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The TOP Penang's 7 Deadly Sins Halloween Dinner

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7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco Cabana7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco Cabana (25 May, 2018)

The TOP is celebrating Halloween 2018 in style. They are staging an elegant 7-course dinner, with stupendous evening views of George Town, at Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro, on the 68th floor (top floor) of Komtar Tower.

In keeping with the Halloween theme, The TOP has devised a menu called 7 Deadly Sins It will be staged on Saturday, 27 October, 2018. My wife and I were privileged to get to try it out yesterday.

The 7 Deadly Sins menu has been planned to showcase the creativity of Chef Teoh, the Head Chef of Coco Cabana and Top View Restaurant. The courses are named Vanity, Gluttony, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Sloth and Lust. In addition, there is a selection of Halloween Cocktails and Mocktails.

Dinner Inclusives

7 Deadly Sins Halloween Dinner is priced at RM198++ per person. It will be held on Saturday, 27 October, 2018, for The TOP's Halloween Tower Festival "Creepy Town". In addition to the 7-course dinner, guests will receive a door gift worth RM100++, get entertained with their magician and special guest DJ, enjoy the Special Halloween Performance, and visit the 68th floor Window Of The Top.

There will be the Halloween Best Selfie Contest and Halloween Best Dress Contest.


To make a reservation, contact The TOP at +60-4-262 3800

1st Course: Vanity

Grana Parmesan, Saucisse de poulet fumée, Pain Brioché

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaGrana Parmesan Cheese, Smoked finger, Brioche Bread. (25 May, 2018)

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaCheers with bloody test tubes. (25 May, 2018)

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaDrank to blood thirsty end. (25 May, 2018)

2nd Course: Gluttony

Œuf royale au caviar, Pâtisserie croustillante salée.

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaOpen the head and eat the brain, with a tombstone all ready in the distance (it's egg royale with roe caviar and the tombstone is savoury pastry crispy). (25 May, 2018)

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaFlowers placed on a tombstone. (25 May, 2018)

3rd Course: Wrath

Salade de légumes épicée & cornichon, Pieds de poulet croustillants.

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaAsian pickle vegetable salad with crispy chicken feet.. (25 May, 2018)

Redemption Course

"Zin" Granita.

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco Cabana"Zin" Granita (Shirley Temple). (25 May, 2018)

4th Course: Greed

Bisques de fruits de mer et tomates, Œuf dur

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaHard Boiled Egg eyeballs floating in a sea of seafood & tomato bisque. (25 May, 2018)

5th Course: Envy

Spaghetti à l'encre de seiche, Croquttes Poulet & Fromage with sauce bolognaise.

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaSquid Ink Pasta, Chicken & Cheese croquettes with Bolognese sauce. (25 May, 2018)

6th Course: Sloth

Steak de viande de pouissin, vin rouge juz

Pouissin Steak of hen, Red Wein Jus

Absolution "Air" Course

Charcoal soda drink.

7th Course: Lust

Assiette Poison & Chocolat Nue

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaPoison Apple & Naked Double Chocolate Gateaux with Cherry Coulis. (25 May, 2018)

Coffee / Tea

The dinner is concluded with coffee or tea.


Guests may also order a variety of cocktails and mocktails.

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaThe Reaper (Gin, Martini) (25 May, 2018)

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaThe Reaper (Gin, Martini) (25 May, 2018)

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaBlack Light (Gin, tonic - this drink glows in the dark!) (25 May, 2018)

7 Deadly Sins Menu @ The TOP's Coco CabanaAnnabelle Chunk (Non-Alcoholic) (25 May, 2018)

2018 Halloween highlights at The TOP Penang

Halloween will be celebrated at both the Level 5 dining outlets as well as at Top View, Coco Cabana and Imperial Court Chinese Restaurant.

At Level 5: participating outlets are Umi, Japan food Street, Roti Tiam, Italian Job Pizzaria and Richdad. There is a promotional dish item from each of the 5 participating outlets. Pay RM48 per person to enjoy all the activities AT LEVEL 5 ONLY.

At Other Levels, Coco Cabana celebrates Halloween with the 7 Deadly Sins Halloween Dinner, while Top View and Imperial Court Chinese Restaurant celebrates with Halloween Dinner Buffet dinner inclusive of Halloween party activities held at Level 5 Atrium, Level 68 Rainbow Skywalk, and Level 60 Bar & Dance. Dinner starts at 6:00pm. After dinner, guests may join the party activities at the above-mentioned levels.

Other Promotions Available at The TOP for Halloween 2018

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