Odeon - The Visitor Gallery

Odeon - The Visitor GalleryOdeon - The Visitor Gallery (6 July, 2015)

Odeon - The Visitor Gallery (GPS: 5.42022, 100.33253) is an interactive art museum and gallery on Penang Road in George Town, Penang. It is formerly the Odeon Cinema, one of the few standalone cinemas in the city. Odeon - The Visitor Gallery is located along , facing the junction with Leith Street and Chulia Street.

Odeon The Visitor GalleryOdeon The Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GalleryThe people behind Odeon The Visitor Gallery - Miss Chin, Yvonne and Fione (22 June, 2015)

Limited Time Promotion

Capture a photo of the above logo and show it when you visit Odeon the Visitor Gallery, to enjoy a buy one free one admittance. Just present the logo on your phone at the ticket counter. This is valid till 31 December, 2015.

Visiting Details

Odeon, the Visitor Gallery, is open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm daily during the Ramadhan month. Opening hours may be extended to 6:30 pm after Ramadhan (to be reconfirmed).

Entrance Fees
Adults (>18): RM55 RM28 per person
Senior Citizen: RM30 RM15 per person
Young Adults (13 to 18): RM30 RM15 per person
Children (4 to 12): RM20 RM10

Holders of the Truly Malaysia passbok enjoy a 20% discount on any normal rates. Terms & Condition Apply.

A Trip to the Asylum

Let's make a trip to Odeon, the Visitor Gallery. I have my ticket here, now let's go in. We will visit Kimagination Odeon, the Comic Interactive Hall with comics by famous South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi. These should all be self-explanatory!

Odeon The Visitor GalleryOdeon The Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GalleryOdeon The Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GalleryOdeon The Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GalleryOdeon The Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GalleryOdeon The Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GalleryOdeon The Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GalleryHere I am on a trishaw (22 June, 2015)

Odeon The Visitor GallerySitting with Miss Chan, one of the owners of Odeon Visitor Gallery (22 June, 2015)

360° View of Odeon - The Visitor Gallery on Google Maps Street View

Odeon Before & After

Here's something cool: if you hold up this tablet at Odeon, it will show you how the theatre looked like before. As you move it around, it will also move corresponding to the direction to point the tablet, giving you the "before" view of Odeon versus the "present" one around you!

Odeon Before and AfterOdeon Before and After (22 June, 2015)

Updates on Odeon

2 June, 2015 South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi is working on an art piece in front of the Odeon. The 8-meter-long artwork, when completed, is expected to be the longest drawing by an individual for the Fisheye Art Illustration category. The 40-year-old Mr Kim will work on the drawing at intervals from 2 June, with expectation that it will be completed by Sunday, 7 June, 2015, in time for the soft opening of Odeon - The Visitor Gallery. This was also reported in The Star Metro on 3 June, 2015, entitled Artist starts world record bid with 8m art.

Artist Kim Jung Gi with Odeon Visitor Gallery director Leong Hoy Yoke.

South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi at OdeonSouth Korean artist Kim Jung Gi at Odeon (4 June, 2015)

South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi at OdeonArtist Kim Jung Gi at work on his art piece (4 June, 2015)

South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi at OdeonA portion of Kim Jung Gi's art piece (4 June, 2015)

31 July, 2014 The Odeon cinema, one of the oldest cinemas in the country, closes permanently today. The building will be renovated and turned into a gallery.

The Odeon History

The Late Art Deco style of Odeon shows that it was built in the early part of the 20th century. It was named after the Odeon, which means "singing place" in ancient Greek, a name that became synonymous with cinemas in the early 20th century. (Today, the "in" word is "cineplex", short for cinema complex.)

Odeon is not its original name, however. It was know as Lyric and then King's Theatre before it got the name Odeon. The Odeon Cinema in Penang was the venue for the screening of Chinese movies, until the late 1970s, when the introduction of video caused a collapse in the local cinema industry. Eventually the Odeon was resurrected, and today screens mostly Hindi and Tamil movies. It provides a symbiotic traffic exchange with nearby Line Clear Nasi Kandar.

Getting there

The nearest bus stop is along Penang Road. It is served by Rapid Penang bus 11, 101, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 502 and CAT.

The Odeon Visitor Gallery is on the map of Penang Road

Odeon, before its reincarnation

Before becoming the art exhibition space that it is today, Odeon was formerly a cinema.

Odeon Cinema before its reincarnation (30 August, 2012)

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