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Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre

Batu Lanchang Hawker CentreBatu Lanchang Hawker Centre (12 October, 2012)

Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre (GPS: 5.38955, 100.3059) is one of the main hawker centres in Penang. Also known as Kompleks Gerai Makanan Batu Lanchang, it occupies a piece of land off Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang, between the Batu Lanchang Market and the shophouses of Medan Batu Lanchang.

The stalls at Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre are arranged on two main passageways linked by three parallel aisles. Most of the stalls are open in the evening, when the Batu Lanchang Market is operating. Almost all the famous Penang hawker food can be found here, among them char koay teow, tomyam bihun, bak moy, curry mee, wan tan mee, Hokkien mee, Lor Mee, chicken rice, koay teow thng, pasembur, bubur kacang, chee cheong fun, mee goreng, mee rebus, yam rice, yong tau foo, Lor Bak, economy rice, pan mee, and I'm sure many more than I missed out.

Curry Mee Stall Recommendations

A stall at this market is among those recommended by members of the Penang Hawker Food Facebook Group for its curry mee stall, based on this post.


Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre (12 October, 2012)

Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre Food Review

I paid a visit to the Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre on lunch time, Sunday, 16 March, 2014, to try out its food. The hawker centre is quite crowded with people during this time. We have visited it once in the evening, but saw that many of the stalls were already closing up during that time.

Among the stalls that we surveyed, we saw that the chicken rice stall and char koay teow stall were doing very good business, as many of the tables were ordering these two items. These two stalls are located on the south side of the hawker centre. On the opposite end, the stall selling mee goreng appears to be very popular.

Koay teow thng, Batu Lanchang Hawker CentreKoay teow thng, Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre (16 March, 2014)

Despite having seen these stalls, for this particular visit we decided to try out the other stalls. We took a seat near the sugarcane stall, and ordered the freshly cooked koay teow thng and the pasembur. We also ordered the chee cheong fun.

How do you describe an item that has all the ingredients, but lack the taste? That's how we felt about the freshly cooked koay teow thng. Perhaps we were being too critical, for we felt it isn't sufficiently tasty. Also, we ordered koay teow but was served koay teow and mee. It does have everything you would expect from a koay teow thng, such as the fish balls, minced meat and vegetables, among others.

The pasembur is too sweet. That is our main issue with it. Other than that, it does have the appearance of a Chinese-style pasembur. Also, the fritters are nicely crispy, which is better than many other stalls whose fritters tend to get soggy before you have a chance to consume them.

Pasembur, Batu Lanchang Hawker CentrePasembur, Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre (29 August, 2005)

We ordered the sugarcane water which we found to be quite nice. It was neither too sweet nor watery.

The chee cheong fun never came. By the time we finished the rest of our food, and it still did not appear, we left without checking on it. We did see that the hawker was at her stall for much of the time. We do not know whether she was forgetful or her chee cheong fun was not ready to be sold, but we did not check to find out.

My wife also bought a tua3 pau1. It costs RM2.80 and to her, it was nothing special in terms of taste.

We look forward to returning to the Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre to try out the more popular dishes there, namely the chicken rice and char koay teow, on a future visit.

Tim at Batu Lanchang Hawker CentreTimothy Tye at Batu Lanchang Hawker Centre (16 March, 2014)

Getting there by public transport

You can take Rapid Penang bus 11 and 302 to the bus stop along Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang. The hawker centre is within sight of the bus stop.

Timothy Tye's Penang Eating Tips

Timothy Tye's Penang Eating Tips

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