Teluk Kumbar, Penang

Jetty at Teluk KumbarJetty at Teluk Kumbar (1 November, 2003)

Teluk Kumbar (GPS: 5.28807, 100.23206), (Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 公巴; Pinyin: Gōngba; Penang Hokkien: Kong3pa1) is a small fishing village on the southern part of Penang Island. There used to be a depot for the Penang Yellow Bus here, but it has since become disused. In the pekan or town centre, you can see mostly Chinese-style rural houses with zinc roofs huddled close to the main road.

Teluk Kumbar's call to fame among Penangites is seafood. At Teluk Kumbar are several seaside restaurants specializing in seafood, the most popular of which is a Chinese establishment called Good Friend Seafood, located behind the disused Yellow Bus Workshop near Pekan Teluk Kumbar, with a good view of the sun setting off Gertak Sanggul.

Location of sights in Teluk Kumbar on the map

Hotels in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Lexis Suites Penang (GPS: 5.28721, 100.23276)

Sights in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Penang Yellow Bus Depot
  2. Sungai Batu
  3. Teluk Bayu
  4. Tasik Teluk Bayu

Eateries and Restaurants in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Ayu Mee Udang (GPS: 5.28889, 100.22866)
  2. Good Friend Seafood (GPS: 5.28644, 100.233)
  3. Hai Boey Seafood (GPS: 5.28264, 100.21772)
  4. Ikan Bakar Sri Anjung
  5. Kedai Kopi Pak Yop
  6. Restoran Khun Thai (GPS: 5.28188, 100.21957)

Mosques in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Masjid Jamek Kampung Masjid (GPS: 5.29465, 100.22805)
  2. Masjid Ridwaniah Sungai Batu (GPS: 5.28602, 100.24098)

Schools in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Sekolah Rendah Yang Cheng (GPS: 5.28743, 100.2332)
  2. Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Batu (GPS: 5.28749, 100.24246)

Businesses in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Cahaya Cerah Elektrik
  2. Fung Hong Hardware Trading
  3. Happy Door Decoration Enterprise
  4. Hong Motor & Machinery Service
  5. Kedai Biskut Kim Thye
  6. Kedai Gambar Memory Photo Image
  7. Materi School Uniform Centre
  8. Neoh Teong Jit Motor
  9. Poliklinik Prestige
  10. Pusat Tuisyen Iqra Ilmu
  11. Taycon Motor
  12. Top Notch Motor Repair & Service
  13. Virginstar Enterprise

Schools in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Sekolah Rendah Yang Cheng
  2. Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Bayu
  3. Sekolah Kebangsaan Teluk Kumbar
  4. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Teluk Kumbar
  5. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Teluk Kumbar 2
  6. Sekolah Rendah Sungai Batu

Neighbourhoods of Teluk Kumbar

  1. Gertak Sanggul
  2. Kampung Masjid
  3. Sri Jaya Industrial Estate
  4. Sungai Batu

Residential Properties in Teluk Kumbar

  1. Cascara 88
  2. Desa Pantai Indah
  3. D'Zone Condominium
  4. Emerald Park
  5. Flat Perda Teluk Kumbar
  6. Krystal Country Homes
  7. Pavilion Resort Condominium
  8. Platinum III (GPS: 5.28821, 100.24926)
  9. Prestige Heights (Taman Widuri)
  10. Sona Park
  11. Sunway Aspera Sungai Batu
  12. Taman Batu Bukit
  13. Teluk Kumbar Heights
  14. Taman Kumbar Permai
  15. Taman Matahari Naik
  16. Taman Sahabat
  17. Taman Seri Pantai
  18. Taman Sri Kumbar
  19. Taman Vanilla
  20. Teluk Kumbar Heights
  21. The Qbees
  22. Vanilla Bay
  23. Verona Thirty Two

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Teluk Kumbar Coast

The coastal areas of Teluk Kumbar includes a seaside promenade. Enter to view more photos.

Teluk Kumbar road wideningTeluk Kumbar road widening (29 November, 2014)


December, 2015 A new dispersal system has improved on the traffic at the Teluk Kumbar-Bayan Lepas Junction.

6 January, 2015
The Star reports that a RM207 million project, part of a four-part traffic dispersal system, is expected to improve traffic flow between Bayan Lepas and Teluk Kumbar. The project comprises a 4-lane 750-meter elevated highway connecting Jalan Teluk Kumbar to the airport, with an elevated U-turn, and the widening of Jalan Teluk Kumbar from one lane each way to two lanes.

Jalan Teluk KumbarJalan Teluk Kumbar (2 February, 2013)

Another popular fare from Teluk Kumbar is mee udang, a spicy noodle dish cooked with big-sized prawns sold mostly at the Malay stalls, and available during lunch time. Many office workers from the Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone visit it during lunch.

Once a sleepy haven, Teluk Kumbar has in recent years seen much housing development all along Jalan Teluk Kumbar. This includes high-rise apartment blocks as well as upscale residential estates. Due to its increased population over the past decade, Teluk Kumbar now experiences traffic jams, particular at the approach to the Bayan Lepas intersection. At time of this update (April, 2014), plans are afoot to construct an elevated highway to bypass Bayan Lepas town centre and alleviate the congestion. Once that is completed, it is hoped that the daily traffic jams will be a thing of the past.

Fishing boats, Teluk KumbarFishing boats, Teluk Kumbar (1 November, 2003)

Jalan Teluk Kumbar is the only main road in the area. Branching off from Jalan Teluk Kumbar are smaller village roads which usually ends by the seaside. The include Jalan Sungai Batu and Jalan Gertak Sanggul, both serving their namesake villages.

Despite the recent development that Teluk Kumbar experiences, the town of Teluk Kumbar still provides a languid feel that is different form what you would experience on the east coast of Penang Island. The best time to visit Teluk Kumbar is on the morning of a weekend, when you can drive at a leisurely pace through this area and not having to get stuck in the traffic jams, which worsen as late afternoon approaches.

View from Teluk Kumbar towards Pulau RimauView from Teluk Kumbar towards Pulau Rimau (1 November, 2003)

Traffic in Teluk Kumbar

There is only one main road in Teluk Kumbar. It is the same Route 6 that circles Penang Island. Traffic along this route is heavy, particularly during rush hours. Those planning to purchase properties in Teluk Kumbar should also take note of the traffic lights at the intersection of Jalan Bayan Lepas with Jalan Permatang Damar Laut which causes daily congestions during peak hours. Often, you may be stuck in queue for twenty minutes or more.

Getting to Teluk Kumbar

Take Rapid Penang 308, 401 and 401E to reach Teluk Kumbar.

Location of Teluk Kumbar on the map

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