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I am an inquisite person. I love to find out things. Perhaps that's why I end up writing my website, to continuously satisfy my curiosity. But there are other, often amusing questions which I want to know, usually everyday questions that affect us which I want to ask, both to seek their opinion as well as to satisfy my curiosity. Most of these questions have no wrong answers, and are simply based on the individuals preference. To remind myself of questions that I have asked before, I am compiling them by date. They are listed below.

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  1. 2019 Mar 23: Not counting wristwatches, how many clocks do you have in your house?

  2. 2019 Mar 22: Do you boil water for drinking and cooking? If yes, how often do you do it, every morning?

  3. 2019 Mar 22: Have you ever had a toothache? How long ago was that?

  4. 2019 Mar 21: Do you use desktop computer? If yes, what brand are you presently using?

  5. 2019 Mar 20: The tableware you use daily, is it bought, or free gifts, or given by someone?

  6. 2019 Mar 19: How many siblings do you have?

  7. 2019 Mar 18: Have you been to IKEA Batu Kawan? Did you buy anything? Is there anything you wanted to buy but couldn't find?

  8. 2019 Mar 17: Do you sweat easily?

  9. 2019 Mar 16: Would you buy a second-hand car if you can afford a new one?

  10. 2019 Mar 15: How often do you post (not surf or share) on Facebook? If daily, how many posts per day?

  11. 2019 Mar 14: Have you ever stepped into or fallen into the drain?

  12. 2019 Mar 13: At what time do you leave home to go to work?

  13. 2019 Mar 12: If you have a choice between Sar Hor Fun, Hokkien Char and Yee Foo Mee, which would you choose?

  14. 2019 Mar 11: Are you afraid of dark places?

  15. 2019 Mar 10: Has your boss ever asked you to lie?

  16. 2019 Mar 9: Do you like dim sum? Which dim sum restaurant in Penang do you visit most often?

  17. 2019 Mar 8: Do you sing when you take your bath or shower?

  18. 2019 Mar 7: Can you row a boat? If yes, when was the last time you rowed one, and where?

  19. 2019 Mar 6: Do you have children? If yes, how old is the eldest?

  20. 2019 Mar 5: Do you cut your nails using a nail clipper or a pair of scissors for cutting nails?

  21. 2019 Mar 4: Do you usually sit at the same spot at your dining table at home?

  22. 2019 Mar 3: Do you have the little stick to dig for ear wax?

  23. 2019 Mar 2: Have you ever been scolded by your boss for a mistake made by someone else?

  24. 2019 Mar 1: If you notice that your friend has a strong body odor which you can't stand, would you tell him/her, and if yes, how would you do it?

  25. 2019 Feb 28: Are you easily offended? Do the things that people do or say easily hurt your feelings, or, are you the type who could not be bothered with what other people have to say?

  26. 2019 Feb 27: How many days can you go without eating any rice?

  27. 2019 Feb 26: Today I publish a question submitted by someone who is clearly bitten by the IKEA bug, and the question is, "Are planning to go to IKEA on its opening day?"

  28. 2019 Feb 25: How good is your memory?

  29. 2019 Feb 24: Putting personality and compatibility aside, would you prefer a life partner who's also from the same industry as yourself (e.g. medical vs medical, engineer vs engineer, etc.) or preferably from a different industry?

  30. 2019 Feb 23: Are you a big eater or a small eater? Do you need a large amount of food to be full, or, are you unable to finish a single plate of food?

  31. 2019 Feb 22: Whenever you drive someone in your car (be it a friend/colleague), would you purposely change your music/radio channel to suit your passenger's taste (esp. the language), or would you maintain your music as it is?

  32. 2019 Feb 21: Do you have friends who are always late, or, are you the one who is always late and everybody has to wait for you?

  33. 2019 Feb 20: Do you eat instant noodles? If yes, what's your favourite brand and favourite flavour?

  34. 2019 Feb 19: Do you wear slippers inside the house?

  35. 2019 Feb 18: My question for today is, do you have any unfriendly neighbours?

  36. 2019 Feb 17: In your house, do you have a specific glass, cup, or plate, which you alone use, so that every time you eat something, that's the glass, cup or plate you will be using?

  37. 2019 Feb 16: When was the last time you went to see a movie in a cinema/cineplex? Which cinema was it?

  38. 2019 Feb 15: Have you ever gone into a shop, like Daiso or Mr DIY, picked up something, looked at it, and cannot determine what it is, or what it is used for?

  39. 2019 Feb 14: Have you ever been chased, attacked or bitten by dog/dogs?

  40. 2019 Feb 13: Today, I would like to ask, have you ever fallen off a bicycle or motorcycle? How many times has it happened? What caused it -- did a vehicle in front suddenly stop, or you skidded over a slippery road, or a dog or child ran across the road?

  41. 2019 Feb 12: Have you ever watched any cartoon or animated movie that makes you cry or want to cry?

  42. 2019 Feb 11: Today's question is to seek your advice. If you have a chance to advise the government, what advice would you give, to reduce road accidents?

  43. 2019 Feb 10: Do you eat duck?

  44. 2019 Feb 9: If you have a choice between spending the day going hiking or going shopping, which would you choose?

  45. 2019 Feb 8: Have you or your spouse ever prepared any hawker food at home for your family meal?

  46. 2019 Feb 7: Are you in the giving or receiving end of Ang Pows?

  47. 2019 Feb 6: Do you complain that the food at a certain coffee shop is expensive, and yet continue to go there?

  48. 2019 Feb 5: Among all the Chinese New Year cookies, if you are served various types, which one are you most likely to eat first?

  49. 2019 Feb 4: My question today is, what will you be having for Reunion Dinner tonight?

  50. 2019 Feb 3: Do you have the stick with the little hand at the end, to scratch places your hand can't reach? Where did you buy it? Recently or a long time ago?

  51. 2019 Feb 2: Do you usually go to the toilet to answer the call of nature in the morning, or it only happens later in the day?

  52. 2019 Feb 1: Are you afraid of the sight of blood?

  53. 2019 Jan 31: Do you think Mandarin will replace English as the most often used language for commerce between different countries in the next hundred years, and if yes, how soon do you think that might happen?

  54. 2019 Jan 30: If you have a choice to stay in a RM1 million landed house or at the 40th floor of a RM1 million condo unit, both equally new, which would you choose?

  55. 2019 Jan 29: How often do you wash your car? Do you wash it the moment you see dust on the windscreen or body, or you just give up trying to keep it clean the whole time?

  56. 2019 Jan 28: Your office colleague is getting married and has invited you to the wedding banquet. How much Ang Pow money would you give? Would you check with your other colleagues how much they are giving, to avoid embarrassing yourself in giving too little or too much? Would you check whether the wedding banquet is being held at a hotel or at a school hall, and adjust the amount you give accordingly, or would you give a fixed amount to any colleague in 2019, regardless where the banquet is held?

  57. 2019 Jan 27: You are at a busy coffee shop waiting for your meal. You see a person going from table to table with his hand held out. At some table, people give him money, at some they ignore him and he moves on. He wasn't shabbily dressed. He wasn't old. He doesn't look malnourished. You wondered, why is he putting out his hand at people? Can't he get a menial job, even serving food and drinks in a coffee shop, or helping out at the market? Is he too lazy or mentally slow?
    He is going to reach your table soon, so you are trying to decide what to do. Is it right to give him money? Is it fair to all the hard working people busy serving customers in the coffee shop? Should you give him the benefit of the doubt, because he has issues you don't know about, and you shouldn't be judging?
    He finally reached your table and put his hand out to you. What do you do?

  58. 2019 Jan 26: What's your favorite flower?

  59. 2019 Jan 25: Do you often sit down to a slow breakfast, maybe with coffee and orange juice, and read the newspaper, or your breakfasts are always a hurried grab-and-go affair?

  60. 2019 Jan 24: Are you good at drawing?

  61. 2019 Jan 23: When you visit a shopping mall washroom, do you prefer that their faucets have the press-down knob which turn on the water when you press and goes off on its own, or automatic sensors, or the traditional knob where you turn on and off?

  62. 2019 Jan 22: Do you put aside time to specially clean your house ahead of a big festive season like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Christmas?

  63. 2019 Jan 21: Do you remember the first house you lived in as a child? How many years do you stay there? Is the house still around? If not, what is in its place now?

  64. 2019 Jan 20: Do you play any musical instrument?

  65. 2019 Jan 19: What breed of dog do you like the most, not necessarily to rear, but simply to look at?

  66. 2019 Jan 18: Do you prefer Western movies or Asian movies?

  67. 2019 Jan 17: When it comes to food and eating, do you staying away from food that is generally considered unhealthy (such as oily, sugary, fried food or rice, bread, cakes, etc.), or, do you eat anything you like knowing some of the things you eat people will consider unhealthy?

  68. 2019 Jan 16: Is there anybody in your life (at work, or among your friends, or among your relatives) whom you actually despise/hate, and if yes, any reason you despite him/her? (Please don't mention names or relationship that might identify the person).

  69. 2019 Jan 15: In the past ten years, do you feel your weight has gone up, gone down, or has remained largely the same?

  70. 2019 Jan 14: Which washing machine would you choose? Top load or front load? Why and what are the pros & cons?

  71. 2019 Jan 13: How many brothers ams sisters do you have?

  72. 2019 Jan 12: Have you sent or received any CNY, Hari Raya, Christmas or Birthday cards since last year?

  73. 2019 Jan 11: Are you okay to share the same food -- maybe the same plate of char koay teow or bowl of Hokkien mee -- with your friends or family members, passing around the same chopsticks or fork, or you pass it on as you find it unhygienic?

  74. 2019 Jan 10: How tolerant are you with your friends, if they say annoying things or show selfishness. Do you address the issue with them, how do you do it, annoyedly tell them off at the spot or save it for another time and be diplomatic, knowing another time they would have forgotten and may deny it. Or just avoid associating with them quietly and avoid them?

  75. 2019 Jan 9: In your opinion, do children spend too much time or too little time in school every day?

  76. 2019 Jan 8: Do you feel drowsy in the afternoon?

  77. 2019 Jan 7: By your own admission, do you consider yourself a good driver or bad driver? (Good driver means a person who doesn't drive too slow or too fast, and doesn't get nervous over any traffic or parking situation. Bad driver usually drives too slowly, is afraid of many things like traffic jams, stopping on steep inclines, and various forms of parking.)

  78. 2019 Jan 6: Are you able to kill a rat?

  79. 2019 Jan 5: What's the scariest movie you have watched?

  80. 2019 Jan 4: Your son, who is 19 years old, has just got his first girlfriend. Two weeks later, he suddenly asks you this question, "Is it necessary to get married first before sleeping with someone?" What's your reply?

  81. 2019 Jan 3: Do you have a good memory or are you quite forgetful?

  82. 2019 Jan 2: Have you ever gone on a diet, or, are you presently on one? If yes, do tell us about the diet.

  83. 2019 Jan 1: What do you have for your breakfast, the first meal on the first day of 2019?

  84. 2018 Dec 30: What language or dialect do you speak at home?

  85. 2018 Dec 29: You are at the airport catching a flight. As you were moving towards Customs, there's an old lady trying to move her very big luggage bag. She asks you if you can help her move her bag through Customs. What do you say?

  86. 2018 Dec 28: What is your most embarrassing moment?

  87. 2018 Dec 27: Which Hokkien Mee is presently your favourite? (It can be any Hokkien Mee stall in Penang, or any Penang-style Hokkien Mee sold elsewhere)

  88. 2018 Dec 26: Do you prefer to buy non perishable items online or by going to the shop to view the item first?

  89. 2018 Dec 25: Is there anything special you are planning to eat today?

  90. 2018 Dec 22: How often do you have your dinner at home in a week?

  91. 2018 Dec 21: If you have a choice between mango and nangka (jackfruit), which is your preference?

  92. 2018 Dec 20: Let's say you have a very nice neighbour who always shares his things with you. If he comes home with strawberries, then he'll bring some over. If his wife makes cookies, he'll bring some over. Each time you go over to his house and saw something new in his kitchen, he would say, "Feel free to borrow it any time you need to."
    You recently bought a new car. Two weeks after you brought the car home, your neighbour came over asking to borrow the car, so that he could take his family on an outing to Taiping Zoo (which is 100km away).
    You are not comfortable about lending him your new car. You haven't even driven it for such a long distance. On the other hand, you hate to ruin the friendship.
    How would you handle it?

  93. 2018 Dec 19: Do you like coffee? If yes, what type - kopi or, kopi or peng, kopi see, mocha, latte, cappucino, espresso? Iced or hot?

  94. 2018 Dec 18: Do you get irritated at cats, stray or domestic, rubbing your ankles? If so, dont you love animals?

  95. 2018 Dec 17: What's your favorite subject in school?

  96. 2018 Dec 16: If your life story is to be written into a book, what would the title be? How do you like the cover to be...with your own photo? or just the title? or, with any drawings?

  97. 2018 Dec 15: If your computer breaks down, who do you call to fix it? Is it expensive?

  98. 2018 Dec 14: Do you take the bus? If yes, what bus number is the bus that you most often take?

  99. 2018 Dec 13: Do you prefer a local breakfast or Western, like bread, butter and jam, fried eggs n sausages, McDonald's breakfast?

  100. 2018 Dec 12: Have you ever been hospitalised?

  101. 2018 Dec 11: Men and boys, how frequently do you get a haircut? And women?

  102. 2018 Dec 10: I don't like to eat ginger, liver and kidney. What about you? Can you list the things you don't like to eat?

  103. 2018 Dec 9: What is the most professional lie you have been told?

  104. 2018 Dec 8: Where (the village, town or city) were you born?

  105. 2018 Dec 7: Should only locally made cars be allowed to use Ron95? If one can afford an expensive imported car, surely he or she can afford Ron97 too.

  106. 2018 Dec 6: Do you have any colleague who doesn't speak to you unless he/she needs something from you? If you see this person in the corridor and smile at him, he just looks straight past you. When he needs something, he is suddenly very friendly, and after that, you are again a stranger to him.

  107. 2018 Dec 5: What's the funniest movie you have ever watched and what is it about?

  108. 2018 Dec 4: You saw your friend using something in her kitchen that looks like something you lost from your kitchen two weeks ago. Would you pretend not to recognise it, or bring it up?

  109. 2018 Dec 3: In your opinion, are people who have gone to university smarter than those who have not?

  110. 2018 Dec 2: In your opinion, are there fewer people smoking today compared to your parents' time? Are you a smoker? Are your either of your parents or grandparents smokers? Are any of your children smokers?

  111. 2018 Dec 1: Should children who have started working give their parents a monthly allowance, even when the parents do not need it?

  112. 2018 Nov 30: Let's say a young person, presently in Form Five, telling his/her parents that he/she does not want to go to university, because there isn't any course that he/she is interested in, and he/she does not want to end up with a job which he/she does not like to do for the rest of his/her life. Also, he/she said that many successful people never went to university. Let's say this young person is your nephew/niece. What would you say to him/her?

  113. 2018 Nov 29: I seldom meet people I friend on Facebook, but if you have a chance to meet me, and ask me one question, what question would that be?

  114. 2018 Nov 28: How many jobs have you held before?

  115. 2018 Nov 27: Do you drink coffee every day? How much coffee do you drink in a day?

  116. 2018 Nov 26: If you go for a holiday of a week or more, how many sets of clothes do you bring? If you travel light then do you wash or you send to the laundry?

  117. 2018 Nov 25: Do you say sorry after you have done wrong to someone?

  118. 2018 Nov 24: Is it true that men are better at doing some things, and women are better at doing other things? Is there a truth in that, or are men and women equally good at doing all things?

  119. 2018 Nov 23: You work in a big company. You hired someone to be part of your team. After working there for a while, she and your boss starts to get friendly. You starts to feel that your boss likes her more than you. One day, your boss was promoted, and to fill his vacany, he gave the job to her. Suddenly, she went from being your subordinate to becoming your new boss. You feel you deserve the position more than she. Would you do anything about it?

  120. 2018 Nov 22: When you go out to eat, are you more likely to order hot drinks, cold drinks or not order any drinks?

  121. 2018 Nov 21: Which building is the most beautiful building in your town? Is it a new or old building? Is it a church, temple or mosques? Is it a skyscraper or shopping mall or stadium? What is it?

  122. 2018 Nov 20: Is it a good or bad idea to withdraw all the permitted amount from your Employee Providend Fund (or whatever compulsory savings fund of your country) when you reach fifty years old?

  123. 2018 Nov 19: Which is worse: greying hair or balding head?

  124. 2018 Nov 18: Throughout your life, how many houses have you lived in, and what is the longest in one?

  125. 2018 Nov 17: Are you a morning person or a night person?

  126. 2018 Nov 16: You are a young girl working in a large office. Every work day, you would join your colleagues for lunch in the cafeteria.
    Recently, you noticed a new boy at the office. He has his own lunch gang, sitting in a different table from yours, but for some reason, you have developed an interest in seeing him. The way he walks, the way he talks, laughs, it all makes you wish that you know him, be his friend, or better still, his girlfriend.
    You even went department by department, pretending to go somewhere, just to find out where he is seated. It is the first time in your life you are feeling this way about a complete stranger.
    Now you look forward to lunch time, for there's food, not just for the mouth, but for the eyes. From his appearance, he is probably the same age as you, and if it turns out that he is a year or two older, and "available", that would be perfect. But he doesn't even know you exist.
    What should you do?

  127. 2018 Nov 15: Do you usually have your breakfast at home or outside?

  128. 2018 Nov 14: Let's say you have two lunchmates (three women) whom you thought are your good friends, because the three of you always have lunch and share daily gossips together. Then one day, one of them said that she would be on leave on Friday. After she said that, the other lunch mate also said, "What a coincidence, I am also on leave on Friday!"

    By the following Monday, both of them were back having lunch with you, and you thought nothing about it until Tuesday, when you happened to browse Facebook (you don't usually go into Facebook), and saw that the two of them went for a vacation together from Friday to Sunday. They never mentioned they were going away together, they never talked about their vacation over lunch on Monday, and they never invited you to join.

    How would you deal with this discovery?

  129. 2018 Nov 13: What baby animal do you find to be the cutest?

  130. 2018 Nov 12: Do you ever exercise, and if yes, at what time and on which day do you usually exercise?

  131. 2018 Nov 11: Are you for or against the death penalty?

  132. 2018 Nov 10: How many of your grandparents (and great grandparents) are still living?

  133. 2018 Nov 9: If you found out that your colleagues are secretly planning to buy you a birthday gift, but they are buying you something you already have, will you pretend not to know and let them preceed anyway, or will you try to get them to buy you something else?

  134. 2018 Nov 8: Do you prefer chilli sauce or tomato sauce with your burger?

  135. 2018 Nov 7: If a friend offends you unknowingly, would you let him or her know?

  136. 2018 Nov 6: How often do you wipe or dust your furniture, and how long does it take you to finish the work?

  137. 2018 Nov 5: What is the most important thing, in your opinion, you would like your government to improve?

  138. 2018 Nov 4 (I): Can you dance?

  139. 2018 Nov 4 (II): Where's your favourite chicken rice in Penang

  140. 2018 Nov 3 (I): Can you remember in what year did you own your first digital camera (or a mobile phone with a digitial camera)? Were you eager to look for things to snap?

  141. 2018 Nov 3 (II): Is there anybody here who, like me, think the Siam Road Char Koay Teow is over rated?

  142. 2018 Nov 3 (III): Is there anybody who speaks Tamil here? I want to know, what's the difference between pomblek and tanggaci?

  143. 2018 Nov 2: What do you like post about Singaporeans?

  144. 2018 Nov 1: How many children do you have?

  145. 2018 Oct 31: What colour of teambuilding t-shirt would you choose?

  146. 2018 Oct 30: A holiday is coming up, and your options to spend the free day include going shopping, going to the movies, going on a road trip, or simply staying at home and relax -- which would you choose?

  147. 2018 Oct 29: Do you have any allergies?

  148. 2018 Oct 28: What to have for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

  149. 2018 Oct 27: Are you able to walk anywhere in your house at night without turning on the lights, and not bump into stuff?

  150. 2018 Oct 26: Can you think of anything that you only saw on TV or in the movies, but you never saw in real life?

  151. 2018 Oct 25: Can you name ONE hawker stall or coffee shop or restaurant, which is very popular, and yet YOU don't think its food is that special?

  152. 2018 Oct 24: Among all the household chores, which do you dislike doing the most?

  153. 2018 Oct 23: Are you superstitious, in that, do you avoid doing certain things because people say it's bad luck?

  154. 2018 Oct 22: Can you remember, where was the first time you met your wife/husband?

  155. 2018 Oct 18: Do you like to cook? If yes, what are the dishes you like to cook?

  156. 2018 Oct 17: Would you allow your son/daughter to learn to ride the motorcycle?

  157. 2018 Oct 16: Has a total stranger ever done something nice for you?

  158. 2018 Oct 15: Your mother has just cooked her delicious chicken curry and asked you, would you like her to cook rice or would you go buy a loaf of bread to go with it, what's your preference?

  159. 2018 Oct 14: What toy is appropriate to give a 5-year-old boy?

  160. 2018 Oct 13: Do you keep your front door open or closed when you are at home?

  161. 2018 Oct 12: Do you like cats?

  162. 2018 Oct 11: If you won RM500 of shopping vouchers to spend on anything you like, what are the things you would buy?

  163. 2018 Oct 10: Have you ever been robbed?

  164. 2018 Oct 9: Do you keep your toilet seat open or closed when you are not using it?

  165. 2018 Oct 8: Would you eat dog meat? Would you be okay with people in some countries eating dog meat, and respect it as part of their culture, or would you not be okay with it?

  166. 2018 Oct 7: Do you like gardening? If yes, what do you grow?

  167. 2018 Oct 6: Are you for or against spanking naughty children?

  168. 2018 Oct 5: Do you like tea?

  169. 2018 Oct 4: Can you remember any of your dreams?

  170. 2018 Oct 3: How old is the refrigerator that you are presently using?

  171. 2018 Oct 2: Are you afraid of snakes? Would you keep a live snake as a pet?

  172. 2018 Oct 1: Imagine for a moment that you can change your surname. Which Chinese surname, other than your present surname, do you think sounds nice?

  173. 2018 Sept 30: Do you prefer a boss that always talks nicely but is stingy, or a boss that is always rude but is generous?

  174. 2018 Sept 29: How many companies, other than your own, have you worked for?

  175. 2018 Sept 28: What is it about some people that annoys you a lot?

  176. 2018 Sept 27: Who is presently your most admired living person?

  177. 2018 Sept 26: If you have a chance to visit a country which you have never visited before, and spend two weeks there, which country would you choose?

  178. 2018 Sept 25: If you're given a choice of either a single RM120 voucher for a buffet at a 5-star hotel or two RM60 vouchers for a buffet at a 3-star hotel, which would you choose?

  179. 2018 Sept 24: Can sports be harmful to health?

  180. 2018 Sept 23: If you were buying a television set today, which brand would you most likely consider?

  181. 2018 Sept 22: When you go out to eat, what drink do you order most often?

  182. 2018 Sept 21: Think of something delicious that you can have for lunch or dinner, whether homecooked or eat out, today or this weekend or a few days from now. What is it?

  183. 2018 Sept 20: Think of a movie that you have watched before, whether recently or a long time ago. What's the first movie that comes to mind?

  184. 2018 Sept 19: If you're served a platter that contains papaya, watermelon and pineapple, your first piece would most likely be which fruit?

  185. 2018 Sept 18: For dinner tonight, if you have a choice between spaghetti or pizza, which would you choose?

  186. 2018 Sept 17: If you can choose any job in the world, what dream job do you think you would enjoy the most?

  187. 2018 Sept 16: Which coffee shop or hawker centre do you visit most often?

  188. 2018 Sept 15: Can you swim, and if yes, at what age did you learn?

  189. 2018 Sept 14: If you have a chance to invite either Dr Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim to your house, which would you choose?

  190. 2018 Sept 13: If you are given a choice between assam laksa and curry mee, at this moment, which one would you choose?

  191. 2018 Sept 12: If a person creates a Facebook page and asks you to like it, would you do it?

  192. 2018 Sept 7: Which TV channel do you watch most frequently?

  193. 2018 Sept 6: What is the most often used tool or appliance in your kitchen?

  194. 2018 Sept 5: What is the longest time you have ever waited for your food to be served?

  195. 2018 Sept 4: Have you ever seen a ghost or encountered anything paranormal?

  196. 2018 Sept 3: What time do you usually have your dinner?

  197. 2018 Sept 1: How often do you shampoo your hair?

  198. 2018 Aug 31: Do you prefer to own a cat or a dog?

  199. 2018 Aug 30: Have you been overseas and been shocked by prices you see over there?

  200. 2018 Aug 29: What are you having for breakfast this morning?

  201. 2018 Aug 28: Can you remember your primary school? What is the first thing you remember? Were you in class? What were you doing?

  202. 2018 Aug 27: Has a snake ever gone into your house?

  203. 2018 Aug 26: What brand of mobile phone are you presently using, and would your next mobile phone be of the same brand?

  204. 2018 Aug 25: Of the languages you know, which was the most difficult for you to learn?

  205. 2018 Aug 24: Do you prefer to live in a wealthy neighbourhood where your neighbours are richer than you, or a poor neighbourhood where they are poorer than you?

  206. 2018 Aug 23: Have you ever experienced it, that when you walk toward a group of your acquaintances, they suddenly stopped talking?

  207. 2018 Aug 22: Have you lost anything at home and still couldn't find it?

  208. 2018 Aug 21: What time do you usually go to bed at night?

  209. 2018 Aug 20: Have you ever met anybody who immediately irritates, annoys or offends you?

  210. 2018 Aug 19: How often do you get a haircut? Do you tell your barber/hairdresser to cut just a little, and return often, or do you tell him/her to cut a lot so that it will be a while before you return?

  211. 2018 Aug 18: Imagine your new neighbour is a good looking Malay man. What is his name?

  212. 2018 Aug 17: Do you have a hobby that generates an income?

  213. 2018 Aug 16: When you have a meal, are you in the habit of leaving the tastiest item to be eaten last?

  214. 2018 Aug 15: Should parents be allowed to spank their children?

  215. 2018 Aug 14: Do you give to beggars, and if yes, how much each time?

  216. 2018 Aug 13: What brand of soap or body wash do you use?

  217. 2018 Aug 12: What food do you feel like eating today?

  218. 2018 Aug 11: What do you like most about your own country?

  219. 2018 Aug 10: Name one place that you've been before, which you would love to visit again.

  220. 2018 Aug 9: How to deal with a person who always borrows your stuff.

  221. 2018 Aug 8: Are there any vegetables that you do not like to eat?

  222. 2018 Aug 7: Do you do any form of exercise?

  223. 2018 Aug 6: May I ask, which brand of toothpaste do you use?

  224. 2018 Aug 5: What fruit is this?

  225. 2018 Aug 5: What do you do on Sunday that you don't do on other days?

  226. 2018 Aug 4: If you have to move to another town or city in Malaysia, which would be your choice? I don't mean for retirement. Say your company needs someone to move there to help develop the business, which town would you choose?

  227. 2018 Aug 3: What is the longest that you have worked with the same company?

  228. 2018 Aug 2: At what time do you usually have your breakfast, and how long do you take to have it?

  229. 2018 Aug 1: How much time to you spend commuting to work every day?

  230. 2018 July 31: Do you sleep on the left side, centre or right side of your bed?

  231. 2018 July 30: You are hungry, but there's only two places available to eat: a McD and a KFC. Based on your present mood, which will you enter?

  232. 2018 July 29: Have you ever been to a house or building that makes you feel eerie?

  233. 2018 July 28: Given a choice between Langkawi, Cameron Highlands and Malacca, where would you go for a holiday?

  234. 2018 July 27: If you have a choice of any colour for your new car, which colour would you choose?

  235. 2018 July 26: If you woke up at night, and hearing the sound from outside your bedroom, you believe there's a burglar in your house, what would you do?

  236. 2018 July 25: Do you prefer to live in a tiny flat in a big city or a big house in a tiny village?

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