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Tido Penang Hostel

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Tido Penang HostelTido Penang Hostel (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang Hostel (GPS: 5.42151, 100.33109) is a youth hostel in George Town, Penang. It is located at the junction of Argyll Road with Transfer Road. It caters to budget travelers. Managed by Trendy Expression, the hospitality wing of New Bob, Tido Penang Hostel occupies a six-storey building with a mezzanine floor within the buffer zone of the George Town World Heritage Site.

Tido Penang Hostel offers Dormitories with 8 beds to a room, and Double Rooms for those who prefer more privacy. There are mixed dormitories as well as female-only dormitory, bringing a total 72 beds to the whole hostel. There is a lounge where the guests can surf the Internet, catch the latest news on the 70" High Definition TV, read a book or simply connect with new buddies staying at the hostel.


To make a reservation at Tido Penang Hostel, visit www.tidopenanghostel.com or call up the hostel at +604 251 9266.

What are the facilities at Tido Penang Hostel?

Facilities at Tido Penang Hostel include 24-hour front desk, scooter and bicycle rental, luggage storage, elevator and laundry service, among others.

What's in the vicinity of Tido Penang Hostel?

Tido is located within walking distance of the city centre. In the vicinity are several restaurants including the famous Nasi Padang diagonally across Transfer Road.

Public Transport in the vicinity of Tido Penang Hostel

The nearest bus stop is on Sri Bahari Road, which is served by Rapid Penang bus 101, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206 and 502 in the direction of Weld Quay Bus Terminal.

Dormitories at Tido Hostel

Tido Penang HostelDormitory at Tido Penang Hostel (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelIndividual switches and power point for dormitory guest. (19 June, 2017)

Rooms at Tido Hostel

Tido Penang HostelGuest room at Tido Penang Hostel (19 June, 2017)


Tido Penang Hostel
106, Argyll Road,
10050 George Town, Penang
Website: http://tidopenanghostel.com/

Tido Penang HostelTido Penang Hostel (22 April, 2016)

Tido Penang HostelThe reception at Tido Penang Hostel (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelTido Penang Hostel wifi area (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelGuest common area at Tido Penang Hostel. (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelGuests can watch TV, play board games, read, have a bite or chit chat at the common area. (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelA hanging wicker chair for chilling out. (19 June, 2017)

George TownThe George Town skyline, as seen from Tido Penang Hostel. (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelScooters for rent. (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelBicycles for rent. (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelHaving a chat with Mr Adrian Praveen, the Hotel Consultant for Tido Penang Hostel. (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang HostelAdrian and I at Tido Penang Hostel. (19 June, 2017)

Tido Penang Hostel is on the map of Argyll Road

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