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Island Glades

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Island Glades, PenangIsland Glades, Penang (3 July, 2017)

Island Glades is a residential neighbourhood in Penang. Although today it is one of the older housing estates, until the beginning of 1960, it was still countryside. Before Island Glades was developed, Green Lane was just a single country road leading south. Among the sights already established there included Convent Green Lane, land for the now Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang Free School, the Siamest Buddhist temples, and some government workers quarters.

Island Glades developed rapidly between 1960 and 1975. New houses filled up the former plantation land (hence "glades"). When they were brand new, every row had a different colour roof. So it was quite a vibrant sight. In the early 1980's there was an attempt to rename it Taman Mutiara, but that never really catch on. Today, new high rise residential housing continues to be constructed at the edges of Island Glades, as far as there were still land to build.

Sights in Island Glades

  1. Island Glades Gospel Centre (GPS: 5.38174, 100.30462)
  2. Victory Lutheran Church (GPS: 5.38041, 100.30293)

Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Island Glades

  1. A.M. Noshery (GPS: 5.38217, 100.30408)
  2. Delima Mas Cafe (GPS: 5.38202, 100.30412)
  3. Kafe Mandarin (GPS: 5.38299, 100.30423)
  4. Mutiara Selera (GPS: 5.38293, 100.30391)
  5. O & N Coffee Shop (GPS: 5.38251, 100.30434)
  6. Shim Lam Huat Chicken Rice Shop (GPS: 5.38243, 100.30402)

Businesses in Island Glades

Clinics in Island Glades

Apartments & Condominiums in Island Glades

  1. Delima Palace (GPS: 5.38454, 100.29718)
  2. Desa Mutiara (GPS: 5.37639, 100.3013)
  3. Krystal Heights (GPS: 5.38417, 100.29831)
  4. Mutiara View (GPS: 5.38454, 100.29718)

Island Glades, PenangIsland Glades, Penang (26 January, 2013)

Shophouses in Island Glades, Penang (23 September, 2012)

Public Transport in Island Glades

Island Glades is 6.2 km from Magazine Circus, making it an ideal place to stay for those working in the city. However, since the time it was developed, traffic along the road to the city has increased so much that even repeated road widening has not reduced the time taken to reach the city centre. To go to Island Glades by public transport, take Rapid Penang Bus No. 11, 206 and 304.

Island Glades, PenangHouses in Island Glades facing Yeap Chor Ee Road (16 February, 2014)

Amenities in Island Glades

The nearest schools are Hamid Khan Secondary School, Chung Hwa Confucian Secondary School, Convent Green Lane, Georgetown Secondary School, Penang Free SchoolThe nearest school in Island Glades is . The nearest market in Island Glades is the Batu Lanchang Market. However, you can also do your marketing at the grocery shops along Lorong Delima 6, the commercial row of Island Glades. The nearest shopping mall is Gembira Parade, a rather non-happening community mall with only a small number of shops. The nearest hypermarket is Tesco Penang. There are a number of petrol stations along Green Lane, including a Shell and a BHP in Island Glades, as well as a Petronas, a Caltex and another Shell further down the road. The nearest hospital is Lam Wah Ee Hospital.

Roads in Island Glades are named after the ruby, or delima in Malay (23 September, 2012)

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