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Harriston SignatureHarriston Signature (14 May, 2018)

Harriston Signature (GPS: 5.4331, 100.31315) is a Malaysian chocolatier with a major outlet in George Town, Penang. The Penang outlet is located on Kelawei Road, between Concordia Road and Jalan Pemenang. Opened in July, 2017, Harriston Signature Outlet Penang comprises a chocolate boutique, a cafe, and a workshop offering DIY classes.

My wife and I joined a few of our blogger friends in visiting Harriston Signature on 12 May, 2018. We were warmly welcomed to the café by Mr Shahrel Yusoff, the Sales & Marketing Executive. Once everybody has arrived, Mr Shahrel and Senior Sales Assistant Miss Loogetha gave a briefing introducing us to chocolates, and in particular Harriston Chocolate.

Harriston SignatureHarriston Chocolate (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureMr Shahrel and Miss Loogetha giving us a briefing on chocolates (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureGetting to know the history of chocolates. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureMiss Loogetha explaining how chocolates are made. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureThis chart shows the top chocolate consumption per capita countries in the world, as of 2013. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureMiss Loogetha showing us the various chocolate products available at Harriston. The one she is holding is yogurt white chocolate. (14 May, 2018)

After the briefing, we had an opportunity to tour the chocolate boutique, where we get to sample the different types of chocolate. Among the chocolates that we have tasted included the Tiramisu, Coffee, Durian, Espresso, Cool Mint and even chocolate with yogurt and chilli! The selection was indeed mind boggling.

Harriston SignatureInstant Cocoa Drink. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureVarious types of chocolates for sale. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignaturePremium box chocolates. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureChocolate lollipops. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureA wide selection of fine chocolates. (14 May, 2018)

The next part of our visit is possibly the most fun: the workshop for DIY chocolate making. Each of us chose a spot on the table, where we were provided with gloves, apron, and various tools to create our own chocolates. Then we were given melted chocolates in a cup, as well as white and pink chocolates in piping cones. For the next half an hour or so, we were all busy making our own chocolate creations. At the time of my visit, the chocolate workshop is priced at RM35 per person.

Harriston SignatureHaving fun at the chocolate workshop. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureMy wife and I creating our own chocolate item. (14 May, 2018)

After a thoroughly fun time making chocolate products, we returned to Harriston Cafe, were we were treated to food and beverages. It was a truly fun time for my wife and me, and we ended our visit enjoying the various items at the café. Before we left, Harriston Signature even gave us some of their chocolate items as souvenir. We wish to thank Harriston Signature for having invited us to its Penang outlet.


Harriston Signature
68, Jalan Kelawei,
10250 George Town, Penang.
Phone: +60-4-226 1626

The outlet is open every day, including public holidays, from 9:30am to 6:30pm.

Harriston SignatureMr Sharel Yusoff and I at Harriston Signature. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston SignatureChocolate items we received from Harriston Signature. (14 May, 2018)

Harriston Signature is on the map of Kelawei Road, Penang

Harriston Signature Penang Outlet is on the map of Harriston Signature outlets in Malaysia

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