Penang Hokkien Vocabulary

Penang Hokkien Vocabulary provides you lists of words in groups so that you can learn them collectively.

  1. Ailments & Treatments in Penang Hokkien
  2. Anatomy in Penang Hokkien
  3. Animals in Penang Hokkien
  4. Bible Vocabulary in Penang Hokkien
  5. Buildings in Penang Hokkien
  6. Christianity-related words in Penang Hokkien
  7. Cities in Penang Hokkien
  8. Colours in Penang Hokkien
  9. Common Chinese Surnames
  10. Countries in Penang Hokkien
  11. Crazy in Penang Hokkien
  12. Cuts of Pork in Penang Hokkien
  13. Durian terms in Penang Hokkien
  14. Dim Sum dishes in Penang Hokkien
  15. Emotional States in Penang Hokkien
  16. English Loanwords in Penang Hokkien
  17. English Loanwords via Malay in Penang Hokkien
  18. Entertainment Terms in Penang Hokkien
  19. Family Members in Penang Hokkien
  20. Festivals in Penang Hokkien
  21. Financial Terms in Penang Hokkien
  22. Flowers in Penang Hokkien
  23. Fruits in Penang Hokkien
  24. Funeral Terms in Penang Hokkien
  25. Herbs and Spices in Penang Hokkien
  26. Idioms in Penang Hokkien
  27. Job Terms in Penang Hokkien
  28. Jokes in Penang Hokkien
  29. Local Dishes in Penang Hokkien
  30. Metals in Penang Hokkien
  31. Occupations in Penang Hokkien
  32. Penang Place Names
  33. Penang Street Names
  34. Places in China
  35. Printed Matter in Penang Hokkien
  36. Speaking with Numbers in Penang Hokkien
  37. Tableware in Penang Hokkien
  38. Things around the House in Penang Hokkien
  39. Things in the Bathroom in Penang Hokkien
  40. Things in the Bedroom in Penang Hokkien
  41. Things in the Classroom in Penang Hokkien
  42. Things in the Kitchen in Penang Hokkien
  43. Things People Wear in Penang Hokkien
  44. Throwing Water in Penang Hokkien
  45. Tongue Twisters in Penang Hokkien
  46. Vegetables in Penang Hokkien
  47. Water-related Terms in Penang Hokkien
  48. Wedding in Penang Hokkien

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Selected Books related to the Hokkien Language

  1. Taiwan Grammar: A Concise Reference
  2. Koxinga of Taiwan
  3. History of the Thai Chinese

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