry
  10. Eu Yan Sang - Sunshine Square
  11. Ever-Prosper Battery & Tyres
  12. Georgetown Pharmacy
  13. Glory Florist, Jalan Tengah
  14. Happy Mart (convenience store)
  15. Jayaria Ventures (used car dealer)
  16. Kedai Dobi Salmah (laundry)
  17. LED Illumination
  18. Lian Auto
  19. LKH Car Air-Cond Repair & Service
  20. Ming Xiang Tai (pastry shop)
  21. Netway Studio (banners, stationery)
  22. Noosa Bakery
  23. Nur Cemerlang (nursery)
  24. P-Plus Lighting
  25. Prestasi Meriah (corporate gifts)
  26. Priority Fitness (gym)
  27. RB Forty Two Auto (used car dealer)
  28. Romantis Bridal Boutique & Studio
  29. SSan Enterprise (used car dealer)
  30. Tai He Medical Hall
  31. Thye Leong Chan (paint dealer)
  32. TLC Tyres & Autocare
  33. TM Point
  34. Turning Point Unisex Hair Salon
  35. TWC Car Audio & Auto Accessories
  36. V-coupe Automax Enterprise (used car dealer)
  37. Wee Man Enterprise (used car dealer)
  38. Yan Florist & Gift
  39. Young Ones (sports goods)

Updates on Bayan Baru

17 April, 2016
The Star (Calls to adjust LRT line) reports Bayan Baru Community Hawkers Association chairman Ooi Teong Eng urging that the proposed Bayan Lepas LRT line pass through inner Bayan Baru for the benefit of hawkers and business complexes located there.

High-rise development in Bayan BaruHigh-rise development in Bayan Baru (10 july, 2015)

About Bayan Baru

In the earlier years of Bayan Baru's development, the township was prone to floods - there was a joke back then that purchasing a house in Bayan Baru also includes a sampan. The area that Bayan Baru presently occupies was formerly paddy fields. Before that, it was wetlands. It was fed by two main rivers, Sungai Ara and Sungai Relau (which itself comprises more than one stream). During rainy season, these rivers expand. If this coincided with a high tide, a flood would occur.

Over the decades, improved drainage has reduced the possibility of major floods. The mitigation programme included canalising Sungai Ara and Sungai Relau, which are channeled to flow into Sungai Keluang before emptying into the sea. Flash floods still do occur during heavy downpours. These are caused mainly by blocked drains.

It is also worth nothing that the Bayan Baru area was once planned by the British to be a town called Jamestown, to replace George Town. That plan did not materialise, of course, but you can read about it in the Historical Plan to Relocate George Town.

Bayan Baru is one of the most rapidly developed townships in Penang. This is to a large part the direct result of its proximity to the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, which is a source of employment for a good many people in Penang. The shift in population south, out of George Town and towards Bayan Baru and its immediate neighborhoods, brought with it mixed blessings. The main road, now called Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, has been expanded a few times, and now includes the Bayan Lepas Elevated Highway. New shopping malls have also been built in Bayan Baru and its immediate neighborhood. On the other hand, the growth in population has also introduced traffic congestions and jams, something foreign to the area a decade or two ago. Being caught in traffic jam is now a twice daily occurence, at every rush hour.

Amenities of Bayan Baru

Not counting those in Jalan Tengah and surrounding neighbourhoods, the only school in Bayan Baru is SK Bayan Baru, along Lorong Mahsuri 7. Petrol stations in Bayan Baru include the Shell along Jalan Mayang Pasir and the Petronas along Jalan Bahagia. The Bayan Baru Market is the only market in the area.

Getting there

Several Rapid Penang buses pass through the Bayan Baru area including 302, 304, 305, 307, 308, 401 and 502.

Location of Bayan Baru on the map

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