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Macalister Road (Jalan Macalister), George Town, Penang

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Macalister Road, George Town, Penang (7 December, 2009)

Macalister Road, or Jalan Macalister (Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 中路, Penang Hokkien: Teong3 Lor33), is one of the main thoroughfares radiating out of George Town, Penang. It was named after Colonel Norman Macalister. A confidante to Captain Francis Light, Colonel Macalister served as Governor of Penang from 1807 to 1811.


13 June, 2013: A severe thunderstorm caused the spire (lightning arrestor) of Menara UMNO to fall off and crash onto Macalister Road. It killed a lorry attendant Jahir Hussain Sulaiman, 46, and a hawker, Lim Chin Aik, 44, whose car was forced six meters into the ground.

Map of sights along Macalister Road

Hotels along Macalister Road

  1. 118 Hotel Macalister (GPS: 5.41811, 100.31938)
  2. G-Inn (GPS: 5.41811, 100.31938)
  3. Travelodge Georgetown (GPS: 5.41663, 100.32295)
  4. Grand Inn (GPS: 5.41875, 100.31825)
  5. Macalister Mansion (GPS: 5.41917, 100.31872)
  6. Old Budget Hotel (GPS: 5.41472, 100.32772)
  7. Red Rock Hotel (GPS: 5.41695, 100.32326)

Sights along Macalister Road

Between Komtar and Anson Road

  1. Kek Lok Hiang Temple (Da Yuen Fo Tang) (GPS: 5.41734, 100.32229)
  2. Menara UMNO (GPS: 5.41606, 100.32517)
  3. Penang Hokkien Association (GPS: 5.41592, 100.32396)
  4. Penang Museum at Macalister originally the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (GPS: 5.41514, 100.32553)
  5. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Centre (Penang Philomatic Union) (GPS: 5.41563, 100.32424)
Between Anson Road and Residency Road

  1. Baobab Tree(GPS: 5.42205, 100.31236)
  2. Little Heritage House(GPS: 5.41857, 100.31872)
  3. Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre(GPS: 5.41971, 100.31811)
  4. YMCA Penang (GPS: 5.421, 100.31435)
Between Residency Road and Western Road

  1. Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society(GPS: 5.42289, 100.31147)
  2. Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society (GPS: 5.42328, 100.30471)
  3. DISTED College(GPS: 5.4236, 100.30763)
  4. Indian Heritage Museum / Penang Hindu Endowments Board (GPS: 5.4213, 100.30417)
  5. Sri Teratai(GPS: 5.42332, 100.30936)

Eateries along Macalister Road

  1. Craven Cafe (GPS: 5.41414, 100.32838)
  2. De Wok & Pan Cafe (GPS: 5.41908, 100.31768)
  3. DeHappy Seafood Restaurant (GPS: 5.415, 100.32719)
  4. Hin Leong Coffee Shop
  5. Hong Kong Tea Garden (GPS: 5.41644, 100.32391)
  6. Hwa Wei Cafe (GPS: 5.41685, 100.32245)
  7. Kafe Dalong (GPS: 5.41498, 100.32629)
  8. Kedai Kopi Tien Lai (GPS: 5.41649, 100.32383)
  9. Kedai Makanan Sin Nam Huat (GPS: 5.41906, 100.31795)
  10. Kiah Hong Coffee Garden
  11. Lam Heng Cafe (Sisters Char Koay Teow)
  12. LK Western & Fruit Tea Cafe (GPS: 5.41625, 100.32433)
  13. Luk Yea Yan Vegetarian Restaurant
  14. Mahkota Padang (Yang Sheng Cafe)
  15. New Lane Hawker Centre (GPS: 5.41488, 100.32662)
  16. Pelita Nasi Kandar, Macalister Branch (GPS: 5.41618, 100.32452)
  17. Pinang Delicious Food Court (GPS: 5.4168, 100.32265)
  18. Restoran Sup Hameed (GPS: 5.41428, 100.32802)
  19. Restoran Xiang Peng Peng (GPS: 5.417, 100.32273)
  20. Restoran Zim Sum (GPS: 5.41508, 100.32707)
  21. Seahorse Cafeteria (GPS: 5.41662, 100.32359)
  22. Sin Kim Sun Coffee Centre (GPS: 5.41656, 100.3238)
  23. Sin Yin Nam Cafe (GPS: 5.41492, 100.32638)
  24. Sri Ananda Bahwan (GPS: 5.41492, 100.32638)
  25. Sri Moorthy Restaurant (nasi kandar)
  26. Town Steamboat Restaurant (GPS: 5.41577, 100.32483)
  27. Yi Garden Cafe (GPS: 5.41632, 100.32416)
  28. Yi Xiang Bak Kut Teh (GPS: 5.41517, 100.32674)
  29. Yummy Cottage (GPS: 5.41659, 100.32307)
  30. ZEST Bar Cafe

Petrol Stations along Macalister Road

  1. Petron Jalan Macalister (GPS: 5.41613, 100.32359)

Banks along Macalister Road

  1. Bank Simpanan Nasional (GPS: 5.4144, 100.32774)
  2. Public Bank (GPS: 5.41553, 100.32611)

Hospitals along Macalister Road

  1. Island Hospital (GPS: 5.42175, 100.31393)

Schools along Macalister Road

  1. Odyssey Macalister (GPS: 5.42378, 100.30547)
  2. St Christopher's International School (GPS: 5.42398, 100.30614)
  3. St George's Girls' School (GPS: 5.42273, 100.30811)

Mosques along Macalister Road

  1. Masjid Jamek Simpang Enam (GPS: 5.41454, 100.32811 )
  2. Masjid Pakistan (GPS: 5.41559, 100.32512)

Churches along Macalister Road

  1. Cantonese Methodist Church (GPS: 5.42084, 100.31466)
  2. Church of Our Lady of Sorrows (GPS: 5.41423, 100.32679)
  3. Penang Baptist Church (GPS: 5.41879, 100.31946)
  4. Penang First Assembly of God (GPS: 5.42047, 100.31649)
  5. St Paul's Church (GPS: 5.41492, 100.3274)

Clinics on Macalister Road

Organisations on Macalister Road

  1. Catholic Diocesan Centre (GPS: 5.42105, 100.31563)
  2. Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia Office (GPS: 5.41864, 100.31853)

Commercial Properties along Macalister Road

  1. Bangunan Persatuan Melayu Pulau Pinang (GPS: 5.41713, 100.32172)
  2. EcoWorld Gallery @ Macalister (GPS: 5.41732, 100.32136)
  3. Persatuan Un Khuay Building (GPS: 5.42041, 100.31544)
  4. Wisma Central (GPS: 5.41466, 100.32678)
  5. Wisma Lister Garden (GPS: 5.4175, 100.32063)

Government Properties along Macalister Road

  1. Pusat Kegiatan Guru Kelawai (GPS: 5.41604, 100.32377)

Schools along Macalister Road

  1. Heng Ee Primary School (GPS: 5.41436, 100.3272)

Apartments along Macalister Road

  1. Noble Villa (GPS: 5.41858, 100.32007)

Condominiums along Macalister Road

  1. Scott Residences (GPS: 5.419, 100.31923)
  2. Residences 21 (GPS: 5.41794, 100.31973)
  3. Tropicana 218 Macalister (GPS: 5.41806, 100.32102)

Businesses along Macalister Road

  1. 7 Eleven Macalister Road (GPS: 5.41612, 100.32462)
  2. Aegean Flowers & Gifts
  3. Affin Bank
  4. Aspial Wedding
  5. Avion Holidays (travel agency)
  6. Ban Heang Biscuit Shop (GPS: 5.4167, 100.32342)
  7. Bank Simpanan Nasional
  8. Choo Dental Surgery
  9. Crystal Brides
  10. Filtered Water Car Wash
  11. Ghee Hiang (local pastries) (GPS: 5.41784, 100.32164)
  12. Guang Ming Daily (GPS: 5.41581, 100.32408)
  13. Happy Mart
  14. Jigsaw Hair Salon
  15. K-9 Pets (GPS: 5.41968, 100.3176)
  16. La Berry Wedding & Decoration (GPS: 5.41715, 100.32187)
  17. Lite-Glow (lighting store)
  18. Men's Tailor
  19. Neighbourhood Pharmacy (GPS: 5.41648, 100.32333)
  20. Nutrimed Pharmacy
  21. Passion School of Hair Design
  22. Pusat Cuci Kereta Automatik (GPS: 5.41594, 100.32534)
  23. Red Knot Wedding (bridal house)
  24. Sam Ah Chow & Co.
  25. Sin Chew Daily (GPS: 5.41592, 100.32396)
  26. Sin-Pen Travel (GPS: 5.4171, 100.32192)
  27. Techcom Solutions

Macalister Road, George TownMacalister Road, George Town (30 June, 2018)

History of Macalister Road

Macalister Road was built in stages to eventually achieve its present length. For much of the first hundred years of its existence, it was a dirt track out of George Town. It starts at Magazine Circus, the six-point junction (with Gladstone Road removed, now there's only five points to the junction) in front of present-day Komtar, and ends at Western Road (Jalan Utama).

As with all main roads in Penang, Macalister Road follows a complicated traffic flow. From Komtar to Anson Road, traffic flows both ways. From Anson Road to Perak Road, it flows eastward. From Perak Road to Residency Road, it flows westward while from Residency Road to Western Road, it again flows eastward.

Coffee shop along Macalister Road, at the junction with Jalan Zainal Abidin (25 November, 2012)

The character of Macalister Road is as diverse as its traffic flow. From Komtar to Anson Road, it is a concrete jungle with trees and built-up area close to the road. Within this section is the former King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, the Menara Umno and the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.

Macalister Road becomes increasingly leafy beyond the Anson Road junction. Tall Angsana trees (Pterocarpus indicus), a Penang living heritage, were planted along Macalister Road by Charles Curtis, curator of the Penang Botanic Gardens in the late 19th century. The famous Sisters Char Koay Teow is located near the junction with Perak Road.

Macalister Road is a thoroughfare between Perak Road and Residency Road. YMCA and Island Hospital are located on this stretch. The famous Baobab Tree tree planted by Captain Speedy is at the junction of Residency Road.

Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre (8 December 2009)

The final stretch of Macalister Road is also a fast-speed thoroughfare, but runs in oppose direction from the earlier stretch. The official residence of the Penang Chief Minister, Sri Teratai, is located here, as is the St George's Girls School. Two Buddhist welfare associations, Tzu Chi and Che Hoon Khor, are also found along this stretch.

Getting there

Due to its length, several buses pass through Macalister Road. Check the Rapid Penang Bus Routes to determine the right bus to go to specific stretch of the road. Buses 10, 101, 104 and 304 pass through Macalister Road.

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Building on Macalister Road, today part of the Penang State Museum (3 August, 2008)

List of Streets in Penang and Streets in Malaysia

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