Hutton Lane, George Town, Penang

Hutton Lane, between Transfer Road and Penang Road (30 August, 2012)

Hutton Lane is not really a lane, but rather a major thoroughfare that runs from Larut Road to Penang Road. As a result, it has always been known as Jalan Hutton, and not Lorong Hutton in Malay, where the mosque along it is called Masjid Jalan Hatin. (It's the same case with nearby Dindings Lane, which is translated to Jalan Dinding rather than Lorong Dinding.)

Location of sights on Hutton Lane

Hotels along Hutton Lane

  1. Hutton Lodge (GPS: 5.41968, 100.33097)
  2. Hotel Penaga (GPS: 5.41968, 100.33097)
  3. Jawi Peranakan Mansion (GPS: 5.42065, 100.32893)
  4. New Savoy Hotel (GPS: 5.42221, 100.32743)

Sights along Hutton Lane

  1. Mohd Ariff Mansion
  2. Teh Kongsi
  3. Sri Mathuraviran Temple
  4. Teh Bunga Mansion (GPS: 5.42191, 100.32771)
  5. Toi Shan Convalescent Home (GPS: 5.41968, 100.33097)

Food & Beverage outlets along Hutton Lane

  1. Eden @ Hutton Lane (GPS: 5.41942, 100.33094)
  2. Fook Cheow Cafe (GPS: 5.42142, 100.32854)
  3. Kafe Evergreen (GPS: 5.41934, 100.33106)
  4. Kafe Simple
  5. Kedai Kopi Kong Thai Lai (GPS: 5.41933, 100.33144)
  6. Mak Ee Cafe
  7. Nam Seng Hotel & Cafe (GPS: 5.42142, 100.32854)
  8. Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang (GPS: 5.4198, 100.33083)
  9. New World Park (GPS: 5.42136, 100.32717)
  10. Sakana Sushi Bar

Car Parks on Hutton Lane

  1. Hutton Lane Multi-Storey Car Park (GPS: 5.41953, 100.33117)

Schools on Hutton Lane

  1. Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Tanjong (GPS: 5.42155, 100.32783)

Businesses along Hutton Lane

  1. Ali Alavudin Book Store
  2. Chan Kwong Kee Tools & Machinery
  3. Ever Best Holidays (travel agent)
  4. Great Wall Waving Parlour
  5. Hanifa Venture (newsagent)
  6. Huang Koong Barber Shop (GPS: 5.42039, 100.33)
  7. Hutton Lane newsagent
  8. Lim Kit Choy Professional Roof Repair
  9. LKM Air-Cond & Refrigerator Works
  10. Loong Nam Biscuit Shop
  11. Mickey Motor
  12. Sunflower Home Made Cakes
  13. Syarikat Motor Matahari
  14. Venus Hair Dressing / Sunny Phoon Hair Studio

About Hutton Lane

Hutton Lane is named after a British physician named Hutton, who arrived in George Town in the early 19th Century. In 1805, Dr Hutton was the only registered doctor practicing in George Town.

Hutton Lane is today the location of the present incarnation of New World Park, an open-air food centre.

At the junction of Hutton Lane and Larut Road, there was a tank which was managed by the Tamils to sell water to the general public. As such, the site became known as Thanni Salai, meaning "water road". 1 The New Savoy Hotel (nothing like its namesake in London) is also located along Hutton Lane, housed in the Mohd Ariff Mansion, the 19th Century mansion of Malay businessman, Mohd Ariff Mohamed Tajoodin. His son is Wanchee Ariffin, is commemorated with Ariffin Road, next to Hutton Lane, and Halaman Ariffin off Burmah Road.

Pre-war houses along Hutton Lane (29 September, 2012)

Hutton Lane, between Larut Road and Transfer Road (6 May 2008)

Getting there by public transport

Hutton Lane is served by Rapid Penang 10.


  1. Khoo Salma Nasution, The Chulia in Penang (Areca Books, 2014, p.14)

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