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Luxurious Boutique Hotels of George Town

If you are looking for the ultimate in creature comfort in the heart of George Town, the following are some of the most luxurious boutique hotels in the city. These are hotels with fewer than 20 rooms that occupy restored buildings in the city.

Macalister Mansion (5 February, 2013)

Eight Rooms - Macalister Mansion

Eight individually designed rooms with specially commissioned art pieces that reflect the life story of Sir Norman Macalister, within the luxurious Macalister Mansion, on Macalister Road.

23 Love Lane, George Town, Penang23 Love Lane, George Town, Penang (5 August, 2012)

23 Love Lane

A restored Anglo-Indian Bungalow offering 10 beautifully furnished rooms. The hotel is housed in a double-storey bungalow surrounded by greenery.

Seven Terraces GuestroomSeven Terraces Guestroom (14 January, 2015)

Seven Terraces

A row of seven George Town townhouses restored to provide a total of sixteen beautifully furnished rooms. Living area decorated with antiques.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (28 February 2004)

The Blue Mansion by Samadhi

The Blue Mansion by Samadhi is the brandname for the boutique hotel at Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, the opulent mansion in George Town that won the highest Unesco recognition for restoration. It is also one of the first boutique hotels in Penang.

Yeng Keng HotelYeng Keng Hotel (27 January, 2015)

Yeng Keng Hotel

Anglo-Indian bungalow on Chulia Street, now restored and turned into a boutique hotel with beautifully furnished rooms.

Campbell House, George Town, Penang (30 June 2012)

Campbell House

Campbell House is a three-storey shophouse in the busy Campbell Street area. Once used as a shop, it has since been restored and turned into a boutique hotel with 11 guestrooms.

Coffee AtelierCoffee Atelier (6 October, 2013)

Coffee Atelier

Coffee Atelier is a row of restored townhouses, one of which used to be a coffee factory. Now restored and readapted, it offers six spacious units.

Muntri MewsMuntri Mews (11 January, 2015)

Muntri Mews

Muntri Mews is the restored carriagehouse that once belonged to a wealthy early 20th century personality, Khoo Sian Ewe. The building today houses a boutique hotel offering nine beautiful rooms.

Muntri Grove, George Town, PenangMuntri Grove, George Town, Penang (27 January, 2015)

Muntri Grove

A row of townhouses, set away from the street, with a lush green compound in front and behind, now turned into a boutique hotel within George Town.

Wood Work House GuestroomWood Work House Guestroom
© Wood Work House

Wood Work House

This is a double-storey townhouse in George Town that has been restored and turned into a boutique hotel. It offers six well-furnished guest rooms.

Deluxe Suite, Wil HouseDeluxe Suite, Wil House (10 March, 2015)

Wil House

Two townhouses that have been restored and turned into a boutique hotel with three suites and a single room.

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