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Learn to Write Penang Hokkien is a series of lessons to help you learn to communicate in writing in Penang Hokkien using the Taiji Romanisation. This is meant as a self-study for you to learn at your own pace. These lessons are serialized in the Learn Penang Hokkien Facebook Group in Februay, 2015.

  1. Introduction to Writing Penang Hokkien

  2. Spelling Penang Hokkien

  3. Tone Numbers in Penang Hokkien

  4. Reading Penang Hokkien

  5. Penang Hokkien Tone Sandhi

  6. "I" and "you" in Penang Hokkien

  7. "He", "she" and "it" in Penang Hokkien

  8. Plural Form of Personal Pronouns in Penang Hokkien

  9. Possessives in Penang Hokkien

  10. Demonstratives in Penang Hokkien

  11. The General Classifier in Penang Hokkien

  12. Numbers in Penang Hokkien

  13. Using Numbers in Penang Hokkien with Time Measures

  14. Telling Time in Penang Hokkien

  15. Money in Penang Hokkien

  16. How Much, How Many & How Few in Penang Hokkien

  17. Penang Hokkien Classifiers

  18. The particle -eh2 in Penang Hokkien

  19. Penang Hokkien Verbs

  20. The linking verb si33 in Penang Hokkien

  21. The Possession/Existential Verb Uh33 in Penang Hokkien

  22. The Negators mm33 and boh2 in Penang Hokkien

  23. Penang Hokkien Auxiliary/Modal Verbs

  24. Penang Hokkien Adjectives

  25. Penang Hokkien Adverbs

  26. Adpositions (Prepositions & Postpositions) in Penang Hokkien

  27. Penang Hokkien Particles

  28. Penang Hokkien Conjunctions

  29. Penang Hokkien Question Words

  30. Active Voice & Passive Voice in Penang Hokkien

  31. Penang Hokkien Imperatives

Learn Penang Hokkien with Memrise

Now you can use the most user-friendly tool on the web to learn Penang Hokkien. It helps you to listen, understand and memorise. Go to Memrise, and learn Penang Hokkien at your own pace.

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