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The Wembley's 2017 Ramadan Iftar Buffet

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Ramadan Iftar BuffetAt The Wembley's Ramadan Iftar Buffet with Karen Chee (left) and Alverna Yong (right), and bloggers (left to right) Sha & son, Farah and Nina. (26 May, 2017)

B. Melayu

This is a past promotion from The Wembley. For current promotions and buffets, please refer to the main The Wembley page.

To celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan, The Wembley has launched the Ramadhan Iftar Buffet at Wembley Café. The buffet will run from 8 June to 22 June, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. It is priced at RM118nett (adult), RM59nett (child) and RM83nett (senior citizen).


To place a booking for this buffet, contact The Wembley at +604 259 8000.

The Wembley's Ramadhan Iftar Buffet Food Review

My wife and I had the pleasure of enjoying The Wembley's Ramadhan Iftar Buffet on 26 May, 2017. When we arrived at the hotel around 6:15pm, we saw that it was getting ready, but some of our Malay blogger buddies Sha, Farah and Nina have already arrived. As soon as we had a chance we took a few shots with The Wembley's Communications team, meeting our friends at the hotel Karen Chee and Alverna Yong. It was great to meet up with the restaurant manager Alvin Tan once again.

There's so many things that I enjoyed at this buffet. Among the items available included the Crispy Mantis Shrimp with Salted Egg, Lamb Korma, Beef Rendang, Ayam Masak Madu, Salmon Head Curry, Sup Gearbox and Nasi Briyani. Although it is a Ramadhan buffet, the menu for the review is more towards international fare. So we also get to enjoy Sushi and Sashimi, Cold Cuts, and a Cheese Platter, among others. One of the highlights of this meal was when Sous Chef Owen Oh served me with his very tasty braised duck and chicken. Both the duck and the chicken were so soft, and tastes well with the mashed ginger and chilli sauce, it was a most memorable addition to my meal that evening.

We had a most lovely time at The Wembley enjoying its Ramadhan fare. We wish we could eat more, but alas, our stomach was just not big enough. We are so thankful to The Wembley for the pleasure of enjoying this particular Ramadhan buffet.

Ramadan Iftar BuffetHere I am with The Wembley's Ramadan Iftar fare. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetSous Chef Owen Ho at his station. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetOwen and I with his platter of braised duck and chicken. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetBraised duck and chicken with egg and beancurd, served to my table by Sous Chef Owen Oh. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetDeep-fried items. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetBeef Pizza. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetLocal greens with sambal and salted egg. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetCold cuts (smoked mackerel). (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetOne of my favourite items at this buffet, Crispy Mantis Shrimp with Salted Egg Yolk. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetKailan with Assorted Mushrooms. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetLamb Korma. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetSalmon Head Curry. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetBeef Rendang. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetKupang Masak Assam Pedas. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetAssam Masak Madu. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetVarious poached seafood. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetSushi and Sashimi. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetSquid Ink Aglio Olio with Blue Mussels. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetTarts. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetCheesecakes and crème brûlée. (26 May, 2017)

Ramadan Iftar BuffetService with a smile at The Wembley. (26 May, 2017)

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