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The History of Penang

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On this page is a list of articles related to the history of Penang that you can find on Penang Travel Tips.

General History
  1. A Condensed History of Penang
  2. Biography of Captain Francis Light
  3. British Colonial History and its Impact on Penang
  4. Chronological History of Penang
  5. Dutch Colonial History and its Impact on Penang
  6. French Colonial History and its impact on Penang
  7. Historic Cinemas of Penang
  8. Historical Plan to Relocate George Town
  9. History of the Catholics in Penang
  10. How Pulau Tikus got its name
  11. Penang on the local stage
  12. Penang on the world stage
  13. The Portuguese Age of Discovery and Penang
  14. Regional History involving Kedah
  15. When Trams ran in Penang
History of the Chinese in Penang
  1. Are you Baba Nyonya?
  2. Arrivals of the Chinese in the Malay Peninsula
  3. Chronological History of the Hokkiens in Penang
  4. History of the Hokkien Language in Penang
  5. History of the Hakka People in Penang
  6. On the Origin of Penang Chinese
  7. Uncovering the History of the Peranakan
  8. Understanding the History and Heritage Sites of the Chinese in George Town
  9. Voyages of Admiral Zheng He in relation to Penang
  10. Where does Penang Hokkien come from
History of the Indians in Penang
  1. History of the Kalinga Kingdom and Chola Dynasty
Miscellaneous Articles
  1. How do we grow as Penang heritage enthusiasts
  2. How to interpret historical events

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