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GO Noodle House 有間麵館

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GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaGO Noodle House, Gurney Plaza (10 November, 2016)

GO Noodle House 有間麵館 (GPS: 5.43704, 100.30906) is a restaurant specializing in Chinese noodles. I have known of this restaurant, as it has many outlets in the Klang Valley, and was pleased to learn that it is opening its first outlet in Penang at Gurney Plaza. The restaurant invited my wife and me to dinner on their opening day, on 10 November, 2016. We were warmly welcomed by Irene Lee, one of the partners in the business.

The signature noodle at GO Noodle House is 三線麵 (Sān Xiàn Miàn), which is based on the imperial noodle dish served to the Kangxi Emperor (1654-1722) of the Qing dynasty. When the emperor visited the mountainous southern part of China, he was served a noodle dish called 山線麵 (Shān Xiàn Miàn). He loved the dish, but further improved on it by adding Chinese wine, and renaming it 三線麵 (Sān Xiàn Miàn). The Kangxi Emperor had the chef who prepared the noodle dish added to his imperial kitchen and conferred to the noodle dish the title of 天下第一麵 (tiānxià dì yī miàn), which means, "Greatest Noodle Under the Heavens".

Sān Xiàn Miàn remained an imperial dish until the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, when all the imperial chefs were ejected from the palace, and were forced to make a new life for themselves. That was when Sān Xiàn Miàn passed into the hands of commoners, and can be appreciated today at GO Noodle House.

Patrons who have heard of GO Noodle House should order this signature dish if they are visiting the restaurant for the first time, and we certainly are keen to try it at the restaurant's first Penang outlet.

On this first visit to the outlet, Irene made sure we were served the Sān Xiàn Miàn with Bursting Meat Balls (RM10.50). It came in a beautiful porcelain bowl designed specially for the restaurant. These meal balls, almost the size of golf balls, are absolutely delicious. It has two layers of meat. When it is served, we have to be careful as the hot liquid may burst out on the first bite. (But with all the time I spent taking photos, the meat balls have cooled substantially when I finally had a chance to bite into them.)

Another item we tried that evening was the Trio Special Dark Sauce Pan Mee (RM9.50). This is a set with the pan mee 扳麵 served with vegetables, soup and three different toppings. The pan mee is nice, but we found that the green vegetable, though edible, was not sufficiently blanched (we informed Irene, and she immediately informed the kitchen of our feedback). She assured us that by our subsequent visit, they would get the vege right.

In addition to the main dishes, Irene also ordered for us to try the Trio Platter (RM15.30). This comes in two wicker baskets, and comprises pork rolls, crispy fu chuk and pork "gold coins". The three items offer a marvelous fusion of tastes. We washed down the meal with herbal tea (RM2.80) and Pu Er tea (RM2.30).

My wife and I took turns partaking of the three items. We were provided individual bowls, but we are used to eating directly from the serving bowl. It was a very nice meal, and both my wife and I look forward to coming back to try other items on the menu.

Our visits to GO Noodle House

18 March, 2017 It has been a few months since we last visited GO Noodle House, so my wife and I decided to go there again. We ordered the clear soup with the Bursting Meat Balls. It was again so delicious. For this meal, we tried the fat noodles, but intend to return soon to try the soup with bihun.

GO Noodle HouseMy bowl of noodle soup at GO Noodle House (18 March, 2017)

GO Noodle HouseGO Noodle House (18 March, 2017)

GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaGurney Plaza's GO Noodle House on their opening day. (10 November, 2016)

GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaMy wife and I with Miss Irene Lee (left) of GO Noodle House, Gurney Plaza (10 November, 2016)

GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaThe signature dish, Sān Xiàn Miàn with Bursting Meat Balls, at GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza (10 November, 2016)

GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaThe Trio Special Dark Sauce Pan Mee at GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza (10 November, 2016)

GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaThe Trio Platter at GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza (10 November, 2016)

GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaHere I am trying out the Sān Xiàn Miàn with Bursting Meat Balls at GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza (10 November, 2016)

GO Noodle House, Gurney PlazaMy wife with the Pan Mee at GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza (10 November, 2016)


GO Noodle House 有間麵館
170-07-02/03, Gurney Plaza,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gonoodlehouse/

GO Noodle House is open daily from 11:00am. Final order is taken at 9:00pm on Mondays to Thursdays, and at 9:30pm on Fridays to Sundays. During the initial stage, final order may have to be earlier.

GO Noodle House is at Gurney Plaza, which is on the map of Kelawei Road

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