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Jalan Jelutong, PenangJalan Jelutong, Penang (22 September, 2012)

Jelutong Main Road or Jalan Jelutong is one of the major roads out of George Town. It starts immediately after the Sungai Pinang Bridge, near Masjid Maqbul, and ends at Bukit Dumbar in Gelugor.

Jelutong is named after the tree Dyera costulata, which is now commercially grown for timber. There is presently no available documentation of how Jelutong in Penang got its name, other than the obvious, that the area has numerous Jelutong trees. The earliest settlers in Jelutong are the Malays and North Sumatrans. They created settlements along Sungai Pinang. Places such as Kampung Rawa trace its origin to the original settlers which arrived even earlier than Francis Light.

Location of sights along Jalan Jelutong on the map

Sights along Jalan Jelutong

  1. Cheoh Thau Kong Temple (GPS: 5.39509, 100.31784)
  2. D'Mansion @ Dumbar Heights (GPS: 5.3866, 100.31282)
  3. H2O Condominium (GPS: 5.39696, 100.31924)
  4. Hsieh Thien Kong Temple (GPS: 5.38728, 100.31275)
  5. Kang Har Tong (GPS: 5.4011, 100.32269)
  6. Leng Eng Tong
  7. Masjid Jamek Jelutong (GPS: 5.39174, 100.31404)
  8. Masjid Maqbul (GPS: 5.40428, 100.32596)
  9. Menara Riverview (GPS: 5.40268, 100.32554)
  10. Richmond Residences (GPS: 5.39222, 100.31546)
  11. Sheikh Al-Hadi's House (GPS: 5.39362, 100.31515)
  12. SJK (C) Moh Ghee Cawangan (GPS: 5.40035, 100.32167)
  13. SK Jelutong (GPS: 5.39473, 100.31674)
  14. Straits Garden (GPS: 5.39515, 100.31753)
  15. Sungai Pinang Bridge (GPS: 5.40428, 100.32596)
  16. Taman Mutiara Villa (GPS: 5.39849, 100.32088)

Petrol Stations along Jalan Jelutong

  1. BHP Petrol Jalan Jelutong (GPS: 5.39987, 100.32213)
  2. Petron Jalan Jelutong (GPS: 5.39954, 100.3215)
  3. Shell Jalan Jelutong (GPS: 5.39572, 100.31813)

Coffee Shops and Restaurants along Jalan Jelutong

Businesses along Jalan Jelutong

  1. Sime Darby Auto Hyundai (GPS: 5.40184, 100.32308)
  2. UMW Toyota Motor (GPS: 5.40355, 100.32537)

Streets off Jelutong Main Road

Jelutong developed as a working class neighbourhood for George Town. In the mid 19th century, when the land there was newly cleared, Jelutong was farmland. This eventually was replaced by all forms of industries, many of which use the Sungai Pinang river as a waste disposal, making it one of the most polluted in the country. In recent years, the river will undergo rehabilitation, which hopefully will clean it up and make it a pristine waterway.

View of Jalan JelutongView of Jalan Jelutong (4 June, 2013)

Getting there

From the Weld Quay Ferry & Bus Terminal, take Rapid Penang Bus Nos 301, 302, 401 and 704 that pass through Jalan Jelutong.

View of Jelutong with Masjid Maqbul and Sungai Pinang Bridge (2 December 2008)

Jalan Jelutong, near Perak Lane junction (2 December 2008)

Jelutong near the Perak Lane junction (6 October, 2012)

Old houses along Jalan Jelutong, near the junction with Sungai Pinang Road (20 December, 2008)

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