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The BAR°N, Gurney PlazaThe BAR°N, Gurney Plaza (10 June, 2017)

The BAR°N is a food & beverage outlet in Gurney Plaza, Penang. It specialises in fine beef and porcine dishes along with imported wines. The outlet at Gurney Plaza is one of three The BAR°N outlets in the country.

The BAR°N, Gurney PlazaThe BAR°N, Gurney Plaza (10 June, 2017)

Limited Time Promotion at The BAR°N

From 8 May until 15 July, 2017, The BAR°N is staging El Gusto de España , providing local diners a taste of Spanish dishes centering around the Ibérico de Belotta pork.

The Ibérico pork is a fine-quality pork that comes from the black-hoofed, purebred Black Iberian pig. Also called pata negra, these pigs are raised to roam freely. Their diet is acorns from the Holm Oak Tree. At least one hectare of oak meadow, or dehesa , is needed just to raise a single Ibérico pig. As these pigs are free ranging, their fats infiltrate the animal's muscular tissues, resulting in a rich marbling of the meat, and a distinct, silky, nutty flavour to it. This is made into Iberian ham, or jamón ibérico . Of the various types, the finest quality is jamón ibérico de Belotta . To be considered Ibérico de Belotta, the Ibérico pig has to have 40% of its weight derived from feeding on the Holm Oak Tree acorns.

Timothy Tye and Goh Chooi Yoke at The BAR°NTimothy Tye and Goh Chooi Yoke at The BAR°N (10 June, 2017)

Gusto de España review

My wife and I had the pleasure of reviewing The BAR°N's Gusto de España promotion on 10 June, 2017. We join a few of our blogger friends who have been invited to the occasion. On hand to receive us were Mr Melvin Keng, the Brand General Manager, and Miss Chermaine Mah, the PR Executive.

To start our meal, I opted for Ice Latte while my wife had Chamomile tea. Later, each of us were also served a glass of Australian Shiraz Cabernet, which comes from the Aldridge vineyard, in Rams Head, in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. Later down the meal, I also drank a mug of beer.

The first item we sampled was Ibérico Solomillo Carpaccio RM48. This is cuts of Ibérico tenderloin that is served as an appetizer, with rocket salad and a dash of Japanese soy sauce. The meat is done rare, so that one can appreciate its fine marbling and texture. Gourmets would love the nutty flavour of the pork from the Ibérico's acorn diet.

Ibérico Solomillo CarpaccioIbérico Solomillo Carpaccio (10 June, 2017)

Ibérico Solomillo CarpaccioIbérico Solomillo Carpaccio (10 June, 2017)

The next item, also an antipasto, was the ham, or 100% Jamón Ibérico de Belotta RM35. This is considered the highest grade ham in the world. To prepare it, the meat is cured for over 36 months. This was served to us in the form of Bruschettas.

Jamón Ibérico de BelottaJamón Ibérico de Belotta (10 June, 2017)

Jamón Ibérico de BelottaJamón Ibérico de Belotta (10 June, 2017)

Jamón Ibérico de BelottaJamón Ibérico de Belotta (10 June, 2017)

After the two starters, comes Ibérico Magro RM38. These are boneless rib cuts. These pieces of lean meat provided us the exceptional flavour of the Ibé. It is done medium rare, so the meat is very soft.

Ibérico MagroIbérico Magro (10 June, 2017)

Ibérico MagroIbérico Magro (10 June, 2017)

The next item to arrive at our table is the Tapas Combo Platter RM68. Although called tapas, these are served on a single platter rather than separate saucers. It comprises crispy pork belly, chicken wings, luncheon fries, pork satay, potato wedges and deep fried button mushrooms. The platter is suitable for diners in groups. I particularly enjoyed the crispy pork belly. The skin was very crispy.

Tapas Combo PlatterTapas Combo Platter (10 June, 2017)

Tapas Combo PlatterThe very crispy roasted pork belly on the Tapas Combo Platter (10 June, 2017)

After we have demolished the Tapas Combo Platter, the next item served to us was from the à la carte menu. It was the Guinness Braised Short Ribs RM49. The ribs were braised for hours with a sauce that includes Guinness stout, and served with purple potato puree and sautéed vegetables. The meat was so tender, it easily comes off from the bone.

Guinness Braised Short RibsGuinness Braised Short Ribs (10 June, 2017)

Another main dish came next. It was the Ibérico Costilla RM68. The costilla, or rib, is the signature item of Ibérico pork. It is amazingly tender and juicy. I simply put it into my mouth and I could feel it dissolving away.

Ibérico CostillaIbérico Costilla (10 June, 2017)

Ibérico CostillaIbérico Costilla (10 June, 2017)

Ibérico CostillaThe BAR°N Waiter carving the Ibérico Costilla for us. (10 June, 2017)

We were started to feel quite full, but more items were arriving at our table. The next item was the Ibérico Presa RM58. This is the shoulder cut of the Ibérico de Belotta pork. It is finished with Spanish sea salt and complimented with chutney sauce and cherry tomatoes.

Ibérico PresaIbérico Presa (10 June, 2017)

Ibérico PresaIbérico Presa (10 June, 2017)

For desserts, there were two items. The first was Deep-fried Banana with Gula Melaka RM19 while the second was Chocolate Volcano RM29 served with a scoop of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream.

Deep-fried Banana with Gula MelakaDeep-fried Banana with Gula Melaka (10 June, 2017)

Chocolate VolcanoWaiter preparing the Chocolate Volcano (10 June, 2017)

Chocolate VolcanoThe liquor is poured onto the Häagen-Dazs ice cream and espresso. (10 June, 2017)

Chocolate VolcanoCheers! (10 June, 2017)

It was a heavy but thoroughly enjoyable meal of good food and wonderful company. Both Melvin and Chermaine were such lovely hosts, and were on hand to provide us with detailed explanation of each of the items served. My wife and I enjoyed the taste of Spain at The BAR°N, and look forward to returning here soon.


Gurney Plaza,
Phone: +60 4 229 0763

The BAR°N is open daily from 11:00am to 1:00am.

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