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Farquhar Street

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Penang Hotels Christmas Promo 2017

Farquhar Street, George Town, Penang (11 February, 2013)

Farquhar Street (Malay: Lebuh Farquhar) is one of the older streets in George Town. It stands at Pitt Street and ends at Northam Road (Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah), near the Protestant Cemetery.

Location of sights along Farquhar Street on the map

Hotels on Farquhar Street

  1. Bayview Hotel Georgetown (GPS: 5.42206, 100.3358)
  2. Eastern & Oriental Hotel (GPS: 5.42333, 100.33561)

Sights along Farquhar Street

  1. Church of the Assumption (GPS: 5.42056, 100.33782)
  2. Farquhar Street Mission House (GPS: 5.42311, 100.33453)
  3. Farquhar Mansion (GPS: 5.42307, 100.33468)
  4. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle Memorial (GPS: 5.42116, 100.33661)
  5. Lim Lean Teng Mansions (GPS: 5.42335, 100.33409)
  6. Penang Museum (GPS: 5.42032, 100.33859)
  7. St George's Anglican Church (GPS: 5.42002, 100.33931)
  8. Supreme Court (GPS: 5.42071, 100.33928)

Schools along Farquhar Street

  1. Convent Light Street (GPS: 5.42156, 100.33816)
  2. St Xavier's Institution (GPS: 5.42076, 100.33684)

About Farquhar Street

Farquhar Street was named after Robert Townsend Farquhar (or R.T. Farquhar) the Lieutenant Governor of Penang in 1804-1805. However, the street already existed before 1804. In the early George Town map of Lieutenant Governor George Leith, Farquhar Street was known as Penang Road. It was only renamed during or after the term of R.T. Farquhar. It was R.T. Farquhar who, in an attempt to strengthen the position of the British port settlement of George Town, recommended that Malacca be abandoned. To ensure that the Dutch did not get back a strong Malacca, the Malacca fort was to be demolished. The person tasked with the demolition is another Farquhar, Major William Farquhar, who was the Resident of Malacca.

R.T. Farquhar is also remembered for constructing a four-mile long aqueduct to channel the water of the (now Penang Botanic Gardens) waterfall along Burmah Road (at that time, just a dirt road) to a reservoir where the E & O Hotel is located. From there, the water was sold to passing ships that needed to refill.

How to go to Farquhar Street

You can reach Farquhar Street by taking the Rapid Penang Free Shuttle Bus to Station No. 6 (Muzium). Rapid Penang Bus 10 and 103 pass along Farquhar Street.

Farquhar Street, in front of the Penang Supreme Court (17 April, 2011)

Farquhar Street, as seen from the pedestrian bridge at St Xavier's Institution (29 January, 2005)

Gottlieb Road commercial area (11 February, 2013)

The old Lebuh Farquhar road sign (30 November 2008)

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