Bayan Lepas

Aerial view of Bayan LepasAerial view of Bayan Lepas (6 January, 2017)

Bayan Lepas (English: 5.29487, 100.25954; Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 峇六拜, Pinyin: Bā Liùbài; Penang Hokkien: Ba3 Lark3pai4 , often contracted to Ba3 Pai4 ) is a district in the southeastern part of Penang Island. The district is named after the Bayan Lepas town located to the south, and includes other towns such as Batu Maung, Kampung Seronok, Kampung Binjai, Permatang Damar Laut, among others. In the mid 1970's the new township of Bayan Baru was created, and has since become a major suburb of a greater Penang metropolitan area.

The name Bayan Lepas means "the parakeet has flown away". According to the story, a wealthy Sumatran family had arrived by boat at the coast of Bayan Lepas some time in the late 19th century. During the commotion of coming to shore, their pet parakeet escaped. The incident became the basis for the name of the place, Bayan Lepas.

Location of sights around the Bayan Lepas Town

Sights in Bayan Lepas

  1. Bayan Lepas Muslim Cemetery
  2. Malaysia Airport Training Centre (GPS: 5.29606, 100.26601)
  3. Mitsubishi Motors Service Centre (GPS: 5.2994, 100.27071)
  4. Nissan Service Centre (GPS: 5.30005, 100.27132)
  5. Penang International Airport (GPS: 5.29357, 100.26601)
  6. Perkampungan Polis Bayan Indah (GPS: 5.29821, 100.2691)
  7. Saujana Damai Apartment (GPS: 5.30111, 100.26905)
  8. SJK (c) Chung Shan (GPS: 5.29789, 100.27002)
  9. SMJK Heng Ee Cawangan Bayan Baru (GPS: 5.3036, 100.27245)
  10. Snake Temple
  11. Soka Gakkai Malaysia (GPS: 5.29909, 100.27031)
  12. Straits International School (GPS: 5.29759, 100.2678)
  13. The Star Media Group (GPS: 5.29759, 100.2678)

Hotels & other accommodation providers in Bayan Lepas

Many of the hotels in the Bayan Lepas area cater to visitors to the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone. There aren't any within the village centre, with the majority in the Bayan Baru area. The bigger ones include Olive Tree Hotel and Hotel Seri Malaysia.

  1. Alora Hotel
  2. Econtel
  3. Eastin Hotel
  4. Econtel Hotel
  5. Hotel Equatorial
  6. Hotel EST
  7. Hotel Seri Malaysia
  8. Island Hostel
  9. Olive Tree Hotel
  10. OK Hotel
  11. Penang Vacation Home
  12. TH Hotel
  13. The CEO Duplex Deluxe Suite
  14. The CEO Duplex Premier Suite
  15. The CEO Duplex Studio Suite
  16. The Corum View Hotel
  17. The Krystal Suites Service Apartment
  18. Vistana Hotel
  19. Xin Penang Apartment

Coffee Shops and Restaurants

  1. Bangkok Tomyam
  2. Cargas Cafe
  3. Joo Seng Bee Cafe
  4. Nam Koo Coffee shop
  5. Nasi Kandar Line Clear Bayan Lepas
  6. Nasi Kandar Makbul outlets
  7. Restoran Haniffa
  8. Restoran Payung
  9. Restoran Qayyum
  10. Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant
  11. Tong Kayu Cafe

Petrol Stations in Bayan Lepas

  1. Shell Bayan Lepas

Clinics in Bayan Lepas

  1. Family Dental Surgery
  2. Siak Dental Surgery

Apartments and Condominiums in Bayan Lepas

  1. Bayan Permai Apartment
  2. Halaman Murni Apartment
  3. Setia Tri-Angle
  4. Sri Bayu Apartment

Landed properties in Bayan Lepas

  1. Sathu Terraces

Commercial Properties in Bayan Lepas

  1. Sunway Prima

Businesses in Bayan Lepas Town

  1. AJ Tyre and Car Services
  2. Bayan Lepas Mini Market
  3. BLR Powers Motor
  4. Brothers Hair Dressing Saloon
  5. Eye-Spec Optical
  6. Farmasi Bayan
  7. Gen-3 Trading Bicycle Shop
  8. HBH Trading
  9. K9 Eternity Net House
  10. Kedai Emas Imej Indah
  11. Kedai Gunting Rambut Gaya Ratna
  12. Kedai Jam Seong Heng
  13. Kedai Motor Seong
  14. Kedai Motor Two Wheel
  15. Kedai Motosikal Abe Motor
  16. Kedai Motosikal Racing Star Trading
  17. Kedai Runcit Abdul Mutalibu & Partners
  18. Kedai Runcit Bean Heng Chan
  19. Kedai Runcit Han Guan
  20. Kedai Runcit Kong Hoe Hin
  21. Kedai Tin Bayan Lepas
  22. Leng Lee Motor
  23. Lim Bicycle Shop
  24. M. Mohabadulla Enterprise
  25. Mini Market Kim Hoe
  26. Mita Furniture Enterprise (furniture shop)
  27. Nardock Performance
  28. Pasar Mini AA (sundry shop)
  29. Pasar Mini Future (sundry shop)
  30. Perniagaan Basikal Guan Lee (bicycle shop)
  31. Perniagaan Bayan Lepas (sundry shop)
  32. Perniagaan Perabut Heng (furniture shop)
  33. R2 Twin Enterprise
  34. Sebagus Travel & Tours
  35. Summit Top Enterprise
  36. SY Motor Racing
  37. Syarikat United Radio
  38. Tamin Store

Streets in Bayan Lepas

  1. Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim
  2. Jalan Tun Dr Awang
  3. Persiaran Rajawali

Jalan Bayan Lepas, the main road of Bayan Lepas villageJalan Bayan Lepas, the main road of Bayan Lepas village (4 February, 2013)

The pekan, or village centre, of Bayan Lepas. The houses along this row have been demolished for the road expansion. (12 July 2008)

Bayan Lepas MarketBayan Lepas Market (12 July, 2008)

The name Bayan Lepas is appropriate for a site that has been an airstrip for Penang since the earlier part of the 20th century. The Bayan Lepas airstrip has been expanded several times, and is known today the Penang International Airport, the second busiest airport in Malaysia. Perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Bayan Lepas is the world famous Snake Temple, located in the area called Sungai Keluang.

Pekan Bayan Lepas

The pekan or town centre of Bayan Lepas is located at the junction of Jalan Bayan Lepas and Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim (formerly Jalan Sungai Ara). This is the location of the Bayan Lepas Market, a convenient meeting point for villages in the surrounding area. Until recently (early 2015), the old town of Bayan Lepas has remained very much unchanged. It is still lined on both sides by early 20th century shophouses, resulting in a bottleneck for traffic passing through to the southern part of Penang Island. The town is the site of a major police station as well as a market, which was built in 1930.

Bayan Lepas pre-war townhouseBayan Lepas pre-war townhouse, one of those demolished for the road expansion. (4 February, 2014)

Bayan Lepas pre-war shophousePre-war shophouses demolished for the road expansion (4 February, 2014)

Chong Shan School Union BuildingChong Shan School Union Building, now demolished (4 February, 2014)

Updates on Bayan Lepas

7 November, 2015: The Star reports that the state government has approved land reclamation in the Bayan Bay and Bayan Mutiara neighbourhoods of Bayan Lepas. The reclaimation is to be carried out by Ivory Tropicana (14 hectares/35 acres) and Gim Ventures (10 hectares/24.79 acres). The reclamation will enable the construction of 2,100 houses, a velodrome, a football field, basketball court, volleyball courts, an international standard swimming pool and diving pool.

During the second quarter of 2015, some forty shophouses on the south side of Jalan Bayan Lepas were demolished to make way for the road expansion project. They include a number of pre-war houses. This is part of a RM207 million federal project that will also affect the Bayan Lepas Police Station and its quarters, the Department of Civil Aviation and the Bayan Lepas Community Hall.

The road expansion will include two overhead bridges - a four-lane 750-meter elevated structure from Jalan Teluk Kumbar to the Penang International Airport, and an elevated U-turn.1 This is part of a parcel of Federal roadworks to alleviate traffic congestion following the completion of the Second Penang Bridge.

Madrasah Khairiah Islamiah, Bayan LepasMusallah Kampung Bukit with its religious school, Madrasah Khairiah Islamiah in Bayan Lepas (2 February, 2013)

Getting there

Several Rapid Penang buses pass through the Bayan Lepas area as well as its towns and villages. Among the buses include 302, 304, 305, 307, 308, 401 and 502.


There are several markets to choose from within Bayan Lepas, the biggest being the Bayan Baru Market. There are also smaller community markets in Bayan Lepas town and Batu Maung. Sunshine Square and Jusco are two of the department stores in this area. Bukit Jambul Complex and Queensbay Mall are the shopping malls here, while Giant Hypermarket in Bayan Baru township is the hypermarket in the Bayan Lepas area. The Bayan Lepas Post Office and Queensbay Mall Post Office are in the township.

Bayan Lepas is on the map of Penang


  1. The Star (6 January, 2015): Shoplots to make way for new project

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