Tek Soon Street, George Town, Penang

Tek Soon Street at KomtarTek Soon Street at Komtar (17 November, 2010)

Tek Soon Street is an important side road at the heart of George Town. It is a street with great contrast. The Penang Road end of the street is lined with modern high-rises, among them the 65-storey Komtar Tower. The other end of Tek Soon Street looks like a war zone, with dilapidated pre-war shophouses rotting away.

Tek Soon Street was named after the 19th century Hakka tycoon Cheah Tek Soon, who is best remembered for building Goh Chan Lau. As was the practise, the street was donated by him to the municipality, and in return, he got his name immortalised on it. At time of writing, plans are afoot to turn this area into the Prangin Heritage Square.

Tek Soon Street, before 1st Avenue Mall was constructed (19 February, 2005)

Tek Soon Street runs from Maxwell Road at one end to Penang Road at the other. As it is crossed by several major roads, Tek Soon Street has a one way traffic flow. Between Penang Road and Jalan Ria, the traffic is one way in Penang Road's direction. Between Jalan Ria and Lebuh Lintang, one way towards Lebuh Lintang.

Between Lebuh Lintang and Carnarvon Street, it was two-ways but the construction of Mutiara Parade has caused traffic to be blocked. Finally, between Carnarvon Street and Maxwell Road, within the Sia Boey area, it runs two ways.

The dilapidation at Tek Soon StreetThe dilapidation at Tek Soon Street (19 March, 2010)

Getting there

Tek Soon Street passes in front of the Komtar Bus Terminal. Most Rapid Penang buses stop there.

Sights along Tek Soon Street

  1. Komtar
  2. Prangin Mall
  3. Sia Boey

Tek Soon Street (21 August, 2011)

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