Directory of 201Businesses in Penang

The Directory of Businesses in Penang is a manually built list of businesses. It is a subset of my Directory of Businesses in Malaysia. To add your business to this directory, fill up this form. There is a small one-time fee for inclusion to this directory. For details, read here. I reserve the right to exclude any businesses without providing a reason.

  1. 7-Elevens
  2. Accounting Firms
  3. Advertising & Billboards
  4. Air Conditioners
  5. Alternative Medicine Centres
  6. Anakku Stores of Baby Products
  7. Antiques Shops
  8. Architects
  9. Art Centres
  10. Art Galleries
  11. Associations
  12. Auto Gates
  13. Auto Repairs and Mechanics
  14. Baby & Infant Products
  15. Bakeries
  16. Baking Equipment and Supplies
  17. Banks
  18. Barbers
  19. Baskin Robbins
  20. Bathroom Fixtures
  21. Batik
  22. Bee Cheng Hiang
  23. Bicycle Shops
  24. Blood Test Labs
  25. Bookstores
  26. Boutiques
  27. Brassware
  28. Bridal Houses
  29. Butchers
  30. Cameras
  31. Car Air-Conditioners
  32. Car Accessories
  33. Car Parks
  34. Car Rental Companies
  35. Car Repair
  36. Car Showrooms
  37. Car Wash
  38. Carpets
  39. Chinese Medical Halls
  40. Chinese Physicians
  41. Chinese Prayer Items
  42. Chinese Wedding Customary Masters
  43. Chiropractors
  44. Cleaning Services (Maids & Janitors)
  45. Clinics
  46. Clocks & Watches
  47. Clothes & Textile
  48. Computer Hardware Stores
  49. Computer Repair
  50. Confinement Centres & Postnatal Care
  51. Construction Companies
  52. Contractors
  53. Cooking Gas
  54. Crockery Dealers
  55. Curtains
  56. Dance Studios
  57. Dental Clinics
  58. Design & Creative Agencies
  59. Developers
  60. DiGi Stores
  61. Electrical Appliances Shops
  62. Electricians and Wiremen
  63. Emcees (Masters of Ceremony)
  64. Employment & Recruitment Agencies
  65. Engineering Solutions
  66. Equipment Suppliers
  67. Eu Yan Sang outlets
  68. Event Management
  69. Express Bus Companies
  70. Exterminators
  71. Factories
  72. Fashion Accessories
  73. Financial Institutions
  74. Flooring
  75. Florists
  76. Flyer Distributors
  77. Food Delivery (Park3 Chye3) and Catering
  78. Foot Reflexology
  79. Frame Makers
  80. Freight Forwarders
  81. Funeral Parlours
  82. Furniture Shops
  83. Garden Centres & Plant Nurseries
  84. Georgetown Pharmacy outlets
  85. Government Departments
  86. Green Building Consultants
  87. Guardian Pharmacy outlets
  88. Guest Houses
  89. Gyms and Fitness Centres
  90. Hair Dressing Salons & Academies
  91. Handicrafts and Novelty Shops
  92. Happy Mart Convenience Stores
  93. Hardware Stores
  94. Heavy Machineries
  95. Home Furnishing
  96. Indian Fashion Accessories
  97. Insurance Companies
  98. Internet Cafes
  99. Interior Decorators
  100. IT Solutions
  101. Jewellers and Goldsmiths
  102. KFC Restaurants
  103. Kitchens
  104. Kitchen Appliances & Utensils
  105. Laundry Services and Laundrettes
  106. Lawyer Firms
  107. Learning Centres
  108. Lighting Stores
  109. Liquor Dealers
  110. Locksmiths
  111. Luggage Bags
  112. Luggage Bag Repair
  113. Maids & Foreign Workers Agencies
  114. Manicurists and Tattoo Artists
  115. Massage Centres
  116. Massage by the Blind
  117. Maxis Customer Centres
  118. McDonald's Restaurants
  119. Medical Labs
  120. Medical Specialists
  121. Medicated Tea Stalls
  122. Metal Works & Foundries
  123. Mini Markets
  124. Mobile Phones
  125. Money Changers
  126. Motorcycle Dealers
  127. Motorcycle Repair
  128. Moving Companies
  129. Multimedia Companies
  130. Music Schools
  131. Musical Instruments
  132. Newsagents
  133. Nurseries, Child-Care Centres, Kindergartens & Pre-Schools
  134. Nursing & Senior Citizen Homes
  135. Nutritional & Wellness Products
  136. Old Town White Coffee Outlets
  137. Odd Job Workers
  138. Opticians and Optometrists
  139. Organic Food
  140. Pawn Shops
  141. Pelita Nasi Kandar Restaurants
  142. Pet Shops and Aquariums
  143. Pharmacies and Dispensaries
  144. Photo Studios
  145. Photocopier Sales & Service
  146. Pizza Hut Restaurants
  147. Plumbers
  148. Plastic Surgery
  149. Post Offices
  150. Printing & Photostating
  151. Public Toilets
  152. Rattan and Wicker Shops
  153. Real Estate Agencies
  154. Recycling Centres
  155. Refrigerator Repairs
  156. Restaurant Chains
  157. Roof Repairs
  158. Rubber Stamp Makers
  159. Scrap Metal Traders
  160. Secret Recipe Restaurants
  161. Self Development Centres (inc. yoga, meditation, crafts, hobby classes)
  162. Sewing Machine Repair Service
  163. Shoes
  164. Shops (Miscellaneous)
  165. Shopping Malls
  166. Shops selling Travellers Knickknacks
  167. Singer Household Appliance Stores
  168. Skin Specialist Clinics
  169. Skincare Centres and Beauty Parlours
  170. Slimming Specialists
  171. Spas
  172. Specialty Shops
  173. Sports Goods
  174. Stationery Shops
  175. Starbucks Coffee
  176. Stock Brokers
  177. Subway Restaurants
  178. Sushi King Restaurants
  179. Tailors
  180. Tea
  181. Tiles
  182. Titbits
  183. TM Point outlets
  184. Toys
  185. Trainers (Corporate Training Consultants)
  186. Transport Companies
  187. Travel Agencies
  188. Tuition Centres
  189. Tutti Frutti Outlets
  190. Tyres
  191. Undertakers
  192. Unique Businesses
  193. US Pizza
  194. Used Car Dealers
  195. Veterinary Clinics
  196. Washing Machine Repairs
  197. Watsons Outlets
  198. Web Design Companies
  199. Wedding Bands
  200. Wedding Photographers
  201. Wholesalers and Importers

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