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The Culinary Creations of Chef Fabio

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Chef Fabio PolidoriChef Fabio Polidori (28 February, 2018)

Throughout the month of March, 2018, Sigi's Bar & Grill at Golden Sands Resort Penang presents the Culinary Creations of Chef Fabio. This is a showcase of the culinary creativity of award-winning Chef Fabio Polidori, the executive chef at Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao. Chef Fabio was on a visit to Golden Sands Resort from 26-28 February. During his brief visit, he imparted a wide range of à la carte selections, including his specialty pizza and tajine creations, which local diners will get to experience throughout the month of March.

Born in a small town in Italy, Chef Fabio has risen to be one of the sought-after chefs in the hospitality industry, having established a distinguished career in a number of five-star luxury properties in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. His accolades included "Chef of the Year Award 2015" from the Grand Hotel Media Magazine, and also winner in the cooking competition on the TV programme, You are the Chef.

My wife and I were privileged to meet Chef Fabio and to enjoy his various culinary selections when he was in Penang. The affable chef has generously made available to Sigi's Bar & Grill a selection of signature dishes which showcases his culinary repertoire. Diners may order à la carte from Chef Polidori's Menu.

Chef Fabio Polidori's Menu for Sigi's Bar & Grill

- Beef Keftedes with mixed cherry tomato, coriander and Tzatziki yogurt dip
- Gambas Bravas, which is prawns with red chili, sweet potato, aioli and paprika

- Pondicherry Soup, a soup with assorted seafood

Pasta & Risotto
- Potato Gnocchi, with spinach, sun dried tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto
- Scallop, with green asparagus, saffron risotto, lemon and cocoa powder

Main Course
- Harissa Salmon Steak, with charred spring onion, beetroot and squid ink
- Affumicato Pizza, with smoked salmon, artichokes, ricotta cheese and chilli flakes
- Moroccan Lamb Tagine with couscous

- Classic Tiramisu, with hot chocolate and cappucino foam
- Panna Cotta Mont Blanc, with raspberry jelly, chestnut purée and dried strawberry
- Blueberries, granola, pear sorbet cream Chantilly and mandarin

Wine of the Month

The above menu is paired with one white wine (Beringer Main & Vine Chardonnay) and one red (Beringer Founders' Estate Cabernet Sauvignon)


To experience Chef Fabio Polidori's culinary creations, contact Sigi's Bar & Grill at +60-4-886 1911 or email [email protected]

Cooking Demonstration

During his brief visit to Penang, Chef Fabio had the opportunity to conduct a cooking demonstration where he taught the guests how to make calzone.

An Interview with Chef Fabio Polidori

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Chef Fabio.

Chef Fabio PolidoriChef Fabio Polidori joins me in presenting his signature dishes at Sigi's Bar & Grill, Golden Sands Resort. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriChef Fabio Polidori's cooking demonstration making calzone. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriChef Fabio's version of Greek Salad. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriGambas Bravas. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriBeef Keftedes. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriMoroccan Lamb Tagine. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriAffumicato Pizza. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriPondicherry Soup. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriPotato Gnocchi. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriHarissa Salmon Steak. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriHarissa Salmon Steak. (28 February, 2018)

Chef Fabio PolidoriPaired to Chef Fabio's menu is Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Beringer. (28 February, 2018)

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