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Sri Bahari Road

Sri Bahari RoadSri Bahari Road (19 June, 2017)

Sri Bahari Road, or Jalan Sri Bahari, is a street in George Town named after the Sri Kunj Bihari Temple nearby, and shows that the British administrators are not very good and transcribing phonetics - after all, shouldn't it be Sri Bihari Road? The road is today a one-way street, with traffic flowing from Transfer Road to Penang Road.

The area from Sri Bahari Road right up to the Sri Kunj Bihari Temple was a settlement of North Indians from the Indian states of Bihar and present-day West Bengal. It intersects with the Malabari settlement of South Indians at the Dato Koyah Road junction.

Sri Bahari Road is popular among the local Penangites for Kafe Kheng Pin, the coffeeshop at its junction with Penang Road which serves excellent Char Koay Teow. Having tried it, I say it is good but a bit pricey.

Sri Bahari Road has a row of handsome double storey terrace houses on its north side. The first and last house in the row has the same façade with a pediment. The houses are in relatively well preserved state.

The houses on the south side of the road are in the Art Deco / early Modern style. Many of these have been converted for commercial use. In early 2017, a row of these shophouses were restored and readapted for commercial use. The row is given the name Bahari Parade.

Location of sights along Sri Bahari Road on the map

Sights along Sri Bahari Road

  1. Bahari Parade (GPS: 5.42147, 100.33154)
  2. Foong Wei Heong Restaurant (GPS: 5.42104, 100.33205)
  3. Kafe Kheng Pin (GPS: 5.42055, 100.33271)
  4. Penang Heritage Gallery (GPS: 5.42204, 100.33124)
  5. Restoran Sri Sawadee (GPS: 5.42094, 100.33221)
  6. Sri Ayappan Seva Samajam (GPS: 5.42135, 100.33212)
  7. The Ship (GPS: 5.42152, 100.3319)

How to go to Sri Bahari Road

Sri Bahari Road is a major bus route leading into Penang Road, and is served by Rapid Penang bus Nos. 11, 101, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204 and 206.

Sri Bahari Road, PenangSri Bahari Road, Penang (25 November, 2017)

Jalan Sri Bahari road signJalan Sri Bahari road sign (25 November, 2017)

Sri Bahari Road, George TownSri Bahari Road, George Town, looking east. (21 April, 2013)

Sri Bahari Road, George TownView of Sri Bahari Road, looking west. (21 April, 2013)

House on Sri Bahari RoadHouse on Sri Bahari Road (21 April, 2013)

Sri Bahari Road terrace housesSri Bahari Road terrace houses (21 April, 2013)

Sri Bahari Road, George Town, Penang (24 November 2008)

History plaque of Sri Bahari Road (24 November 2008)

360° View of Sri Bahari Road on Google Maps Street View

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