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Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng

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Tanjung Bungah Mee GorengTanjung Bungah Mee Goreng (25 February, 2018)

Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng (GPS: 5.46586, 100.27989) is a pushcart mee goreng stall in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. It operates from a cart park outside a shop named Chuan Foong at the junction of Jalan Tanjung Bungah with Jalan Chan Siew Teong.

I was introduced to this hawker stall just today, after I wrote about another mee goreng stall, in Teluk Bahang on my Penang Hawker Food Facebook Group, about how I absolutely loved that mee goreng, and what a great discovery it was. One of my members, James Chew, recommended that I try the one at Tanjung Bungah. However, I have fallen for the Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng, and decided to make a trip to Teluk Bahang just to look for it. Alas, the Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng wasn't selling (I wish I had found out what day it doesn't sell, now I know Sunday), so I headed to Tanjung Bungah to discover the other stall instead.

Luckily the stall at Tanjung Bungah was selling. Business appeared to be quite good, and it was some 15 minutes before I got my two packs of mee goreng. During that time, I had a chance to take some photos and video of the stall.

Opening Hours

The Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng Stall is open every day except Friday, from 2:00pm to around 6:00pm, or until he finishes all the ingredients.

Tanjung Bungah Mee GorengBusiness in full swing at the Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng. (25 February, 2018)

Tanjung Bungah Mee GorengThe mee goreng from this stall. (25 February, 2018)

Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng on Google Maps Street View

Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng (Jun 2014)

Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng is on the map of Tanjung Bungah

Comparison between the Tanjung Bungah and Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng

Until I tried the Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng, I thought that the best in this part of Penang Island is the Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng. I loved it so much, that I went back to Teluk Bahang the very next day after I tried it the first time. Unfortunately, the stall was not operating when I returned that yesterday (Sunday), which forced me to proceed to Tanjung Bungah, and try the mee goreng there. Right now, it's a competition between these two, but let me share with you some different, based on having been to each stall only once.

1. The portion size at Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng is larger. In fact, I can describe it as quite a lot, even for the price of just RM4.50. In comparison, the Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng costs RM5.00 and the portion is smaller.

2. There are pieces of cuttlefish in the Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng. I do not see any cuttlefish in the Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng.

3. The Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng is fried with charcoal fire, whereas the Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng uses regular gas fire.

4. The Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng has a wonderful aroma of crushed peanuts when you unwrap the pack. The Teluk Bahang Mee Goreng smells good, but there's no aroma of crushed peanuts.

On the whole both the Tanjung Bungah and Teluk Bahang mee goreng are very good. I would go back to both stalls, but if prodded to choose a winner, I would give a slight edge to the Tanjung Bungah Mee Goreng.

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